Friday, April 29, 2005

From what I hear, today's kids (except you, Shelbs!) might have trouble getting a job even with job requirements these:

"While performing the duties of this job, the employee is frequently required to sit and talk or hear, and to use hands to finger, handle, or feel objects, tools, or controls; and reach with hands and arms. The employee is occasionally required to walk. The employee must occasionally lift and/or move up to 50 pounds, and push/pull carts up to 150 pounds. Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision and the ability to adjust focus."

snippet courtesy of XO London

Thursday, April 28, 2005

I *heart* snark

I don't know why it's taken me so long to share with you one of my favorite new websites, Veiled Conceit. Wherein the author painstakingly dissects and relentlessly mocks New York Times wedding announcements. The posts are sheer brilliance and I applaud the consummate effort required (as I give consummate effort to little beyond eating and sleeping, and watching movies). It's a great way to kill time and makes you feel so glad that you have the sense never to write or be a party to nuptial onanisms like these.

The space between normal and loco is a surprisingly small one

This poor kid...nabbed from his mother by his father, at gunpoint, kept inside during a police standoff, then most likely seeing his father shot to death on the front porch. He may be alright physically but little man is in for a world of hurt in dealing with this one, methinks.

Sam, Ryan, Pam, and I had brunch at Evening Star Cafe on Sunday, not a mile from where this happened. WTF, mate? Crazy shit is at the door no matter where you live, what you do, or where you go.

Not for nothing, but a woman in my rowing group lives across the street from the house where this happened. She and her family were trapped in their house until 5 pm yesterday afternoon, fearful of doing so much as letting their dogs out back. Yeesh.


The Q-Bee Doo gets her very own seat on the 29 train as of today. Welcome, baby! Hope your first annual 29th birthday is fabulous, and the beginning of a great year.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Good article on Rob/Amber and how casting them has hurt the reputation of TAR. I mean, on the one hand the whole argument is philosophizing on reality TV shows--which gives way too much energy and thought to a crap entertainment medium--but Denhart makes good points on how, while they make for good television (in the same way that Kristin's beloved paternity tests on Maury make for "good" TV), they also hurt the integrity of an otherwise above-average show and erode the qualities that drew many of us to TAR in the first place (that being, when few people were watching it but those who did were fiercely loyal, ultimately getting it to the place of wider recognition it enjoys today). Catch-22 blah blah. Anyway, take a gander if you're interested in such things.

The Airbus A380 had its first flight today. The successful test and details of the craft can be found here. Commercial aviation is settling into 2 schools--the Boeing school of planes need to be getting smaller but more numerous, and the Airbus school of behemoth is best. As yet I have no opinion on which way to go, but I do like seeing this thing get off the ground for the sake of invention, change, experimentation, you name it. Tweak the standard and see how she handles, boys!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Harrisonburg REPRESENT

Ryan, me, and Sam. I've known these guys since 7th grade--when I was taller than both of them.

Girls on film

Susie, me, and PEby

W&M rock steady

Sandy, Des, me, Adam, Dave, and Bry. Most of this crew has been celebrating my birthday with me for over 7 years now. Awww.

The birthday was AWESOME. The day itself was all about making it through work, treating myself to a pedicure, and then having a quiet night in, but Saturday it. was. ON. I tempted the gods by working my way through many drinks during the day and then wine with dinner. Ryan and I started the night at Oyamel and I cannot recommend the place enough. XO had said good things for quite a while and I'm glad we finally checked it out. Yummy tapas and very cool decor made for a nice grown-up evening before I gave into baser instincts with the drinking and the shit-talking as we headed out to CarPool (pictured above, full album here--all pix thanks to Susie). We played pool and hung out until the wee hours and I had such a good time. And seriously, the fact that I was not incoherent and in hideous pain on Sunday is a miracle. I got so luckyyyyyyyy.

29 is looking mighty nice so far. Thanks again, one and all.

Monday, April 25, 2005

I don't know what made me think of it but just now I remembered a dream I had last night. I dreamt I was in the Amazing Race and that we were on a leg in D.C. I needed to get over near the World Bank but for some reason instead of taking a cab I was running--like, HAUL-ASS running all over the city. I was in my running shoes (I distinctly remember looking down at my New Balance-clad feet) but wearing dark brown socks, like an old man, but I felt great, like I could run forever. I remember thinking I wasn't racing very efficiently--basically going every where downtown BUT the vicinity of the WB--but that I was running like the wind, indefatigable.

I mentioned that I drank a lot on Saturday, right? Apparently it didn't wear off very quickly.


A million billion gajillion thanks to everyone who emailed, called, sent a card or a gift, and/or came out on Saturday to help me celebrate the birfday. I had the BEST weekend and feel thoroughly feted and celebrated; I only hope I can return the favor for y'all when the time comes. Pictures and stories will be up soon.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Birthday. Food. COMA.

First the office had some sort of apple/cinnamon/cake/streudel thing around 10:30. YUM. Then Suzi took me out for lunch to The Well-dressed Burrito and we split one of the eponymous treats. THEN Suz hooked me up with 2 tarts from Marvelous Market--one lemon, one fruit and creme--for dessert. So now I am stuffed to the gills, satisfied but totally ready for a 2-hour nap. And you know, it being my birthday, I just might crawl under my desk and take one.

It's the first day of my last year of my third decade on this Earth. Which makes it sound like I've spent time on other earths or planets, but that would be incorrect. That I know of.

Last year I told you the story of the day I was born, and mentioned the myriad notable people with whom I share a birthday although I did leave out John Waters (59)--the hell?--so this year I'll just be telling you about a birthday celebration from my past. Specifically, the cake from the party.

I'm the youngest of 6, and significantly younger than my sibs, so by the time I was born they saw me more as a great toy than anything else. This exerted itself particularly on my birthdays, when the whole family would go to town putting together 'dos with the neighborhood kids. We had an awesome, huge backyard complete with a hammock and sandbox and don't think there wasn't much running and havoc to be had. Anyway, one year--I want to say 1981 or '82--my party was themed all things Dukes of Hazzard. The centerpiece of this was a General Lee cake. And I don't just mean a square cake decorated with the Stars n' Bars...I mean this thing was cut, with relief, to look *exactly* like the famous Dodge Charger, orange frosting, "01" on the side--the works. I wish I had the picture to show you (and I'll go a'huntin' next time I'm at my mom's) but if that's not a rockin' birthday cake, then I don't know what is.

Good times, good times.

Thursday, April 21, 2005


I did a Google image search just now and this photo popped up as a result (although, having NOTHING to do with the searched-for item--classic) under the heading "Best Picture Ever."

I would have to agree.

I'm considering this my first birthday gift. Well, except for that money from my mom.

I just got back to my desk and found that this sticker had magically appeared, nestled in the keys of my keyboard, left by the Birthday Fairy (aka JB). *Tear* It is my most cherished sticker! (more gear, and kick ass tunes, available here)

My wee hometown was mentioned on NPR this morning in a story on government radio broadcasts. In fact, the story used the Shenandoah Valley, Harrisonburg, and local information to frame its argument, so that was pretty cool. I love hearing down-home Mennonite names like Heatwole on national radio.

Additionally, the same show had a story reminding me that it's JazzFest in New Orleans starting tomorrow (shout-out to me? I THINK SO) and boy oh boy do I wish I were attending that. Even more than I want to go to the Goonies celebration, so that's saying something.

And finally you'll be pleased to know that I found a station to do BD's state inspection and had the task done in under 20 minutes (he passed--he's my special boy!) and ran countless errands before rolling into work at noon. Productivity, thy name is Doss.

Not a bad way to spend my last day of being 28, huh?

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

THANK YOU to Sonny and Steve who just treated me to a fabulous birthday lunch on the outdoor patio at Lauriol Plaza. I splurged and got mahi mahi campeche, which was mahi mahi topped with baby shrimp, crab meat, and avocado, covered in a marisco sauce. They backed it up w/ white rice and beans, but I was too full of chips and salsa to do much damage to that. Plus I was all up in the plaintains and julienned carrots and green beans that came with the whole business. Seriously, it was classy and tasty and not bad for me, and not too pricey. Plus, I said some unkind things while people watching and took a longer-than-an-hour lunch. Oh it was good.

"Jeff...selects lucky audience members to compete in the Truffle Shuffle dance contest."

Oh. My. GOD. There's a Goonies 20th Anniversary celebration in Astoria, Oregon the first weekend in June.


(link courtesy TMN)

Well, it's madness, for sure...

Dick Vitale's Popapalooza with the brackets for this latest "pontiff-off". The link lets you read the individual entries a bit better.

I'm a bit overwhelmed by the interest and coverage being shown to this whole issue, and I'm Catholic. Well, I was raised Catholic but I'll be goddamned if I go to mass or fuss with the ins-and-outs of that nonsense anymore. Anyway, maybe it's just that I don't understand the workings of the world but I don't see what the big deal is. I appreciate this whole business for it's historical importance but that's about it. Basically the world's oldest boyz club just elected ("hand of God" chosen one my FOOT) a new head poobah. Woopty-freakin'-do.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

"...the wedding will air May 24 on CBS from 9 to 11 p.m., which is also the same evening the final American Idol 4 contestants will perform for the last time, all of which explains why that's also the time the apocalypse is scheduled to begin."

Ha. I'm so glad to see that others feel the same way about Rob and Amber that I do. If they win TAR I'll...I will...I...I don't know yet what I'll do but it'll involve a good fonging "until your insides are out, your outsides are in, your entrails will become your extrails I will w-rip... all the p... ung. Pain, lots of pain."

You've heard of "none more black"? This would be "None more white."

I am, of course, referring to how frigging pale I am. "That which provides a beacon in the night", i.e. my skin, made its seasonal first appearance this weekend when I busted out the shorts to take advantage of the flawless weekend weather. There was much cooking out, lounging in camp chairs, and swinging in the hammock. Four-layer German chocolate cake, jello shots, black & tans and enough french toast and bacon to feed an army rounded out the gnosh compliment. When we weren't outside we were watching Lord of the Flies (the original, in deference to Mrs. Zimmer's 11th grade English class) and The Incredibles, which ROCKED. Pixar gets increasingly advanced both technologically and with storylines as the years go on. We watched it twice because we were sure that there were lines and looks and gimmicks that we hadn't caught the first time around and I was just as impressed, if not more so, on go #2. It's much less kiddie-ish than many Disney features and the Edna Mode character is *priceless*. For rill check that S out; you won't be disappointed.

Now today it's 85 degrees and the assault of my skin against the world continues with the first sundress/flip flop wearing of the year. Unlike the ordeal of winter layering, I love how much easier it is to get ready when you're only slipping on a 1-piece dress and open shoes. Of course this also brings up the down-side of skirt/dress wearing in summer, namely the random wind (especially near metros) blowing up of said skirt/dress. It hasn't happened, but my day will come. Again.

Yeah, that post was all over the place. Deal. Rowing was early and I'm still weekend-fuddled.

Can you believe it's been 10 years since the OK City bombing? I was flabbergasted when I heard that this morning, not least because it means it's been 10 years since I was a freshman in college. Now THAT is a sobering thought. I remember very clearly exactly when I found out about the bombing, mainly because it shows how much of a clueless child I was. That first year at W&M I was in an unintentional media blackout. We had no TV, I didn't listen to news radio of any kind, and I didn't get any news magazines or the paper. The campus was so hermetically sealed that I could go for weeks without leaving the grounds and certainly without taking in knowledge of the outside world. So I had NO IDEA that the bombing had happened for something like 5 days, and then when I did read about it? It was in People magazine. How poor is that? Not Newsweek or the Economist, but a weekly goss rag. And now all that was 10 years ago. That's just crazy.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Because I find these factoids inexplicably fascinating, I will tell you that you share your birthday with Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Garner, Liz Phair, Joel Murray (brother of Bill and Brian Doyle), Roddy Piper (SWEET!) and scribes such as Nick Hornby, Thornton Wilder and Isak Dinesen. Oh, and Nikita Khruschev. I guess if I get Lenin you have to have a Russkie too.

On your big day *you* have the conch. :)

Saturday, April 16, 2005

I went to eat lunch outside just now, joining Clarence, Jonathan, and Suzi at one of the chess tables in Dupont Circle. But our repast was interrupted by the IMF/World Bank protesters who marched up 18th to Mass Ave. and into the circle proper. The place is *bristling* with cops in riot gear, on motorcycles and bikes, and in squad cars. From what I could see nothing disastrous was going down, but we high-tailed it (at my request) to a less volatile corner of P St. to wait out the passage of the peeps. Notable: a woman on stilts and a (I think) man dressed in drag--pumps and everything--but wearing a George W mask. Yeah, no idea what that was about. Still, interesting to see.

I *heart* this weather. But more specifically I love this time of year. My friend Sam has a theory that it has to do with being a springtime baby--our inner something-or-other has some connection to the season. I think he's on to something there. ;) But no matter when you were born, stop reading this page, turn off the computer and GET OUTSIDE TO ENJOY THIS FLAWLESS APRIL DAY. I'm stuck at work but you? Have no excuse.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Right after this was taken I shoved all the other girls away and stole their flowers. Even my mom.

Yeah, kidding, but seriously, this makes it look more like a pageant than a promotion so I thought a nod to potential cattiness was in order. But what I should do is be a grown-up and acknowledge what a lovely gesture it was for Steve to get us all flowers when it was *his* day. Hard to believe this was a month and a half ago. This is an official USAF photograph and I just got it this week, hence why I'm posting it so soon after the fact.

Seated with Steve is his wife, Jean, and standing behind them l-r are my sister Malia, my mom, me, and my sister Kathy. Two things strike me about this picture. One is how much Kathy is coming to look like our mom (not a bad thing) and the other is how Steve and I have our heads tilted at EXACTLY THE SAME ANGLE. Malia and Jean have the tilt going on, too, but not to the same extent and it just goes to show that the gargantuan cranium that requires a prop stand? Runs in the family.

Can one of you bio majors tell me how many discrete muscles there are in the human body? Because right now I can feel EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MINE. Well, the ones in my thighs, shoulders, and chest at any rate. I was right about paying the price for lifting yesterday. For those of you who drive a desk like I do, you know that the up-down-up-down of any given day can make you oh-so-aware of unwise exercises from days past. I mean, soreness like this is earned and it just means that something got a workout that needed it, but it makes me feel old and soft--not emotions I crave on the eve of my 29th birthday, youknowwhati'msayin'?

In other news, I just linked all those Italy albums onto my family's web page. I hope the conservatives in the Bible belt like all those penises.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Not a whole lot happenin' up in this joint. We did a indoor workout this morning (rough water) that involved lifting and I can feel the soreness creeping in by the minute. The strength work was much needed, but oy I shall be made to pay. And did you know that tonight is the Nationals home opener? Well I do. Because I heard it about 5 BILLION times from various news sources. I'm excited for it, don't get me wrong--posts from earlier this week prove that--but there's information and then there's overkill. We are officially at the latter. And it's just the FIRST game. Double oy.

Oh, and I forgot to put on deodorant after I showered this morning. Whoops. Good thing my officemate is out today.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

This better have a 20-inch neck

Major, major props to Bill for crafting the first in what will be a distinguished line of sporting goods for my gridiron giants to wear. You know the way to my heart PYIBill--maroon polyester.

Which reminds me... I *do* have a birthday coming up. If anyone was searching for gift ideas, is all I'm saying.

Adam's comment to this post reminded me of a long-standing joke that Kristin and I have:

I'm into contact sports. I LOVE football and rugby and have been known to admire the physical dimensions of fellows who participate in said arenas. On the other hand, Kristin doesn't really follow sports per se and gravitates to the more slightly-built, alterna-musical/computer-sexy type guy. Huge generalizations, but it's enough to paint you a picture, no? So anyway, we decided that in our futures she would be mother to a gaggle of whip-smart, motivated, pale, unathletic progeny, whereas I would raise a slew of heavy-browed knuckle-draggers who would mainly grunt and point. Not only that, but my wee bruisers would be terrorized by her smaller but more clever children--so might would not make right for my poor fellas. Thus what Adam asks for will most likely come to pass--and HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?!--and one day a boy with no discernible neck who has to turn sideways to fit through conventional door openings will take his mother's maiden name to make his way in the NFL and kick some ass, Doss-style.

Mommy loves you, my toothless Neanderthal wonder!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Home of Champions

Well, one champion. This weekend's Parade magazine (cheesy Sunday newspaper insert) listed the 2005 girls' basketball All American players, and who should be on the 2nd team but a girl from my alma mater, Harrisonburg High School. Not bad for my wee town--although this is the same place that gave the world Ralph Sampson, so clearly, a lineage is in place. Sort of.

Nationals update: I will be able to partake in both dogs AND beer and heckling and OH MY CUP RUNNETH OVER on May 13th. Just scored 3 tickets (nosebleeds, schmosebleeds) for the game vs. THE CUBBIES so now my only dilemma is, Do I wear my CHC gear or remain neutral?

Next: I am fricking FREEZING, Mr. Bigglesworth after a rough morning on the water. Choppy, windy, and splashy. My hands were claws by the end and I kept dropping things once I got home because the fingers NO WORKY. *This* is more like it for April. Dammit.

And then: All attempts at healthfulness, while at work, have been totally crapped upon by forces beyond my control. Yesterday it was coffee cakes and cookies. Today it's cookies and chocolates from Marshall Fields. It's a C-O-N-spiracy, I tell you and I have HAD IT. What chance does chicken salad on a bed of spinach have against these unscrupulous forces? None!

I'm sorry, what? You couldn't understand me? Because of all the food in my mouth? OH.

Monday, April 11, 2005

I'm not complaining, but I am confused... I was just online looking (I thought, vainly) for tickets to Nationals home games. When I tried to get some last month they appeared to be totally sold out for the season. But I tried two random games--a Friday in May and a Saturday in June--and found 2 tickets for both, in not-the-worst seats in the stadium. Did some ticket stock get freed up recently? Whatever the reason, yahoo!!

MS WALK 2005

Looking north along the canal

I did the MS Walk on Saturday morning, organized by D and attended by a lot of her friends including me and Erin D. We lucked out with phenomenal weather (although I did not show proper respect for the sun and have a v-neck t-shirt burn to show for it) and we clicked off the 8-mile route in about 2 hours. D.C. is finally greening out all over so I took a few shots of that fabulous early bright-bright coloring along the trail. We finished up at Glen Echo Park (see post below) and posed for pix before enjoying a lunch provided by the organizers. This is the 2nd year I've done the walk with D (we missed you, Kristin!) and I love that she makes an event of it. I definitely hope I'm free to join in the fun again next year.

Random greenery along the trail

The gang at the finish line

The U.S. Navy Sea Chanters

Saturday night (after a much-needed post-walk nap) I picked up Pam and we headed to Susie's first official performance with the Sea Chanters, the U.S. Navy's singing group. Susie just joined in January and has been away at boot camp in Illinois for 2 months, so this was our first chance to see her, and the group, and they did not disappoint. They sang some great old standards that I have *often* heard my mother singing around the house (is it a Navy prerequisite? Probably.) so it was great to be familiar with the tunes. Plus Sus looked awesome (see below) all kitted out in her new uniform. She and the Chanters will be singing the National Anthem at the Nationals home opener Thursday night, so if you are going (lucky!) or watch it on TV, keep an eye out. That's my girl!!

Isn't she lovely? Me, Sus, and Pam after the show.

As for the rest of the weekend, I was buuuuusy. Rowing practice was moved to Sunday morning so I was out on the water by 6:45--we've gotten out every practice this week and that is just un-friggin-believable for this early in the year. A good omen, methinks. After that I was all things productive, zooming around NoVa doing errands, cleaning the apartment, and detailing the car. Plus I braved the insane Cherry Blossom crowds to take a run downtown and check out the trees from afar. How can you live around here and not take advantage? This weekend was perfect--weather and otherwise. Now I just need about 4 more days of the same weather and free time and I'll be all set. Oh wait. What? It's Monday? Son of a....

Sunday, April 10, 2005

For Shelby

Does this not look like a hobbit hole?

The MS Walk (the Potomac route, anyway) finished at this old amusement park--Glen Echo Park. This is one of the yurts built in the 1970s but with the greening roof and all the fresh spring growth around it, I thought it looked more like Hobbiton than anything. By the way, I didn't do anything to the hues in these pictures--it was just *that* bright and colorful outside. Springy-spring-SPRANG!

Friday, April 08, 2005

I would rather put out my eyes with toothpicks than watch one minute of anything having to do with these two. Seriously, their behavior was so unpalatable that I have nothing good to say about them. I hope these ventures bomb horribly so that they will sink back into the obscurity from whence they came.

Huh. For some reason Blogger is not working through Explorer, but is just fine through Firefox. Who knew (answer: not me, since it ate a post of mine last night. Bastards.)?

Anyway, D.C. is grey and sodden right now as we're passed over by the remnants of the big system that walloped the almighty beJesus out of Mississippi a couple days ago. The main thing I've noticed is that the storm seems to have a lot of sea air mixed in, as the breeze is distinctly tangy with the smell of salt. On the way in this morning I was totally hit with the sensation of being near the ocean and what's more I felt overwhelmed with the urge to curl up in a hammock by the water with a book and a pitcher of mimosas. Alas none of that is meant to be for me today, but man the hankering was STRONG. Sense memories are so astonishing that way.

In other news, I have learned that the way to make yourself popular in the Blogosphere is to post pictures to your site. In the couple weeks since I put up the Italy photographs my visitorship has increased to over 100 hits/day--that's a 400% jump. Granted most of that traffic is from complete strangers who don't speak English who got here via a Google images search, but still. Pretty cool. So if that includes you, welcome to BlogSport, where you will find cranky rants, lengthy discussions of rowing and football, pictures of food and cars, and a fair amount of sarcastic humor. Well, sarcasm at least. I can only hope it's humorous, but that's really up to you, isn't it?

Thursday, April 07, 2005

I already mentioned him yesterday but I feel compelled to say again how good "The Leo Kottke Anthology" is (click for samples). Disc 2 in particular is a winner (Leo sings on some tracks--not the greatest--but those episodes are kept to a minimum on this half of the set), in particular particular Mona Lisa, Open Country Joy, The Scarlatti Rip-Off, and Some Birds. Man has some mad skills and the music is perfect for this time of makes you want to be OUTSIDE.

It was very foolish of you to leave these CDs behind, Ryan. You may never see them again.


I don't know why but today my hair is HUGE. Like, 1986 New Jersey huge. Vixen huge. Thank god I already have an appointment scheduled for next Monday because this stuff could go rogue and take out a small city.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Normally I don't dwell too much on grammar or semantics here at BlogSport. I have a few Strunk & White-esque pet peeves (split infinitives and ending sentences with prepositions, for example) but I keep them to myself, silently judge the ignorant, and go on about my day. HOWEVER I've seen a blunder today that irks the shit out of me, not least because I've seen it in 3 separate places, so I must vent thusly:

"The College of Cardinals will begin a secret conclave...." (CNN)

"Secret conclave to convene April 18...." (NBC4)

"Secret papal election set for April 18th...." (MyWay)

SECRET: 1.something kept from view, hidden or unexplained 2. not acknowledged 3. something kept from the knowledge of others or shared only confidentially with a few (Merriam Webster)

If we all know 1. that it's happening and 2. where and when it's happening, THEN IT'S NOT A FUCKING SECRET, OKAY??!?!?!?! The proceedings are done in secret and the exact workings of the conclave are unknown to the general public, but the meeting itself is. not. secret. I can see people not knowing how to use "distemper" or "irony" or "(ir)regardless" (well, no I can't really but then again I swear a lot so I can't be *that* much of a stickler) but secret? Come the fuck on. A little precision please, Baby.


A movie is being made of The Transformers. SWEET!! The latest is that Michael Bay (of The Rock and Armageddon fame--movies I am not ashamed to admit I totally loved) is in talks to direct the movie, to be executive produced by Spielberg. Live action should be interesting, and will either rock or suck but no in-between. Still, just the idea is bomb-diggity and I can't wait to see it.

And check this shit out: The Mazda RX-8 Transformer.

Where to get all your Transformers DVDs.

Recipe for a good Wednesday

1. 10 hours of sleep
2. big cup of hot coffee
3. 80-degree, sunny weather
4. kicky new turquoise pants
5. Leo Kottke Anthology in the CD player

Some soreness from rowing has set in, especially since I didn't do anything rowing-esque all winter (erging, lifting, etc.). My badunkadunk, shoulders, and most of all my hands are talking to me today, but it's the good kind of sore where you earned it doing something fun and good for you, so bring it I say! I'm looking forward to a long jog tonight, too in the warm, *long* spring evening. Daylight savings time, how I love thee.

Now if only I had a yard and/or a grill all would be complete. Does a burger on my wee Foreman grill count? No, I didn't think so. DAMMIT.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

"Sometimes I would tell them that my niece died...."

Sedaris at GWU last night was great. Maybe not $32.50 great, but he read new works--2 fables plus "Town & Country" and "Keeping Up" (the last is in the current or next week's New Yorker, FYI)--and took questions and an hour and a half passed like *that*. The fables were alright, but with the last two I was rolling. A story wherein he says " 'Shit' is the tofu of cuss words" HAS to be money, wouldn't you agree? The quotation comes from the question and answer period he had after the reading ended. Someone asked how his niece was (this being the daughter of the Rooster, both of whom have been featured in stories past) and he answered us truthfully and honestly, but said that he gets that question a lot and occasionally he'll answer "She died" just to see what the people do. That's what is so great about him, and going to see him in person--while the readings are excellent, just he himself is such a character. He is clever and incisive but his observations are so unvarnished--the classic "he says what everyone is thinking"...and then some. Not for the faint of heart or those opposed to the potty mouth, but who cares about them?

I was home and in bed by 10:30, but that was seriously pushing it for me last night. The full weekend was bookended by a Friday and a Sunday night where I only got about 4-5 hours of sleep each so I went into the event already pretty maxed out. Add to that that rowing started today (up at 4:45) and you have yourselves one tired ADD. But the astonishing thing is that the weather is phenomenal here, and the river was calm as bathtub so we actually got out on the water, the first day back!! That is almost unheard of, and what's more I was in a great boat with guys who knew what they were doing and we had an awesome row. Such an auspicious start to the season. So I'm in good spirits despite being so bloody tired, and as long as I can nurse the very strong coffee at my side, get out for a walkabout at lunch and call it a night early tonight, all should be well.

But check in with me in a few hours. I could be eating those words and wearing cranky pants with a button fly. Time will tell.

Google isn't resting on its laurels

It's latest feature on the BETA stage Maps page is access to satellite photography of the address you input. The Post did a story on it yesterday. I found my apartment and the picture is old enough to highlight how much freakin' construction is going on in my area. Blech. But in general, satellite images = cool. Check it out.

Monday, April 04, 2005

What a *want* is a BIG cup of coffee. But there are no coffee machines in the vicinity (save a nasty Hot Drinks machine in the basement) and the cafeteria closes at 2:30. So I'd have to go out to Starsucks or similar and I'm not up for it. This leaves me with the cold drinks options in the basement, thus I'll be relying on a Diet Dr. Pepper to zap me into coherence. BUT WHAT I REALLY WANT IS SOME FUCKING COFFEE.

Oh my god...I'm the smartest me EVER. After a few well-earned moments feeling ill-used I just realized: I am in the market for a new coffee machine for home (grinder/brewer combo--anyone have any suggestions?) which would leave me with an extra coffee machine that I could then bring into the office to make coffee whenever the mood takes me.

This must be how Descartes, Edison, Curie, and Einstein felt. Always thinking.

What's new pussycat?

1. Fun, jam-packed weekend in Richmond helping househunt and going to a party. And jump-starting the car. Twice. Then buying and installing a new battery for said car (well, watching the buying and the installing).

2. Vampire movie night with Ryan, Sam, and Kathryn. You haven't lived until you watch Blade and Interview with the Vampire back-to-back.

3. David Sedaris tonight at GW with a whole passel of people.


I heard on NPR this morning that in the last week there have been 50,000 downloads of the Living Will template available on the Maryland Attorney General's website. That's up from about 50/month in the all the time the document has been available. If there's one upshot to the whole Schiavo drama, it's been to get people to think about and deal with this issue of estate planning. Here's the link to the document if you're interested (also here's Virginia). You don't have to have the Will notarized; just signed by 2 witnesses. It doesn't matter how old you are or your state of health--this is relevant for all of us. (info on other states here)


Mrs. Petranek celebrates her 29th today, and BlogSport's publisher, editor, and writer all want to wish her the happiest of days. We love the Swiss Miss!!

Friday, April 01, 2005

See the big RED and PINK blotch(es)? WE ARE ABOUT TO GET WRECKED.

Worldwide death watch

That's how this week has felt. First Terri Schiavo and now the Pope (and for those of you that care, Prince Rainier of Monaco). The constant updates on these poor souls' health is macabre at best. I've kept pretty well above the fray (by not reading or watching the news much, basically) and still I feel like the hourly "Is he/she dead yet?" checks are inescapable. I think I'm going to put a moratorium on news in all forms this weekend. 'Course we aren't taking my car on the roadtrip, so....

On the way back from lunch just now--and can I mention again how unspeakably beautiful it is in DC today? Cherry blossoms aflower and whatnot? Happy sigh--Steve and I were discussing what, if any, good April Fools' Day jokes/pranks we'd seen today. As of that moment I hadn't come across any, but lo and behold in surfing the internets just now I found this. Mean? Yes. Tasteless? Double yes. Still funny despite the fact that laughing at it expedites my already fast train to hell? Triple indeedy-do.

I? Am annoyed. Which, I know, is pretty much a constant state of being for me, ever-percolating just under the surface ready to rear its head for both the relevant and the pointless grievances. But whatever. This morning my status comes courtesy of my coffee grinder. It broke. Not 3 months after I bought it (a search for the warranty will be forthcoming, have no fear), and it's my third coffee grinder in a year! This after the one I had up until then having lasted me for TEN YEARS. Just shows that it is often in your best interests to pony up for a higher-quality item as it saves you money in the long run. At this rate I should have just bought a $40 grinder last year and it would have been the same in the end. I swear to god, tonight I'm going to buy one that can cut lawns and do taxes, just to cover my bets.

In better news, it is gorgeous outside this morning. According to the same people who told us this, the good times won't last and we'll get tons of rain and possibly flooding between now and tomorrow night, but for now the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and the air smells sweet and clean and earthy, screaming SPRING IS MOTHERFUCKING HERE.