Monday, September 25, 2006

Happy Birthday to...all my September peeps

I know, crappy of me to do a joint posting but I realized that I'd missed some birthdays earlier in the month and wanted to catch up in one fell swoop. A belated happy birthday to my sister-in-law Jean, my nephew Treyan, and my friends Dave and Brian G., and today to Sandy (and his momma).

These people really should thank their mothers because their dates of birth mean that these poor women were UBER pregnant during the hottest months of the year. Of course, you could argue that they did it to themselves, but BlogSport has no time for that argument. In any case:

Happy Birthday!!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Where was my tailwind??

Let's hope I did start a tradition today: I ran the Navy 5-miler....wait for it....WITHOUT STOPPING. I know: this is not the triumph to end all triumphs. In fact, there was a dude there who was obviously a soldier that had been wounded, about 25 years old, using a cane (and, not for nothing, rilly, rilly good looking) who walked the whole thing and that kicks my ass in countless ways. But still, a big deal for me. I'll be icing my back all night, but it was worth it. With the storm front moving in we had a rockin' headwind (the course went along the Potomac) that I thought would turn into a tailwind for the 2nd half of the run, but NO. The knots came steadily from the front or side the whole way. What's the drag coefficient of a curly brown ponytail?

Funny story: I ran this one on my own (Dave and D, I tip my Deer Park to your memory) so I had pinned my number on my shirt at home before I put it on. I prefer to wear my bib # on my back because otherwise I brush it with my arms as I run and it can get annoying. Anyway, I go to pick up my timing chip when I get there and the woman tells me that I need to have the # on my front...but then the other guy working with her says no, I don't. So I leave it be. I stretch, I walk around, I'm there for about 20 minutes before the race and then, just as we're queuing up, I'm in the throng, moments before we start, some organizer guy comes over and tells me that the number has to be on the front--something about seeing it as I cross the finish line (I ask you, isn't that what the chip is for?? WHY do you need my #?). GREAT. So, in what I feel was a moment where it shows that I went to the College of William and Mary in Virginia, thank you very much, I just pulled in my arms, turned the shirt around, and ran the whole race with my clothing on backward. Cool-headed in a crisis, that is your ADD.

I suppose though, that this means I have to do that for every race from here on out, to keep the good running ju-ju going. Shite.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

James Lipton is 80...

...and other things you've been waiting to hear from me

Seriously, 80?! That kinda shocks me, but it also does explain why he looks so plastic and painted on Inside the Actors Studio.

In other big news, yes, I am still here. It's not that I've run out of pithy things to say, or that I don't still experience great moral outrage from time to time (case in point: what the FUCK is up with wearing high heels and knee-length shorts?!) it's just that I have no free time of any sort any more. I went back to grad school the day after Labor Day and it is kicking my ever-loving Irish Catholic ass. The sheer volume of the reading is enough to make anyone go cross-eyed, not to mention the general logistical hassles of working full time and going to school 2 nights a week. I just keep repeating the quelling mantra: You did this to yourself....

That means that since we last spoke I haven't done a whole lot that would interest anyone, other than spending a few precious moments with Kristin while she was home for a week and going out to Adam's Morgan for the first time in, oh probably 3 or 4 years, on Friday. And now I'm all stocked up for another 1/2 decade. Ah, efficiency. In my life of academically-impelled spinsterhood I have 2 things on the "oooh, lookie" list--the Grey's Anatomy premier on Thursday and running the Navy 5-miler on Sunday--and that is all, my friends.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a date with the laundry and a fella named Nye. Ssssssst-HOT!

Friday, September 08, 2006

It should be quite a sight

FYI, from Arlington County: "The Department of Defense, (DOD) will be beaming a white memorial light skyward in a vertical manner at the Pentagon on 2 successive full evenings from dark to dawn on September 10 and September 11th only during the hours of darkness."

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Happy Trails, Famille LaChance!!

Last night I met up with Dave, D, Adam, Whitney, Sean, Ben, and Christine to bid D&D one last goodbye before they move to Alabama tomorrow. I know! Alabama! Tomorrow! As with the many friends who have left in the last year--Grace, Betsy, Annie, and Andy, I'm looking at YOU--I didn't see them nearly as much as I wanted to. It had been months since my last outing with the FLC but still...I will really miss them. This isn't goodbye, just...see you later. Good luck!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hi Shelby!!!

How's school? Miss you...lerv you!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Unexpected treasure trove

I don't frequent ITunes much, seeing as how I don't own an IPod or money to burn on $2/episode shows. But a few networks and producers have gotten wise to the idea of featuring a "behind the scenes" or pilot episode for FREE. Sans price. Gratuite. Get up on it, peoples. I've stumbled on series I would have otherwise known nothing about, namely Eureka (Sci Fi), Three Moons Over Milford (ABC Family) and Psych (USA). If you are cheap and bored there is no better way to get a fix.