Sunday, May 30, 2004

Beer can be good for you

MODERATE consumption of beer helped protect the liver from cirrhosis and other diseases, a Spanish researcher said yesterday.

Susana Martinez from the University of Leon spoke at a conference of nutrition experts in Barcelona, Spain.

Beer contained anti-oxidants called flavonoids which helped to protect the liver from inflammatory processes, Ms Martinez said.

A moderate consumption amounted to 33 centilitres for women and twice that amount for men daily.

SWEET. Despite its status as carb-heavy and therefore Buddha-producing, I love beer so very, very much. HOWEVER, that "men get twice as much" thing is bulls**t. More research needed on that fine point, thankyouverymuch. (link from Aussie News)

As Bryan wisely pointed out last night at his and Des' idyllic bbq, we still have a full 2 days of weekend ahead. Long weekends are the daddy mac...macaroni!! Just got back from a wonderful run along the GW Parkway, during which I saw just about every motorcycle in the free world. And remember freedom isn't free. But I digress. They're here for the variety of Memorial Day events and are rumbling pleasantly all over Northern Virginia. I would totally love to ride (own? maybe) a motorcycle. It would give my mom fits if I did, but I wear big girl pants now and make up my own mind! There just seems to be something very salt-of-the-earth about it. Has to be a Hog, though. Trinity on the Ducati is not s-o-t-e. It's badass, but different.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Speaking of Shelby I thought I'd share a funny and endearing email she sent me a couple days ago. She and I are both waiting with bated breath for the new Harry Potter movie that comes out on June 4th, and as I have more computer access and time than she does, I often forward her pictures or articles about that movie and other topics of mutual interest. Anyhoo, I sent her a story on the NYC premiere of the film complete w/ piccies of its teen stars, and she replied with the following observations:


*Tom Felton DID NOT need to cut his hair. Long hair is oh-so-sexy..

*Alan Rickman is lovely, don't you think? Not hot. Lovely.

*Emma Watson is EEEEEEEEEEVIL!!!!!!!!! Her dress needs to burn in the inferno

*Rupert is WAY cute! What are you talking aboot?! He looks like a rock star..*sigh*

*Daniel Radcliffe is a total sex god (yes, more with the brit phrases. Have you ever read the Georgia Nicholson diaries? They are très hilarious. titles like: Angus, Thongs, and Full-frontal Snogging; On the Bright Side, I'm now the Girlfriend of a Sex God; Knocked out by my Nunga-Nungas, ect.) Plus, his suit is SO Johnny Depp

Felton is the kid who plays Malfoy, btw. I was particularly struck that she has the savvy at (almost--next week!) 16 to see how unconventionally attractive Alan Rickman is...and that she is also totally a teenager with the observation of Emma (it smacks of the jealousy we all feel about someone our age who is more famous or glamorous for whatever reason). I have to admit I was thrown at the "sex god" comment about DR, but if memory serves, at her age I was interchangeably twitterpated with Scott Bakula, Christian Slater, and skinny dork who was in marching band with me. And I was prepared to run away with all of them, so I guess she's right on track with the urges. It's just, I can remember when all she wanted was to cozy up with her Teddy Ruxpin and a tape of "Free Willy"--and she liked the whale WAY more than the kid.

OK, now I probably just embarrassed the hell out of her. HA! hahahahahhahahaaha ;)

Pardon my French, but...


and? (all apologies to Shelby)


Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Well, they got it half right

"24" wrapped up it's third season last night and per yesterday's instructions, they did in fact make moves to get rid of Palmer. Kudos to the dude who played Wayne Palmer--the scene where he has to tell the Prez about Sherry and Julia's murder/suicide but is also simultaneously trying to figure out how to spin the whole thing is some masterful acting. For a Fox action show anyway.

HOWEVER, from what I can see, Spawn shalt be going nowhere anytime soon. Lord help me, I just don't know what to say about her anymore. She brings the show down. Get rid of her. Please.

You could see the Saunders assassination coming from a mile away--snore--but the whole Chase-hand thing was great. I was literally jumping around in my seat. Only criticism is according to the clock, they had Chase in a hospital and in surgery less than 10 minutes after Jack cut off his hand. Um, no. Space/time continuum impossibility. Just saying.

My big brainstorm mid-way through the episode was thinking, how great would it be if "Alias" and "24" did some joint episodes?? They both take place in L.A. and I'm sure the writers could come up with something whereby their storylines overlap. I know, different networks, but c'mon...the 2 best action/spy shows out there right now! Just gimme a little byline--small font, in a corner...I'm not fussy--and get Velvet Keifer and Spy Barbie to go fight the good fight together.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I was sitting with my mom last weekend, enjoying a quiet afternoon of reading when she piped up to say,

Mom: "You know who it would be great for Malia [one of my sisters, recording industry executive in LA] to go out with? That...Virgil? Viggin...V...."

me, breaking in: "VIGGO MORTENSEN?!??!! NO! No no no no no! He? Is MINE. No way I have loved him forever He would never go for someone like her trust me He only lives in LA because his son is there but he hates it If anyone goes out with him it will be me No No No No No No." [this last is a verbatim transcription, FYI, and I said it without taking a breath]

My mom giggled at me, attempting to pass her reaction off as one of amusement but really I think it was the slightly afraid cover-up laugh of one made uneasy by the vehemence of others. She didn't know she had stumbled into my wheelhouse of Viggo Lerv. But really. Viggo. Malia? NO WAY. And by that I mean, over my de'ed body.

Playing with my TV is like playing with my E-motions!

(spoilers ahead...caution!) First, the "Alias" season finale ROCKED. Lauryn, her overbite, and her eyebrows are DEAD DEAD DEAD. JJ paid attention to the TWoP boards among others, saw that she never had a following, got Vaughn to say "Hi honey" while cold-cocking her, and then snuffed out her life force. Only bad thing is, if my sources are correct, the new season won't be on until JANUARY 2005. WHAT?! Whyeeeeeeee? weeping...weeping

"24" finale tonight. CNN gave vague spoilers about the renewal of some actors' contracts, but frankly the show needs to turn over a pretty big new leaf, GET RID OF PALMER and GET RID OF SPAWN. Do you hear me out there, Fox? Get fecking rid of fecking Spawn. For fecks sake.

Finally, CBS is flirting with the idea of delaying both Amazing Races 5 and 6, to the fall and spring, respectively. Now, they TOLD us July 6th for TAR5. Don't go yanking me around CBS. Don't play a sistuh like that. Kristin and I have to get one more reality series season under our Girls Night belts before she goes to Chicago. It is a moral imperative.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Hobnobbing with the brass

Unrestrained ogling is more like it. I row with an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel who offered lunch and a tour of the Pentagon to me and one other girl from my class before her tour of duty changes in the fall and she no longer has escort privileges. I hadn't been in the Pentagon since I was about 18 months old and so of course remember nothing. Plus, post-9/11 there's a lot that's new/significantly different, etc.

Lunch was a very nice slightly formal affair (although you can choose from fast food, Sbarro, Dunkin' Donuts-type fare as well) at the Pentagon restaurant. Marilyn then took us through the Air Force, Navy, and Office of the Secretary of Defense wings. I went right by Rummy's lair and into the more swank sections of the building (i.e. where all the 4-stars live). The hallway leading up the OSD is one long tribute to Eisenhower--VERY cool--and then the Joint Chiefs section has amazing portraits of each man to hold the post going back to Omar Bradley. Also passed things like the US Navy Special Warfare office, Weapons of Mass Destruction Task Force (didn't see any--Surprise!) and so on. I have to say I was very impressed at how the Pentagon uses all that wall space to its advantage--there are exhibitions on every facet of military life, our partnerships with allies like Australia and New Zealand circa WWII (OF COURSE I noticed that part), women in the military (Marilyn was at USAFA w/ the first woman to fly the U-2 and her portrait was up as well, so that was my 6-degrees of separation moment for the day--WORD), etc. The interior courtyard was surprisingly verdant and tranquil. It has the tongue-in-cheek nickname "Ground Zero" which dates back to Cold War days when rumor had it that the Russians had zeroed in on the center of the building as a target for a nuclear strike. They erroneously believed that the courtyard recessed to allow a missile silo underneath to discharge its cache. Silly Russians.

Of course, we went by the various portions of the building that were hit/destroyed on September 11, 2001, and I saw the remaining building stone from the old building outside as well as the chapel and memorial spaces erected for all the victims and then the victims from each branch. The Army was predominant in that part of the Pentagon and so had a high proportion of the casualties from within its ranks. It was all truly well-thought out, tastefully done, and moving.

I don't think it will shock anyone to hear that I was like a kid in a candy store, smiling with unabashed glee through most of the walk-around. My love for the fellas and their uniforms is not a quality I do much to hide. My AIM away message said it all:

"Touring the Pentagon....nerve endings....sizzling....uniform overload" I could have thrown a "sigh" and "YOWZERS" in there for good measure, too. ;)

The cicadas are officially OOC. This morning I walked out my front door to a very odd, profound buzzing sound. Two cicadas were throwing themselves against the glass of the door to the outside (not the smartest creatures, clearly). The roar outside is ungodly, and they are in full flight mode. I have on a pink shirt and I think they mistook me for some sort of flowering shrub b/c several of them flew straight at my chest! I'm not squeamish, but damn...back off bits!! A dude got on the metro this morning w/ one happily perched on his shoulder. I don't think he realized the bug was was just illin', mindin' its own. Still...the profusion is WACK.

But my friend Carla ate one on a bet last week...said it tasted like dust. So...yeah. Get on that if you're interested.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Vacation. If you have the means, I highly recommend going on one.

Greetings guys and dolls. Back from 4 lovely days at the beach. I had forgotten what it was like to go away on holiday to a place where your only agenda is to sleep, eat, read, swim, and sleep some more. *That* is recreation. I like destination trips as much as the next girl, but you so often come home from those feeling as tired as when you left. This time 'round I spent the days at my mom's place which is conveniently situated on a marina and a beach (and a Naval base...sigh) and I slept late, ate well, read 2 books, swam in my sister's salt-water pool and went for runs on the shore. HEAVEN HEAVEN HEAVEN. Never mind that while driving home just now I got an oh-so-fetching drivers burn on my left arm and leg (this after successfully getting even sun and no burn at the pool yesterday, dammit!).

Remember when I was down there a few months ago, and said that I get the sense that life in D.C. is turning me into a snob? Well, I still maintain that that is partly true--and there really are an unreasonable number of Grave Digger-esque trucks rumbling around down there--but I experienced a vestige of small-town ways that warmed the cockles of my heart. For awhile now I've been wrestling with the issue of whether or not to replace the oil pan on my car. I've gotten lots of conflicting advice and conflicting estimates on the work. However, on my last trip down south, I went to a garage there for some seasonal stuff and an oil change (I'd been using this garage for awhile, but not for anything drastic--just state inspections, changing tires, that sort of thing). They said that I needed a new oil pan, but check this--proposed multiple scenarios whereby I could do that but SAVE SIGNIFICANT AMOUNTS OF MONEY. The hell, you say? A mechanic with my best interests at heart? Who wants to--gasp!!--develop a relationship and not just fleece me in the short-term for all he can?! I never thought the day would come. The deal was, he'd get the part I needed from a junk yard at about 1/7 the cost, thus cutting the total costs of the repair in 1/2 (labor on this particular job is still pretty steep). I think, "Great! Where do I sign on?" and let them go on about the business of getting the new pan. Drop the car off, blah blah...go to get it Friday and they explain that they decided to try a quicker, cheaper, equally satisfying fix before replacing the pan. If it worked, great. If it didn't, they wouldn't charge me for that job (as I hadn't asked for it) and replace the pan as planned. Well, the cheaper, easier fix (namely tapping a new hole in the pan through which to drain old oil) worked like a charm. The total cost, parts and labor? $140. On what had been quoted to me as a more than $600 job by other (*cough* Northern Virginia) garages. These guys were good old boys, and...I won't lie...I had the hair and makeup thing and the big smile going on, but I genuinely think these guys are the last of the small town gentlemen. It's a look-you-in-the-eye, "my handshake is my word" kind of ethos that I never see anymore and I found it endearing, and of course helpful, in the extreme. For real, it's worth the trip to get an honest mechanic. Lake Wright Exxon. Look that S up.

I saw one of these on the way home. OHMYGAHIWANTONE. SO EFFING SWEET.

I also stopped into Williamsburg on the way home to score a sandwich from the Cheese Shop and some house for a barbeque I'm attending later in the week. I was wrecked by the nostalgia!!! Whenever I go back there I remember only the good things about being in school, wishing I had those 4 years to do again--both to change some things and to relive what was so great about them. Good times.

Had this wine at a seafood place on Thursday (hibachi tuna...mmmm). I'm a sucker for the Aussie stuff, no lie.

And a belated shout-out to all the graduates in my life. Adam, Jeannette, Samantha, and Whitney, y'all rock the house and then some. I'm sorry to have missed the festivities yesterday, but I was drinking Flying Fish in your memory and, Adam, I made time with some Navy guys for you. They're waiting for your call.

Tomorrow? TOUR OF THE PENTAGON. I swear to God, I'm gonna stroke out from all the goodness.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Congratulations Kakenya!! This gave me goosebumps and just about brought me to tears. I love:

Nothing, though, had caused as much anxiety as the issue of food. At home, Ntaiya's diet varied little from day to day -- rice, beans, bananas, eggs, boiled kale, the dry cornmeal porridge known as ugali and the oily pancakes known as chapati. Occasionally there would be a pineapple or oranges, bought in Kilgoris, and beef or chicken, cooked in its own juices. Would she find these things in America? She doubted it.

"Kakenya says the food is not good," she said one evening over dinner. "Kakenya says there are many things that are very bad." Such as fish. And pork. And the uncooked leafy goat food that everyone called salad.

But Ole-Ronkei talked with them. He had spent many years in the United States, had learned how to pretend to eat salad so as not to offend his hosts, and he made two arguments to them about food: First, they wouldn't know it was bad until they tasted it, and second, how would they be able to answer all the questions about the food from their friends back in Enoosaen unless they tried it?

Dude. It IS leafy goat food. And how great is a culture where you eat things so that you can describe the experience to your friends and neighbors? THAT is a way of life I can get behind.


I'm right-handed, and, basically, right-side dominant in terms of just about everything on my body. Today this applies to my mouth as well because I CANNOT FEEL THE LEFT SIDE OF MY FACE. The visit to the dentist went well, and she set to work on all my left-hand cavities, and came to the stunning (for her) realization that I am impervious to anesthetic. She gave me what, for most people, would be a perfectly adequate 2 shots of novocaine and I could still feel that drill. So she went in again *through muscle* for another shot. Still twinging. Finally she hit me up with a fourth I-could-hear-the-tissue-in-my-mouth-pop-when-the-needle-went-in whammo dose. Which did the trick, but proceeded to numb the entirety of the Liberal side of my face and ain't wearin' off anytime soon. I was dosed up at 11 a.m. and here it is 2 p.m. with no signs of abating. It's an interesting and not unpleasant sensation, don't get me wrong. But where it interferes is in the fact that I cannot eat while I'm like this, and I am about to gnaw off my feet, I'm that hungry. Fortunately God made blenders and I am cruising my way through an admittedly non-SBD GIGANTE peach smoothie from Cosi, using the Conservative side of my mouth and tongue. Don't watch me! I dribble.... :(


Miss D.X. Martin (that's Mar'in in the 'hood) celebrates her 28th today. She will spend it running from enclosure to enclosure, avoiding cicadas. Life is sweet.

An open apology for how unspeakably boring BlogSport is lately. Consider it a commentary on my life at the moment. I'm living in a 1-bedroom apartment with 1 somewhat-less-than efficient window unit and invisible barriers that make it impossible for cold--well, cool--air to circulate (yet letting warm, humid air pass through with ease). This makes for a very tired Anne. I'm sleeping alright but any big movements during daylight hours tucker me out. Cleaning is an afterthought and FORGET cooking in my wee 1000 degree kitchen (the pilot light on the stove keeps it a cozy 100 degrees in there, no lie). So I sweat my way to the TV...sweat my way to the computer...sweat my way to bed. You know that sapped feeling you get when it's just too hot to care about anything? That is my current haze. Not to mention that life is a bit of a doldrums--work is slooooow with semester's end and rowing is in a training-but-not racing stage so minus river rescues its pretty standard from week to week. It's thrill-a-minute over here, and for those of you who tune into the 'Sport for pithy commentary, moments of intense personal embarrassment courtesy of yours truly, or just the news that I have finally locked down one of the Big Three....all I can say is, not today.

Today? I'm headed to the dentist in an hour to have cavities filled. That did it, huh? Now you wish you were me.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Update on the embarrassment

Remember how I told you to keep an eye on your local news? That was some good advice, 'cuz crack investigative teams at NBC News4 had the lowdown on the men's 8 that needed rescuing this morning. This is so embarrassing.

It's slow in BlogLand lately and I really have little of interest to share, so I'll just throw out these random thoughts:

NYC is a lock for getting the Olympics hosting gig in 2012. (just guessing)

Apple is a really stupid name for a kid.

"The Odd Couple" the movie was WAY better than the show, but still "awwww, sniff" for Tony Randall.

I won't work a 5-day week again until the week of June 7th.

In a perfect world I'd be exiting work right now headed for margaritas at L'Auriol Plaza. Sigh....

Soaked. to. the Skin. It was a rough day on the water, kids. The wind was up, going with the tide, so the trip north towards National was harmless but coming south it got righteous ugly. We took on wave after wave, to the point where we had about 3" of water in the bottom of the boat and used a water break to bail out a bit. It was such a great row, though. We were dead on pace and flying past everyone else. Fan-fecking-tastic.

FYI keep an eye on your local news, because one of the men's 8s swamped. The DC water police came up to our dock to tell us about a capsized boat, so we sent 2 coaches and launches back out to rescue. This is the 2nd time in as many weeks that ACR has had to have rowers--ALWAYS sweep, mind you, never scull--fished out of the water. Our portion of the Potomac is significantly more exposed and prone to rough water than the more sheltered parts north by Georgetown. Makes things interesting, that's for sure.

Such a great morning out, really. When its clicking, rowing is like nothing else on Earth. Love it. With m'whole self. Yep, including.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Happy Birthday O-5!!

Today is the birthday (43) of my brother Chris. Chris was the most present of my brothers when I was very little (Steve was at the Air Force Academy and Charlton off in the Navy--geography's a pain like that) and I remember trips to the park, being allowed to drive the red VW bus (much errant steering down Post Oak Drive) and baking cakes. We used to have the most fun, and he's still one of the best guys I know.

A bit on the nickname: Back when Chris was little the comedian Victor Borge had a routine about Chris-0-4 (Christopher) and why wasn't it Chris-0-5? Which totally stuck, and to this day my mom calls him 0-5. Cute.

Lots of love, big brother!

It was an awkward weekend of excess libations, long-standing hurts, heat boxes and current grudges against ex-landlords. Historic missteps and ill-chosen words from a damaged friendship haunted me, and that's no way to start the 2 days of freedom that is the weekend. At least Game Night was fun, but I over-indulged and paid the price on Saturday, hungover from beer and lack of sleep. Nursing that made me squander a gorgeous day out-of-doors, but at least I had the evening with friends to make up for it. Sunday was much more productive--gym, groceries, errands, cleaning--capped by a luxurious cup o' joe and a quiet chat with Des and Kristin in Des's backyard, newly spruced up thanks to Bryan's hard work. My one complaint is this, though: why is it that it can be lovely outside--70s, 80s, breezy--and be A TOTAL HEATBOX IN MY APARTMENT?!! I open all the windows and get not a breath of air, and the temperature doesn't get below a stifling 84 or so. What is that about, and how do I counter it?? I just don't see why I should be forced to turn on the A/C when it's nicer outside than it is in my home. WTF.

The rankling ex-landlord thing is a whole other story which I may detail at another time, but as its pending, I'll keep my council. Except to say that leering pervy scoff-law slumlords who try to bilk single women who are barely subsisting as it is will get theirs. Not from me, mind you--this is not a threat. But karma is a mutha. All I'm saying.

Friday, May 14, 2004

I am no longer Mrs. Probst

For most of the Survivor series, from 8-9pm on Thursdays I became Anne Probst, loving wife of hottie host Jeff "Pretty Boy" (tm Boston Rob) Probst. The dimples undid me, and also how he seemed to regard the castaways with the slightest measure of contempt. Last night, however, he went from trial separation straight to me filing for divorce. He handled the hosting duties sloppily, trying too hard to be glib, trendy, and everyone's buddy after months of the hard-hearted invasive questioning I had come to expect and admire. The worst part, though, was the total T&A show that he revelled in for the "Hottest Survivor Female" award. They did the male award first and gave quick, cursory, full-body (as in, at least waist-up and sometimes whole body) shots of the men, with no exposition. Then they get to the girls, with lingering body shots (sometimes of JUST tits or ass, no faces--how charming) and leering commentary from Jeff. Totally gratuitous and unacceptable. Why you gonna play me that way, Jeff, after all we've been through?! I know, one doesn't watch Survivor to get the latest in high moral standards or cultural achievement but this lapse toward soft-core porn is a bit much. Right after they showed that segment of the women, they cut to an audience shot--of a 10 or 11 year-old girl!!! Who the hell authorized THAT snazzy edit? Shameless, and pointless. And then, as Kristin so ably summarized in her blog Stupid Annoying Rupert won, so way to end on a high note there, CBS. If I didn't have 2 seasons of TAR to console me I don't know what I would do. Thankfully it won't come to that. But you best watch your back.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

AMAZING RACE 6!!!! CBS has already given the OK to a sixth season of TAR, and season 5 hasn't even aired yet!! I never would have thought they'd be so far-sighted and savvy. This is the best reality show on TV--bar none--it thrills me no end to hear that its not going anywhere anytime soon. Woot!

"The Real World" is coming to D.C. Oh, joy. The rumors have been rampant (and so far, untrue) about this, but now it seems, on good authority, that MTV has purchased real estate in the Adams Morgan neighborhood and will be doing a season here soon. If they've only just started in Philly, though, then they probably won't get around to taping here until *after* November, which IMO is a huge waste. What better time to be here and get the "cast" to do election-oriented work?! Rock the Vote? Anyone? But who am I kidding? All the budding actor/singer/models on that show are too busy fornicating, fighting, getting arrested, or failing at their life goals of stardom to do anything concrete or worthwhile. (From Wonkette)

Crunchy little buggers. I saw my first (well, of this cycle) cicadas this morning on my way to the metro. Their carcasses anyway. They are huge, and kinda lovely...very articulated designs on their trunks and wings. I have the vaguest recollection of when they erupted 17 years ago, and more than anything I'm curious about them...although their arrival did put the kaibosh on a tubing/camping trip in the Shenandoah Valley for Memorial Day weekend. I wonder if they'll interfere w/ rowing at all? THEN we will have a problem. Until then, start the show!

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Yo, girl! There is so much to look forward to with the New & Improved michael sacks! Are U Ready 2 Take a Chance on Something Wonderful? This is *brilliant*. Some highlights:

michael sacks = A man who looks forward to moving back into Amy Weller’s house and acting responsibly, this time by contributing to the mortgage with authentic currency and not with scraps of paper with “Will Pay Later” written on them in crayon.

michael sacks = A man who isn’t afraid to show his feelings, who can now cry, who will no longer express sadness by locking himself in the rec room and playing Middle-earth-themed video games for two days straight, often while nude.

michael sacks no longer believes that crafting homemade ceramic bongs in the basement of Amy Weller’s house is a proper way in which to earn extra money, even though Phish is set to come through town next month and business projections have never, ever looked better?

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I miss Steve already. That jerk left today for a 2 week vacation--1 week in the UK and Paris and 1 just off work lolling at home. How dare he leave me here alone?! Now who will bring me piccies of Viggo and send me clips of Morrissey songs? I am bereft I tell you! *sniff*

My dad would have loved this guy. Bernard Lewis is an octagenarian Middle-East expert and life-long scholar. Here's his interview with The Atlantic Monthly.

Sloooooow. That, with extra "o"s, would best characterize my day. So I decided to revisit a classic, much-loved way to eat up some minutes: The BMW Films series.

Where to begin? The astonishing hardware. Sigh...really. Just beyond lovely, and each car would fit beautifully into my life. Did I say *sigh*? Next, the scrumptrellescent (shout-out to Shelby) Clive Owen--my personal front-runner to be the next James Bond. These films are glorious little snippets. I'm particularly a fan of "Chosen" and "Beat the Devil." Enjoy.

Monday, May 10, 2004

This is for Kristin. Girl loves herself some pandas, and I really like the idea of these figures throughout the city. Feel free to chime in w/ your favorites once you spot them around D.C.

You know you're getting old when the formulaic action/adventure movies that once thrilled you now look like ham-fisted attempts to separate you from your hard-earned dollah billz. I saw "Van Helsing" over the weekend, and where I once would have swooned at the slow-motion "isn't he astonishing manly and handsome" shots of the leading man, or mentally re-cast myself as the ass-kicking yet feminine heroine, now I see through all those gimmicks and come away have rolled my eyes harder than Shii-Ann. Written and directed by Stephen Sommers (of "The Mummy" franchise--a pair of movies I freely admit to liking very much) it borrows liberally from most of the great horror characters in literature--Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein, werewolves--and totally revamps (no pun intended) Abraham Van Helsing of Bram Stoker's "Dracula." I love me some Hugh Jackman, and he does a good job of not taking himself too seriously (IMHO). There's also a good comedic cameo from David Wenham (Faramir in the Lord of the Rings movies). Other than that, this reviewer gives it a "meh." The movie wasn't *terrible* but I am SO glad that I only saw it at matinee prices. I recommend you do the same, or wait and Netflix it.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!!!

Shout out to my mom who, in no particular order:

Dresses better than anyone I know
Makes the most spectacular potato salad, spaghetti, gazpacho, and pumpkin pie ON EARTH
Raised SIX kids
Taught me to drive stick
Knows all the words to the Navy fight song

I think we all have lists like these about our moms...Most, by definition, are astonishing creatures. But I'm glad I have the one I do. Thanks, Mom.

This was a great weekend. Just lots of good times with friends, relishing the most PHENOMENAL weather, picnicking, catching up with buddies I don't see often enough, and ogling Hugh Jackman in "Van Helsing" (more on that later).

But that's not what this post is about. It's to tell you that CBS just showed an ad for the next season of The Amazing Race!!!! I have been waiting for this season for FAR too long...I just love this show more than is healthy. Heh. But I own that, and I have marked JULY 6th in big red letters on my calendar. Glory be to Philimination, detours, road blocks, and watching it all on Girls Night. BRING IT.

Friday, May 07, 2004

*What* is up with The Squint??? I swear to God, I bet in his head he's in an OK Corral-esque showdown, with himself as the stalwart gunslinger and Congress as the no good "brown-skinned people" taking over the town. I don't even know where to start in my horror at the latest round of hearings and talking-without-saying-anything that we were treated to today. It's too late on an abysmally slow Friday to start a rant.

I'm going out for a martini. Who's with me?

A good way to kill 15 minutes can be found here. Link courtesy of Dooce.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Unholy Lust

Australian Football players are H.O.T.T. I start with this unequivocal statement because I don't believe in beating around the bush, and I'm so overwhelmed by their physicality that I don't know anything for it but to speak in the plainest terms. Professional athletes are usually beautiful specimens of humanity (with the exception of scary-ass 'roids pumpers like former East German female swimmers or little gymnastic mutants) so I'm sure that we all have our opinions on the perfect body and the perfect human sporting engine. In my humble opinion, vying closely with but slighty edging out rowers, are these guys. Footy players. I've spent the better part of the afternoon reading up on the sport (there's been a lot of controversy Down Under lately due to sexual assault allegations--they're oh so USA that way) that is to Oz what cricket is to India, what soccer is to the UK, what helmet-and-pads football is to us in America. They love it, and when you take a gander at these boys, you can see why. My god...the thighs! You can keep your winning smiles (most of them have lost a few teeth) and your coy glances (lots of black eyes). Give me? THE THIGHS. PS--Lawrence Dallaglio is delish.

Doss Soccer

There's a company in Scotland called Doss Soccer (Doss is a Scottish name--it means "innkeeper," which has exactly JACK to do with soccer but who said it had to make sense?). My dad introduced me to it when I was a teenager, and while I've never been an avid soccer fan I still get an unreasonable amount of pleasure from knowing there's a whole fairly cool company out there with my name. The link shows you a sampling of some their products--they also shill for Adidas, Puma, Diadora, etc.--but I prefer to keep it in the family.

I'm not sure it was worth $104 million but this certainly is an amazingly beautiful painting.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Since we wuz robbed and didn't get to see any of the eclipse yesterday here's a lovely piccie of the celestial event.

Share the Road Y'all

The siting of the GOP bandwagon got me wondering about personalized plates in Texas. Virginia is so far ahead with that whole industry (which I love) and it shocks me that more states haven't followed suit--it's such an easy way to bring in a LOT of revenue. But anyway, in exploring the Texas DMV site, I found these gems (no individual links, sorry. You can get to each from the main site linked in this title):

"I Love Texas (Texas Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing) " (for Kristin)

"Texas Young Lawyers (And Justice for All) "

"Texas Constable"

and of course

"Dallas Cowboys"

I was surprised at how tame the Rifle Association one was, to be honest. If you can call a snorting bull "tame."

Don't mess with Texas

This morning I saw a massive black SUV w/ Texas plates (which looked just like the Texas state flag, btw) and on the plates the simple message: "GOP." If I didn't know he was in Ohio trying to spin the Abu Ghraib situation, I'd swear it was W's tricked out ride. Probably one of his lackey's lifted the keys to joyride while he's outta town....those crazy kids.

Cinco de Mayo

This is a shout out to my most livin' la vida loca brother-friend, Bryan Sullivan (ooozing w/ Latin heat, I tell you!) who celebrates his 27th birthday today. Hippo birdy two ewe, Chief!

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

What? It's a delicacy!

This is for Kristin, who likes the animal stories. Too bad they had to kill the poor little bugger.

Your 15 minutes? Are OVER.

For real, Friends and Frasier need to shut up and go home already. Your mom is calling you and the sun has set. Now if only ER's baby daddy would show up and give it a ride home, too. Enough w/ your NBC ayses already.

Monday, May 03, 2004

LimeWire is my new reason for living

Well, this evening anyway. This morning it was my free, flawless visit to the eye doctor. This afternoon it was the bevy of new Sex and the City episodes uploaded onto HBO on Demand. But now? Now it's LimeWire which is 10 times faster and easier to navigate than Kazaa.

Also, check out Mindy Smith. She's proof of how cutting edge NPR is. I heard an interview and songs by her months ago and she's just now making her entre onto CMT. I know! NPR!! Who woulda thought?? Especially "Hurricane"....

The Sasser Worm hit SAIS on Saturday. It was my day to be head honcho at the library (read: a warm body in the big chair) and around 4:10 the computer that controls ALL of the public printing functions began to freak out. I spent an hour on the phone w/ our tech guy to no avail, and finally just decided to put up the "Out of Order" signs.

The wrinkle? It's finals. Everyone and their mother was in printing study guides, research, or papers. You wanna see angry? Tell a stressed-out grad student that they're gonna have to go to Kinko's to print their 4 papers that are due on Monday.

I didn't know it was a worldwide infection at the time, but I feel quite cosmopolitan to be in on it. I think the trendy factor made the kids feel better. Definitely.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

While I'm deciding whether or not to make this permanent check out this link to Dickhead's of Australia. Like I needed another reason to move there, but it's always nice to have one's opinions reinforced. I think my fave is the Matchbox t-shirt, and the helpful suggestion that it can be dressed either up or down. Good to know!

Saturday, May 01, 2004


Thank god Fox came to its senses (insomuch as such a thing is possible) and settled the pay dispute with The Simpsons' cast. The two things that shocked and cracked me up about this whole ordeal were 1. that the cast was only making $30K/episode as late as 1998 and 2. that Fox began the recasting process when that dispute first flared up. WTF? As if anyone else could play these characters in the way that we know, love, and frankly NEED. StOOpid, stupid Fox.