Wednesday, July 26, 2006


...can I be so busy while it's so hot? I should be holding still somewhere, gently wiping my brow but NO! I have scheduled one of the busiest summers in Christendom. In the moment, at the activities, I'm in heaven. At 4 in the morning when I'm struggling to get up for work, I'm kicking myself. In the last week I: saw the Indigo Girls at Wolf Trap, went to a Nats/Cubs game with Annie, had a barbecue with Pam, went to the Delaware State Fair, saw a Big & Rich concert, and spent a day at Rehoboth Beach. Now I'm home for 2 days before heading to Chicago to see Kristin and attend the Pitchfork Music Festival.

I'm plum tuckered. Details and pictures soon.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


The universe is trying to make up for how this made me feel...twice today at the library, while sporting a "WILLIAM AND MARY" t-shirt, I was asked, "Do you go there?" *NOT* "did you go there" but "DO you go there". Present tense. Meaning they took me for a 20-ish co-ed. Phew.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

This is what I did today.

This is what I'm doing tonight.

Good thing the weather is so amazing...oh, wait.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Oh, Billy...the new Superman movie fecking RAWKS

On this gross, humid, rainy day off of mine I decided to treat myself to a matinee. The mall movie theater is within walking distance and I chose Superman Returns, despite 1. feeling no love for Kate Bosworth 2. feeling Kevin Spacey has gotten way too big for his britches 3. seeing pictures and articles about it and in particular Brandon Routh and not being too impressed and 4. having misgivings about resurrecting the franchise/disrespecting Christopher Reeve, etc. But I went and I LOVED IT. The movie is a huge "we're not worthy" bow to the original series (the *good* ones...we're not going to acknowledge shite like Superman 4) and Routh is amazing. Add his Superman to my long list of movie boyfriends. Bosworth, eh, eat something, but the story is brilliant--detailed, surprising, nuanced. The effects are truly breathtaking. There was one shot in the whole thing where I felt like it was obviously computerized and that ain't bad for a 2 hour, 37 minute movie. It pulled at the heartstrings in a few ways that I won't give away and had me literally on the edge of my seat at times. This will definitely be a see-it-multiple-times-in-the-theater flick for me. Which does not make me a geek at. all. Shut up.

PS--Shelby, if you can get me this poster from your place of employ, I would be forever grateful.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Just so you know...

I have a Nina cuff watch very similar to this and at least once a week I put it on upside-down. But I don't notice that it's upside-down for several hours. Quick as molasses, your ADD.

What the hell?'s not that kind of site

In checking Site Meter I see that in the last few weeks *many* people have gotten to this blog by searching for "sweaty crotch". I looked up the post in question and it has to do with wicked hot weather we had at some point in the past but still, disconcerting.

In other news Pam and I had an awesome time Saturday, heading out west on 66 to tour several wineries in honor of her birthday. We hit up Three Foxes, Linden (baguettes and venison sausage YUM), and Fox Meadows (phenomenal view of the Blue Ridge Mtns here). A perfect day trip. We headed back to her place afterward for more vittles and vino and were setting up a firepit in the backyard when some neighborhood kids came by to play with Pam's dog, Cupcake. They chatted with us off and on, and one girl in particular asked, "Is that your mom?" Pam and I looked at her quizzically and then she looked pointedly at Pam and asked again. Which means she was wondering if I WAS PAM'S MOM. What's more, when we asked her what made her think that she said BECAUSE I LOOKED SO MUCH OLDER THAN PAM.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest = Don't bother*

*or at most do a matinee, but this one's a DVDer

In other news, I'm back in the swing of being pretty busy and don't want to keep holding out on Montana pix, so here are some albums for you to view:



Tucker's (T's may require sign-in...suck it up!)

Friday, July 07, 2006

Happy Birthday, PEby!!!

Dearest Pam, seen here with her darling Cupcake, adds another candle to the cake today. Never was there a better hiking/concert/cookout buddy to be had. Srrrrsly. Here's to you, PEbs, even if you did go to UVa. ;)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Travis wasn't good at blocking shots...

But that's me at the bottom, repelling down a 75-foot cliff, Waukena Lake in the background.

A sampling of the gang

(l-r): Elizabeth, Tom, me, Catherine, Julia. See the dark grey clouds in the upper left corner? We were barely in the tree line about to cross the saddle of a ridge, waiting for our instructors to recon the snow field we'd be crossing. This was about 20 minutes after our first lightning drill, which is what it sounds like--making ourselves as safe as possible while sitting outside during a lightning storm. Wicked.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Campsite our 2nd night
Waukena Lake, Montana

I'm back, and I didn't die, maim myself (or anyone else), and I didn't embarrass myself (listed in order of importance, least-to-most). It was an amazing 10 days that I'll show and tell about over the next few days, but here are some highlights:

--Standing in the Salt Lake City, UT airport where everyone is white and a cowboy.

--In same airport, hearing a high-pitched, frantic bark, looking around, and seeing a woman's *zipped* canvas tote thrashing on the floor. Way to be DL, lady.

--*Same* airport, seeing 4 20-something cowboys in faded jeans, plain white t-shirts, shitkickers and straw cowboy hats, all looking fresh-off-the-farm, ALL either texting, making cell calls, or using a Blackberry. Gotta keep a techno-eye on them steers, y'all.

What? You thought I was going to talk about the hiking? Duh! I know my audience.