Thursday, July 13, 2006

Oh, Billy...the new Superman movie fecking RAWKS

On this gross, humid, rainy day off of mine I decided to treat myself to a matinee. The mall movie theater is within walking distance and I chose Superman Returns, despite 1. feeling no love for Kate Bosworth 2. feeling Kevin Spacey has gotten way too big for his britches 3. seeing pictures and articles about it and in particular Brandon Routh and not being too impressed and 4. having misgivings about resurrecting the franchise/disrespecting Christopher Reeve, etc. But I went and I LOVED IT. The movie is a huge "we're not worthy" bow to the original series (the *good* ones...we're not going to acknowledge shite like Superman 4) and Routh is amazing. Add his Superman to my long list of movie boyfriends. Bosworth, eh, eat something, but the story is brilliant--detailed, surprising, nuanced. The effects are truly breathtaking. There was one shot in the whole thing where I felt like it was obviously computerized and that ain't bad for a 2 hour, 37 minute movie. It pulled at the heartstrings in a few ways that I won't give away and had me literally on the edge of my seat at times. This will definitely be a see-it-multiple-times-in-the-theater flick for me. Which does not make me a geek at. all. Shut up.

PS--Shelby, if you can get me this poster from your place of employ, I would be forever grateful.


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