Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What the hell?...it's not that kind of site

In checking Site Meter I see that in the last few weeks *many* people have gotten to this blog by searching for "sweaty crotch". I looked up the post in question and it has to do with wicked hot weather we had at some point in the past but still, disconcerting.

In other news Pam and I had an awesome time Saturday, heading out west on 66 to tour several wineries in honor of her birthday. We hit up Three Foxes, Linden (baguettes and venison sausage YUM), and Fox Meadows (phenomenal view of the Blue Ridge Mtns here). A perfect day trip. We headed back to her place afterward for more vittles and vino and were setting up a firepit in the backyard when some neighborhood kids came by to play with Pam's dog, Cupcake. They chatted with us off and on, and one girl in particular asked, "Is that your mom?" Pam and I looked at her quizzically and then she looked pointedly at Pam and asked again. Which means she was wondering if I WAS PAM'S MOM. What's more, when we asked her what made her think that she said BECAUSE I LOOKED SO MUCH OLDER THAN PAM.


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