Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Campsite our 2nd night
Waukena Lake, Montana

I'm back, and I didn't die, maim myself (or anyone else), and I didn't embarrass myself (listed in order of importance, least-to-most). It was an amazing 10 days that I'll show and tell about over the next few days, but here are some highlights:

--Standing in the Salt Lake City, UT airport where everyone is white and a cowboy.

--In same airport, hearing a high-pitched, frantic bark, looking around, and seeing a woman's *zipped* canvas tote thrashing on the floor. Way to be DL, lady.

--*Same* airport, seeing 4 20-something cowboys in faded jeans, plain white t-shirts, shitkickers and straw cowboy hats, all looking fresh-off-the-farm, ALL either texting, making cell calls, or using a Blackberry. Gotta keep a techno-eye on them steers, y'all.

What? You thought I was going to talk about the hiking? Duh! I know my audience.


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