Sunday, May 28, 2006

A man who can clean up this effortlessly...

...and kick ass this thoroughly? YES PLEASE!

Just treated myself to a lazy morning of watching movies, including Transporter 2. The movie itself is a silly, barely-cohesive story; its main purpose is to give the filmmakers a reason to show glam shots of Miami, former models, and the eye candy that is Jason Statham. I appreciate that he plays to his strengths and takes roles that don't over-reach. I also appreciate that he is hot beyond hot. I am a woman full of appreciation.

In other movie news, PEbs and I checked out XMen: The Last Stand at midnight on Friday. It's obvious that Bryan Singer is not part of this one and it has a decidely different, but not bad, feel. Huge Jackman's wig this time around was foolish but other than that, great story, effects, casting (Colossus? Queue up behind Jason for my ogling pleasure), etc. I know it's gotten some lackluster reviews, and I can't help thinking what Singer would have done with it, but it was definitely worth the $9.50. Fucking Hoffman 22.


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