Monday, May 08, 2006

I will not give Kristin shit for tagging me because I actually love lists like this. Any excuse to talk about myself.

6 Weird Things About Me:

1. Following K’s lead, I’ll mention my head. It has a HUGE dent in it where the back meets the top. I’m surprised shampoo people at the salon will go near it. I asked my mom if I was ever dropped as a baby and she said no but a) I was poorly supervised and b) she would totally lie to cover her ass.

2. I hate standing water on sinks—as in, when someone washes their face and water splashes on the flat areas around the basin and then just stays there. Something about it totally grosses me out. I mentioned it at one of the first meetings of my freshman hall in college and made lots of instant friends. Or not.

3. I fall asleep listening to old detective radio shows on tape/CD; I need the dialogue to break up the never-ending thoughtstream in my head so that I can sleep. I’m partial to Agatha Christie and Paul Temple.

4. I am addicted to this and these and sugar-free chewing gum and lip balm.

5. I’m the youngest of 6 kids—same parents, no multiples. Also, there’s a 17-year age difference between the youngest and oldest.

6. I’m extremely near-sighted. My prescription is somewhere in the neighborhood of –12.5 in both eyes. I don’t know what the criteria for legally blind is, but I’m sure I fit it.

I now hereby tag Steve and Adam and Annie.


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