Saturday, May 20, 2006

Ramble on...

Ramble one: HOW amazing is it outside today? Sunny, breezy, bright. It just feels happy. I went by Capitol Hill Books to visit Matt and the bastard wasn't there, but I met his awesome and eeeever so slightly curmudgeonly boss Jim who graciously gifted me with a free book to make up for Matt standing me up. Then I moseyed into Eastern Market and bought corn-on-the-cob, chocolate ravioli and fresh strawberries to be consumed tonight at a cookout with PEbs. I'm also chilling some Wintergreen apple wine that I bought at a wine festival last fall. I am just seriously so happy. What a perfect day.

Ramble two: all month long Shape magazine has been running a "25 Days of Shape" give away sweepstakes where you have to register each day for different prizes--Asics footwear, Almay cosmetics, PowerMax energy bars, etc. I've been faithfully putting my info in (a la Lazlo Hollyfeld), including today. Knowing my karma I will instantly win todays gift....because I totally don't want or need it. It's a $500 gift set of Trojan condoms, oils, and other "sensual" goods--which are totally useless to someone who is sans significant other, as your ADD is at the moment. So that gift? SO MINE.


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