Thursday, June 01, 2006

Taking pictures while sitting down insures good blocking...

I think John Schneider (Papa Kent) is on stage in this...

The sunset was amazing

Personally, I think the Halls of Justice give this a run for the money

I've been busy and lazy and haven't felt like blogging, but I've been up to quite a bit. My sister Malia was in town last weekend so I got some days off. I met her new beau, Arden, and we all had dinner at Bistro du Coin (where the tartines treated me right, per Suzi's recommendation). Then Sunday Pam and I headed for the annual PBS Memorial Day Concert at the Capitol. I was there for one reason only:


Unfortunately they only sang one song (8th of November) but it was still totally worth it. We took a picnic and sat out about an hour before the show, people watching and keeping me from storming B&R's tour bus. The idea that I was 100 yards from John Rich almost made me stroke out, but I didn't disgrace my family and kept my cool.

Monday was totally about vegetating in the increasing heat and then PEbs and I saw Da Vinci Code at The Old Town Theater in Alexandria. While enjoying a pre-movie beer outside we ended up sitting next to the owner. He invited us in when he went to set up the projector so we saw/helped him thread all EIGHT reels onto the 5' diameter wheel that spools the film. Add to that sitting on the balcony to see the movie and some of my favorite Bugs Bunny cartoons as pre-film entertainment and it was a perfect viewing.

Wednesday that Eby and I went to the Shakespeare Free for All in Rock Creek Park. I'd been up since 4am so the final act tested my staying power, but it was worth it. Pericles was one I hadn't seen or read before, and watching with the sky and stars for a roof...perfect.

ADD=tired-but-good-busy. Happy summer, kids.


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