Monday, June 05, 2006

Checking in

I don't have any particular inspiration to guide today's post, but I thought I should say hi and welcome everyone to the first full week of June. Yeah, that's lame, but it's about all I gots. Last week took it out of me for a reason that doesn't deserve going into on this happy-go-lucky blog but 2 nights of 12-hour sleeps, a fun, sunny Sunday and rediscovering the healing power of the shandy have me back on the right track, thank God.

I have today off and treated myself to 2 new CDs (courtesy of a birthday gift certificate--thanks Susie and Jerry!) and am now enjoying the new Dixie Chicks CD and the rereleased solo effort of my sexy boyfriend John Rich. Both excellent, both highly recommended. I'm taking the day off from running because I did another 5K yesterday morning--the 2nd annual Mutts Strut to benefit the Washington Animal Rescue League. Dave and D and Scout were there, too, to do the 2-mile fun walk so I slogged through this one solo and managed to clock a new personal best (which, bear in mind, is only my 3rd timed running of a 5K so getting new, better times is not a big feat). The company inspired a renewal of my desire to have a dog, but my life is pretty much in the same place its been for a while and that means no time or space for furry friend and so that must wait. After the run Pam and I headed to Wolf Trap for the 17th annual Swamp Romp and it was AWESOME. Like a county fair and a concert rolled into one. Much drinking, dancing, watching the second line and observing dozens around us who were tanked to within an inch of their lives = good times.

ps...for those of you arriving via, welcome. I don't know how I got listed on the site, but I'm happy to see new faces.


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