Tuesday, May 31, 2005

5 days away, so much to say....

I came back to a fair amount of work and so am just now getting to a recap of all the weekend's fun but busy adventures. I'll download some pictures tonight, and in the meantime give you tidbit-y sorts of posts. For instance:


For how busy we were, we still managed to get through a few films, some good, some....not so good. In the "good" column we have both Kinsey and Real Genius. The former was *great*--well cast (Chris O'Donnell where the fuck have you been? and in a brilliant bit of stunt casting Tim Curry as a total stuck-up 1950s prude), well-paced, well-written, funny without being silly, a little heart-breaking, and definitely entertaining. The latter was a must-see since Ryan didn't remember it at all, and as much as I quote it that was a lack that needed to be remedied. After all these years, and all the times I've seen it, I still think it completely ROCKS. And not for nothing, the dude who played Kent (of the naked jello-eating) aced every scene he was in. I've never seen him in anything else, but with that as a swan song he's still doing alright.

In the "bad" column, it pains me to say we have The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Normally I am on board for all things Wes Anderson, but this movie was at best awkward and at worst silly and terrible. The story made little sense and wasn't quirky-odd like Rushmore and Tenenbaums were. It was just outlandish and improbable while simultaneously being unentertaining. I'm actually a little surprised that Cate Blanchett or Bill Murray did that one.


Without meaning to I ate many chili dogs from various locations this weekend. First was a taste of the JunkYard Dog at Melito's in Richmond. Then Sunday night at Will and Tara's I heaped a gen-U-ine beef frank with kraut, chili, and mustard (plus, gotta have the potato roll bun) and liked that whole dealy so well that Ryan and I recreated it (with the addition of chopped onions and cheese) at home yesterday. Oh man. I knocked out my sodium intake in one fell swoop but DAMN they were worth it.


Saturday we headed down to Norfolk to be on hand for a benefit concert put together by Brian, an old high school friend. He organized 5 bands that played at the Jewish Mother, with proceeds going to benefit the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. That was a blast and a whole other story, but what I'll address here was the Canine Conflagration that happened at Brian's house. Brian and his wife Erin have 3 dogs--Pete, a total sweetheart who is old and not in the best of health, and Winston and Sadie, 2 adorable mutt puppies who are too cute to be denied much of anything. Then, add to that that we brought Banshee. THEN add to that Brian's brother Ned and his girlfriend Alexis and their 3 dogs--Rooka (sp?) a wee sweet lady puppy (shepherd mix) that they'd just gotten *that day*, Ava, a robust couple-year-old mutt (shepherd/lab mix?) and finally Dibs, a 15-month old Rottweiler/mutt/mix that weighs--no foolin'--120 pounds. And it is ALL MUSCLE. Dibs was seriously like a fucking pony. So let these SEVEN creatures loose in the yard and the house and you have frolicking, yelping, nipping, pooping pandemonium. We spent most of the time just watching them and cracking up.

Just discovered:

The Greencards. Their new album is available in its entirety on the CMT Listening Party page right now. Excellent light bluegrass/"newgrass" (WHO comes up with these names, I ask you?).

I've been away and off the grid, and there are lots of updates and posts coming, but first thing's first:




The Lady Dempsey turns 28 years old today. She may be young, but she is fabulous. Miss E, I hope you have the happiest of birthdays. :)

Friday, May 27, 2005

Last night Ryan and I ventured out to explore Richmond led by the intrepid Bill, and we ended up at a rockin' wee bar called the Penny Lane Pub. Owned by a former Liverpudlian, it is all things grotty and dark, with a huge TV in one corner for watching Man United and other soccer teams, as well as British VHS tapes. A couple pints and some jalapeno poppers turned into a dozen pints (and the arrival of Chris and Wendi) and us basically being the last 5 people in the bar. For me, who is on vacation? This matters not. For Bill and Ryan? Notsomuch. Drag ass, thy name is too much Belhaven. Thanks again for a great suggestion and a very fun (generous!) night PYIBill.

Then this morning as I was dozing, I heard what I now know was a dump truck doing its rounds at the townhouse complex across the street. But in my sleepy haze the noise equated with a tow truck, leading me to have a dream where-in I came out of the house to find someone towing my car. BD is parked on a "driveway" on a street that doesn't require permits anyway, so I start fighting the tow, asking why they're taking the car. It's a trio of thieves, actually--2 skeevy men and a mute but watchful woman--and the one man-skeever just insists that they're taking the car with no reason as to why. I cotton on to the fact that it's a straight-up theft and I begin YELLING at them (while simulataneously impeding their ability to finish rigging up BD to the tow truck). I then call the police and am reporting it to the dispatcher as I'm *hanging out the driver's side window of the truck* (they've finished the hooking up and are trying to drive away) and I'm yelling at them and the dispatcher "Don't steal my car!! If they knew that I only make $XX,000 a year and can't afford to get another car they wouldn't take it....DON'T. STEAL. MY. CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!"

So, yeah. Somewhere last night between the Courage ale and the shandy I LOST MY FUCKING MIND. These things happen.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Oh man, this pleases me no end

It will destroy any street cred I have with Bill, Todd, Grace or other in-the-know music types but I love me some country music. In fact, at this very moment Rascal Flatts is playing in the background. Say what you will...I love it, and that's that. Which is why I'm so tickled to hear that Garth Brooks proposed to Trisha Yearwood last night. They are 2 of my absolute favorites as singers and in general--they seem to be good eggs--and I lerv that things are going so well for them after being friends for ages (married to other people, etc.) and then finally getting together after all this time. Awww.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Thank you, thank you to Annie who treated me to dinner at Mexicali Blues last night. We did serious damage to some margaritas, spinach Original Burros, and the free chips n' salsa. Oh, I was weak, I can't lie. I went in resolved not to have the c n's, and to go for some yummy salad concoction, but alas, no. I ate myself to the point of bursting and still wasn't hungry come breakfast this morning. As Adam would say, HURT ME.

Now the 3-day week, she is at an end, and I'm off on vacation!!! A scenic whirlwind tour through Richmond, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach awaits. But first I have to go home and pack, and wait out the traffic on I-95. Meh.

"B-A-B-Y, M-A-M-A..."

I should have posted this yesterday because that's when the story aired, but I didn't realize how blog-worthy it is until I was telling Ryan about it last night. It's a piece on Morning Edition about Fantasia Barrino's (of American Idol fame) hit song "Baby Mama". My jury is still out on the whole thing--it's a good piece, presenting both sides, and avoiding, in its skepticism towards single teen mothers, being too preachy or condemning them from a "moral" standpoint--but the idea of anything that says it's OK to make life harder for yourself this way...I just don't know.

Also, it just cracked me up to hear an erudite, vaguely anthropological analysis on NPR of a song called BABY MAMA. Heh.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Ha! Check this out: Steven Culp--Rex of Desperate Housewives fame--went to First Colonial High School in Virginia Beach AND...wait for it...WILLIAM & MARY. Hahahahahahahahaa. Ah, the prestige of the Nation's Alma Mater.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai is speaking today at the school where I work. It should make for an interesting afternoon, as normal traffic will be curtailed and the place will be crawling with Secret Service agents. Things like this are cool--I remember going through similar situations while working special events at the Holocaust Museum--and while there isn't nearly as much white-knuckled drama as you might think (or hope...hee), when a member of the detail directs you to do something, you. fecking. DO IT. Like, yesterday.

Cynicism is a family value

I love today's CNN Quick Poll.

Monday, May 23, 2005

The mass 82d Airborne jump. They looked like toys falling from the sky...

The gang (l-r: Ryan, me, Kathryn, Sam) by the door of a Bell H-1 Huey. See Kath's aviator sunglasses? THE COOLEST.

I can see the 'Sport showing up on the list, but first?

I've mentioned before how my traffic has skyrocketed as a result of Google images searches. Well, apparently more than anything else, people are getting here by looking for the Australian flag, which, while apt for me and my Oz lerv, is still a little odd. Because I don't just show up on the hits list in general...I'm the first hit. #1, at the top. WTF, mate?

Hiiiighway toooo the beer and hot dog tent....

The weekend was *awesome*. Despite the piss-poor weather and tight leather cranky pants of Friday, it all turned around into a glorious May festivus of sunshine and good times. I got my hug and my beer on Friday which helped the mood considerably. Then early Saturday I dragged ass down to the boathouse to have one of the best days I've ever had on the water. Crystal clear skies, light breeze, uber-calm water, and a strong, synchronized boat. I was loathe to come in off the water at 8 but I had to because....

AIR SHOW!! Sam and Kathryn met us at my place and we fortified with breakfast at Metro 29 diner and then made the trek out to Andrews. My hat is off to the folks who organize the JSOH, in particular the transporting of spectators from Fed Ex Field to the base. There were thousands of people there and not once did the system break down. We got through security efficiently and easily, straight onto a bus, and coming home was about as easy. In between, the show itself was a blast. We were there for all the afternoon flights and saw an F-86, A-10, many C-130s, an F-4, F-117, B-2, F-15, F-16, and a mass 82nd Airborne jump. Unfortunately I didn't see any helos, the F-14, or the AV-8B, but whatever. We set up seats near the VIP area (and coincidentally not too far from the Budweiser tent) and then watched and ate and drank to our hearts' content. Good times, good times. But, as with any day outside, we were utterly. zapped. by the time we got home. Which meant missing Des and Bry's bbq (and new puppy, *sniff*!) but we just had absolutely no energy left for conversating, or even standing upright for that matter. Dinner from Popeye's and a viewing of "Lemony Snickets" finished out the evening, and, hell...I fell asleep during that anyway, so really Popeye's finished my night. Which is to say it finished my night PERFECTLY. ;)

Sunday after a leisurely breakfast at home (the new bloody mary recipe = complete success) we saw Star Wars: Episode III at Ballston (all recommendations were correct and it was a fine place to see the film so thanks Whitney and Annie!). Great flick, with good, deft tie-ins of information to the final 3 movies, some bitchin' fight scenes, and no speaking of any kind from Jar Jar Binks. Let me put it this way: it was good enough that we both came out and wanted to go straight home to watch A New Hope ASAP, so I think it's job was done. Get on out there and see it, peoples...you won't be disappointed.

And now I'm geared up for a 3-day work week. That's right. THREE DAYS. Wooot!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Yeah, like this. TIMES TEN.


Really, there's no other way to put it. Getting in to work this morning was bedraggled and miserable. It is raining--hard, and steadily--not to mention a sweet 15 mph gust or twelve that rendered rain coat and umbrella nigh-on-to-useless. I am *soaked* from just above my knees to the tips of my toes. To say nothing of my AFRO.... It was pleasant to listen to the rain last night and this morning, but being out in it? SUCKED.

Not to mention the fact that in the last 24 hours the forecast for the weekend changed entirely. From sunny and 70s to chance of rain and 60s. For nesting on Sunday this matters to me not (can you tell we're gonna see Episode III that day too? hee) but for the airshow? NO NO NO. I'm taking newbies to this junx and it had better deliver. Sigh.

Whine/tantrum/tantrum/stamp foot/whine. Repeat.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Happy Birthday, Des!!

Mrs. Sullivan, mama of a super-cute new puppy, is the big 2-9 as of today. May it be a day full of coffee, good eats, and snark. Oh wait....that's most days. ;)

Hope it's a great b-day Desiderata!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

This is what is up

OK, weekend recap, much delayed and without pictures posted. Yeah, sue me.

Friday was *awesome*. Susie couldn't make it to the Nationals game but fortune smiled on us and Christie came into town unexpectedly for a conference, so she snapped up the ticket. Pam and I picked her up the airport and then joined the throng on the metro to RFK. We had decent seats, drank many beers and ate hot dogs, pretzels, and nachos, and watched the Cubs handily take it away from the hometown boys late in the game.

Saturday was the marathon schedule I mentioned before. I sat in serious traffic getting out of D.C.--it took me nearly an hour to get to Lorton for chrissake--but the rest of the trip was uneventful. RHPS was hilarious and silly, and fun to watch with a bunch of teenagers who've seen it more and know more about it than I do. Shelby did my make-up and I didn't look half bad. I also didn't get home until 3 a.m. I am so NOT a rockstar anymore. Sigh.

Sunday was a day of leisure. Pat and I had a lazy breakfast on her patio, then moseyed over to Norfolk to attend the 21st annual Stockley Gardens Spring Arts Festival. So much cool stuff, and every other person had a dog or a baby so my "Awww!" meter was on overdrive. Thank goodness I have the smallest apartment ever though, and cannot buy things because they wouldn't fit. Otherwise I'd have all kindsa new art, stained glass, and wood bowls that I can't afford. We finished out the day at home with margaritas on the patio, watching a massive storm roll in over the marina. I was in bed by 10 and it was SWEET ASS SWEET.

Monday was another lazy morning. I picked up my car (mercifully problem-free) but was disappointed to learn that my excellent mechanic in Va. Beach no longer works at that station. Moreover he has been replaced by a bonafide fucking ASSHOLE and so I will hereafter be taking BD elsewhere. Pat treated me to a pedicure (my toenails look like Chiclets!) and then I got up outta thrrrr and headed to Richmond. Sam, Ryan, and I cooked out (steaks, asparagus, and Pat's homemade Best in the World potato salad). I tried to hang and stay up to watch "Lemony Snickets" with them but didn't have the gas. Plus I got up at 4 a.m. yesterday to drive home, so that had a little something to do with it. Which gets us to

Tuesday. I don't know how people make that commute, from Winchester or Fredericksburg and various other places everyday. I managed to get a day where there was no problem besides the usual volume and it was PACKED and slow and frustrating. Reason #384 why I need a helicopter. But I ended up getting home with ample time to get ready for work, hang out with Christie (what a treat!) and head for an 8:30 dentist appointment. Oy. Your ADD is getting a $530 mouth guard because I clench the jaw in the night. I guess when I sleep my stress level comes into play and I frequently wake up with my face aching. Lovely. So this custom-made dealy (which, to get the molds done, was like biting into 2 fist-sized wads of silly putty. Fun! Sex-ay!) should head that off at the pass. God. Getting older sucks major D in some ways.

And now for the question of the day: has anyone seen a movie at Ballston lately? Last time I did the theaters were small, all on one level (i.e., not stadium-style), and cramped. I wanna catch Sith this weekend and would prefer to go to a close theater but don't want to sacrifice viewing comfort for walkability. Opinions? Anyone?

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Really, I don't know why I bother ever to take my status on MSN Messenger off of "Out to Lunch". Because that's my state-of-being, mentally, about 90% of the time. Ideally they would let me create my own message that would be somewhere along the lines of "Logged in but not switched on--Administer coffee ASAP if response required."

Happy Birthday, Chris!!!

The middle brother turns 44 today. He is celebrating by spending a week in Cancun.


Except actually I totally love him. Dammit.

Also, happy birthday to Sarah of the Harrisonburg clan. She neither knows about nor reads this site, but still I felt the good wishes should be out there and that somehow she would just feel that I remembered and sent out the b-day vibe. The internets is powerful that way.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

I'll be up for almost 24 hours, but damn, I'm gonna have some fun

Today's schedule:

5:45-8: rowing practice
8-9: frantic showering at the boathouse, then treating myself to breakfast at Dunkin Donuts
9-5: work (and lunch with Christie at noon!!)
5-8:30: drive to Virginia Beach
8:30-10:30: hang out with Pat; drink massive amounts of coffee
10:30-11:30: adorn myself with Shelby's fishnets, my thigh-high boots, and other black clothing; drive to theater
11:30: screen The Rocky Horror Picture Show with my 45 year-old sister and my 16 year-old niece

Oh yes, there will be pictures. My favorite part, though, is something Shelby wrote to me earlier this week (from her very considerate email wherein she sent me details on how to dress, what props to bring, how the show goes, etc., in case I was unaware):

"I don't know what it was like seeing RHPS in the 70's. I don't know exactly how raunchy it was, but I assume that it has gotten MUCH raunchier. *ahem* Anyway....I just don't want you and mom to get all freaked out and not let me go again. That would be silly."

Oh, honey. Who do you think you're talking to? 1. Girl DON'T KNOW from raunchy and 2. since when did I give off the Puritanical Footloose-preacher-daddy vibe? I'm not out to kill anyone's buzz, and believe me, neither is my half-her-brain-cells-died-between-1975-and-1985-in-a-fog-of-keggers sister.

Shelby. Say it with me: "DOSS WOMEN RULE." You need not worry.

Friday, May 13, 2005

It's cloudy, but my will is strong.

According to forecasters (in whom I set such store...blee) there's only a 20% chance of rain today and by game time it'll only be "partly cloudy" and around 64 degrees. All I gots to say is they BEST deliver. Although I'm still unresolved on how to handle the "who to cheer for?" dilemma. I decided against wearing my Cubs gear but on the inside I will be rooting for them...and, hell, after enough beers I might be rooting for them on the outside, too. Keep an eye out if you're watching on TV...shenanigans? Highly likely.

I don't usually get into this sort of thing, for various reasons, but this morning I was so gobsmacked by something Tom DeLay said that I have to just vent for a quick moment. In a speech at a fundraising dinner he touted his track record, specifically how he and other conservatives have blocked "partial birth" abortions (HATE that term--total misnomer, but I digress), thereby "protecting unborn children from their pregnant mothers."

WHAT. THE. FUCK?!?!??????

So, are pregnant women now just pods, drone conduits for the creation of babies, that one day might "wake up", go rogue, think for themselves and take independent action regarding their own bodies, health, and lives? That language choice is so inflammatory, so condescending, so myopic, so misogynist and so totally out of touch with common sense, compassion and reality that I cannot wrap my mind around it. What a horrifying, terrifying human being he is.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Kristin just surprised me with a lovely mid-day call to discuss the Zellweger/Chesney nuptials from Monday. I had read about them (and was surprised as hell. I didn't know they were dating, and honestly thought he'd live the bachelor life in perpetuity) but hadn't seen pictures. Then after chatting I found a write up here, with pix, and MAN that body language is off. They look like they *just* met, for the purposes of a photo shoot, and can't wait to be done with the job. I don't wish them ill, but I don't see them lasting. Sorry, Butthole Mouth (tm Kathryn).

HUH...fighter jet (-15? -16? hard to tell) just flew over DC. Wonder what *that* is about?

ed (12:24 EDT): Ah. This would be why.

So, I didn't watch the TAR finale last night. It got to be about 8:30 and I was so. very. tired. Plus I had the DVR set to catch it, so I just went to bed. I slept like a rock for 9 1/2 hours, so clearly I needed it. Then I was going to try and make it through the day without looking at any sites that would spill the winners' names, but lasted all of 30 seconds and I immediately clicked on CNN's link to discover the fabulous result. Not only "phew!" but the best people won.

I'm still glad that I just went to bed though.

Good luck Suzi and Tom!!!

The SAIS wonder twins take their oral exams tomorrow and today, respectively. They have been busting serious ass for the past several weeks (and, really, the past 2 years) and are *this* close to the finish line. Go kick some China/Econ butt you two, and see you at the celebration tomorrow!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Sorry, I've been under the weather, away, busy, and apathetic in various combinations. I had ideas yesterday to post about things like all the NoVa high schools that made it onto Newsweek's Top American High Schools list; then I pondered bringing up, while we're all celebrating the V-E Day anniversary, what do Germans do? (I found my answer on NPR...neo-Nazis and skinheads have marches and are shouted down by the rest of the country. Nice. Lovely to see that issue has been put to rest. BLEE). I also never got around to mentioning how much I LOVE the remix of the Killers "Mr. Brightside" that is on the birthday mix Steve made for me. But I didn't say any of that...then.

*Awesome* morning on the water today. Calm river, good boat, and nice long pieces where we could sort out issues of set and just get into a rhythm and swing. It's actually rare to get a good cardio workout, but this morning we felt the burn. Now tonight I can just run errands and get my house in order (weekends away always leave me feeling like I'm not situated when the week begins) and then it's all about settling in to enjoy the season 7 finale of The Amazing Race. I have a very bad feeling that Romber wins. If they do, Rob will be insufferable. God help us.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Say it ain't so....production of the latest season of Chappelle's Show has been halted and the air date put off indefinitely. Why, God...whyeeeeee?!!???

Also, did anyone else cry like a baby during Alias last night? I know, the hell you say, during a spy show? But yes...the scenes where Sydney pretends to be her mother, and Jack believes he's back in the early 80s before Irina betrayed him absolutely. killed. me. Bawling. I'm not proud, I can admit it. Victor Garber rocks in a serious way in that whole episode and, if it's even possible, I lerv him even more.

Happy Birthday, Bryan!

That fabulous Cubs fan and beer brat expert, whom we all know and love, turns 28 today. Damn his Class of '99 eyes. I mean...kidding!! Love you! You complete me!!

Hope it's a great day B-R-Y.


It would kick ass to have that as your birthday. Unless it's a sign of impending doom and then, d'oh.

Can't wait til next year... 06.06.06. All the little goths are gonna go blammo over that one.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Yeah, I got nothin'. What can I say, things is quiet up in hrrrrr. Got the beginnings of a cold (as signified by the fact that I just typed that "begginings". Oy) and other than that, not much doing. I will say that there's new episode of Lost on tonight. Fina-fucking-ly. And it's Dodenherdenking in the Netherlands today. No, I have no idea what it is, either. Google that shit, if you care. You know you have the time.

[ed. OK, *I* googled it and turns out it's a lovely national tribute to those killed in WWII. So I'm a big shitty shit for being flip about it. Unfortunately for me, nothing new there.]

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Not like there's ever a good time, but...sheesh

There was a fire in the Randolph Complex at William and Mary today. Daily Press article here. (Thanks to Travis for the info)

I love Virginia. I even declared it the best state in the Union this weekend...but maybe that's just my crazed opinion. The Old Dominion is big enough that you got your oceans and beach...and your mountains and rivers....and your big cities and your small towns...and your conservative enclaves and your liberal strongholds....and your counties that are in the 21st century, and your counties that are...not. We went to a wedding in Danville this weekend, and if you are like I was, while you had *heard* of Danville, you didn't know exactly where it was, other than in the hinterland of southwestern Virginia in the general Tech/Lynchburg vicinity. Lemme tell you, it is waaaaay down there, about 20 minutes from the North Carolina border (and not too far from Tennessee, either) and it took us over 4 hours to get there. The drive is lovely, though, especially at this time of year. Route 29 was practically empty and so we got to enjoy the rolling green hills and sprawling farms unabated. We also got to see a LOT of Sheetz gas stations, a license plate that said "COON" and some kick ass signs and billboards, one of which proclaimed, simply, "GUNS". We discovered that Billy Bragg sings through his teeth and that the lyrics to "Think Again" are some of the most unintentionally hilarious EVER; that Southern Living has one mean recipe for strawberry cake; that not everyone thinks incessant quoting of Napoleon Dynamite is funny (but FUCK THEM); and that bad wedding toasts, if heartfelt, will still bring a tear to your eye.

The wedding itself was great. A lovely, brief, meaningful ceremony, and a killer wedding dress to boot. The reception was fun with much chatting, plotting to steal golf carts (never happened--sniff!) and some c-razy white folks dancing by night's end. More drinking after the reception (ill-advised) and playing of Asshole followed. Then up early for Sam's birthday brunch at a pretty kicking little place called the Purple Onion--check it out if you're ever there. The drive home was looooong, if only because we were so tired, but the weather was amazing.

We got to see this great state from one redneck end to the other, and I love this crazy old triangle-shaped place. I rilly do.

Happiness is...

My new Melitta Mill & Brew coffee maker. After burning through 3 shoddy coffee grinders in the last year I decided to splurge on a grinder/coffee maker combo and used some birthday funds to facilitate the buy. I found a killer deal online and came home yesterday to find the package waiting on my doorstep. OH HAPPY DAY!! I got it all set up last night, set the timer to go a few minutes before I got home from rowing, and walked in to fresh, hot java. Mama like!

Monday, May 02, 2005

I gave in to both fatigue and poverty and treated myself to a Starsucks cafe moccha at lunch. I am deeply and profoundly tired after a fun, drunken, sleep-deprived weekend and figured that a drink incorporating coffee *and* sugar/chocolate was the way to go. Plus I had value left on an X-mas gift certificate so I wasn't really supporting the corporate juggernaut per se. Now it's just a matter of hoping that this last-ditch effort keeps me functioning for the rest of the day.

Deets on the weekend later, but for now zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............

Happy (belated) Birthday, Sam!

That Hall boy turned 29 yesterday and we celebrated in style with a brunch, party hats and a *killer* strawberry cake, but I didn't have internet access and so the blog shout-out had to wait 'til today. Hope it was a great day, Sam!