Friday, May 20, 2005


Really, there's no other way to put it. Getting in to work this morning was bedraggled and miserable. It is raining--hard, and steadily--not to mention a sweet 15 mph gust or twelve that rendered rain coat and umbrella nigh-on-to-useless. I am *soaked* from just above my knees to the tips of my toes. To say nothing of my AFRO.... It was pleasant to listen to the rain last night and this morning, but being out in it? SUCKED.

Not to mention the fact that in the last 24 hours the forecast for the weekend changed entirely. From sunny and 70s to chance of rain and 60s. For nesting on Sunday this matters to me not (can you tell we're gonna see Episode III that day too? hee) but for the airshow? NO NO NO. I'm taking newbies to this junx and it had better deliver. Sigh.

Whine/tantrum/tantrum/stamp foot/whine. Repeat.


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