Saturday, May 14, 2005

I'll be up for almost 24 hours, but damn, I'm gonna have some fun

Today's schedule:

5:45-8: rowing practice
8-9: frantic showering at the boathouse, then treating myself to breakfast at Dunkin Donuts
9-5: work (and lunch with Christie at noon!!)
5-8:30: drive to Virginia Beach
8:30-10:30: hang out with Pat; drink massive amounts of coffee
10:30-11:30: adorn myself with Shelby's fishnets, my thigh-high boots, and other black clothing; drive to theater
11:30: screen The Rocky Horror Picture Show with my 45 year-old sister and my 16 year-old niece

Oh yes, there will be pictures. My favorite part, though, is something Shelby wrote to me earlier this week (from her very considerate email wherein she sent me details on how to dress, what props to bring, how the show goes, etc., in case I was unaware):

"I don't know what it was like seeing RHPS in the 70's. I don't know exactly how raunchy it was, but I assume that it has gotten MUCH raunchier. *ahem* Anyway....I just don't want you and mom to get all freaked out and not let me go again. That would be silly."

Oh, honey. Who do you think you're talking to? 1. Girl DON'T KNOW from raunchy and 2. since when did I give off the Puritanical Footloose-preacher-daddy vibe? I'm not out to kill anyone's buzz, and believe me, neither is my half-her-brain-cells-died-between-1975-and-1985-in-a-fog-of-keggers sister.

Shelby. Say it with me: "DOSS WOMEN RULE." You need not worry.


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