Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Sorry, I've been under the weather, away, busy, and apathetic in various combinations. I had ideas yesterday to post about things like all the NoVa high schools that made it onto Newsweek's Top American High Schools list; then I pondered bringing up, while we're all celebrating the V-E Day anniversary, what do Germans do? (I found my answer on NPR...neo-Nazis and skinheads have marches and are shouted down by the rest of the country. Nice. Lovely to see that issue has been put to rest. BLEE). I also never got around to mentioning how much I LOVE the remix of the Killers "Mr. Brightside" that is on the birthday mix Steve made for me. But I didn't say any of that...then.

*Awesome* morning on the water today. Calm river, good boat, and nice long pieces where we could sort out issues of set and just get into a rhythm and swing. It's actually rare to get a good cardio workout, but this morning we felt the burn. Now tonight I can just run errands and get my house in order (weekends away always leave me feeling like I'm not situated when the week begins) and then it's all about settling in to enjoy the season 7 finale of The Amazing Race. I have a very bad feeling that Romber wins. If they do, Rob will be insufferable. God help us.


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