Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I love Virginia. I even declared it the best state in the Union this weekend...but maybe that's just my crazed opinion. The Old Dominion is big enough that you got your oceans and beach...and your mountains and rivers....and your big cities and your small towns...and your conservative enclaves and your liberal strongholds....and your counties that are in the 21st century, and your counties that are...not. We went to a wedding in Danville this weekend, and if you are like I was, while you had *heard* of Danville, you didn't know exactly where it was, other than in the hinterland of southwestern Virginia in the general Tech/Lynchburg vicinity. Lemme tell you, it is waaaaay down there, about 20 minutes from the North Carolina border (and not too far from Tennessee, either) and it took us over 4 hours to get there. The drive is lovely, though, especially at this time of year. Route 29 was practically empty and so we got to enjoy the rolling green hills and sprawling farms unabated. We also got to see a LOT of Sheetz gas stations, a license plate that said "COON" and some kick ass signs and billboards, one of which proclaimed, simply, "GUNS". We discovered that Billy Bragg sings through his teeth and that the lyrics to "Think Again" are some of the most unintentionally hilarious EVER; that Southern Living has one mean recipe for strawberry cake; that not everyone thinks incessant quoting of Napoleon Dynamite is funny (but FUCK THEM); and that bad wedding toasts, if heartfelt, will still bring a tear to your eye.

The wedding itself was great. A lovely, brief, meaningful ceremony, and a killer wedding dress to boot. The reception was fun with much chatting, plotting to steal golf carts (never happened--sniff!) and some c-razy white folks dancing by night's end. More drinking after the reception (ill-advised) and playing of Asshole followed. Then up early for Sam's birthday brunch at a pretty kicking little place called the Purple Onion--check it out if you're ever there. The drive home was looooong, if only because we were so tired, but the weather was amazing.

We got to see this great state from one redneck end to the other, and I love this crazy old triangle-shaped place. I rilly do.


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