Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Harrisonburg REPRESENT

Ryan, me, and Sam. I've known these guys since 7th grade--when I was taller than both of them.

Girls on film

Susie, me, and PEby

W&M rock steady

Sandy, Des, me, Adam, Dave, and Bry. Most of this crew has been celebrating my birthday with me for over 7 years now. Awww.

The birthday was AWESOME. The day itself was all about making it through work, treating myself to a pedicure, and then having a quiet night in, but Saturday it. was. ON. I tempted the gods by working my way through many drinks during the day and then wine with dinner. Ryan and I started the night at Oyamel and I cannot recommend the place enough. XO had said good things for quite a while and I'm glad we finally checked it out. Yummy tapas and very cool decor made for a nice grown-up evening before I gave into baser instincts with the drinking and the shit-talking as we headed out to CarPool (pictured above, full album here--all pix thanks to Susie). We played pool and hung out until the wee hours and I had such a good time. And seriously, the fact that I was not incoherent and in hideous pain on Sunday is a miracle. I got so luckyyyyyyyy.

29 is looking mighty nice so far. Thanks again, one and all.


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