Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"B-A-B-Y, M-A-M-A..."

I should have posted this yesterday because that's when the story aired, but I didn't realize how blog-worthy it is until I was telling Ryan about it last night. It's a piece on Morning Edition about Fantasia Barrino's (of American Idol fame) hit song "Baby Mama". My jury is still out on the whole thing--it's a good piece, presenting both sides, and avoiding, in its skepticism towards single teen mothers, being too preachy or condemning them from a "moral" standpoint--but the idea of anything that says it's OK to make life harder for yourself this way...I just don't know.

Also, it just cracked me up to hear an erudite, vaguely anthropological analysis on NPR of a song called BABY MAMA. Heh.


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