Monday, May 23, 2005

Hiiiighway toooo the beer and hot dog tent....

The weekend was *awesome*. Despite the piss-poor weather and tight leather cranky pants of Friday, it all turned around into a glorious May festivus of sunshine and good times. I got my hug and my beer on Friday which helped the mood considerably. Then early Saturday I dragged ass down to the boathouse to have one of the best days I've ever had on the water. Crystal clear skies, light breeze, uber-calm water, and a strong, synchronized boat. I was loathe to come in off the water at 8 but I had to because....

AIR SHOW!! Sam and Kathryn met us at my place and we fortified with breakfast at Metro 29 diner and then made the trek out to Andrews. My hat is off to the folks who organize the JSOH, in particular the transporting of spectators from Fed Ex Field to the base. There were thousands of people there and not once did the system break down. We got through security efficiently and easily, straight onto a bus, and coming home was about as easy. In between, the show itself was a blast. We were there for all the afternoon flights and saw an F-86, A-10, many C-130s, an F-4, F-117, B-2, F-15, F-16, and a mass 82nd Airborne jump. Unfortunately I didn't see any helos, the F-14, or the AV-8B, but whatever. We set up seats near the VIP area (and coincidentally not too far from the Budweiser tent) and then watched and ate and drank to our hearts' content. Good times, good times. But, as with any day outside, we were utterly. zapped. by the time we got home. Which meant missing Des and Bry's bbq (and new puppy, *sniff*!) but we just had absolutely no energy left for conversating, or even standing upright for that matter. Dinner from Popeye's and a viewing of "Lemony Snickets" finished out the evening, and, hell...I fell asleep during that anyway, so really Popeye's finished my night. Which is to say it finished my night PERFECTLY. ;)

Sunday after a leisurely breakfast at home (the new bloody mary recipe = complete success) we saw Star Wars: Episode III at Ballston (all recommendations were correct and it was a fine place to see the film so thanks Whitney and Annie!). Great flick, with good, deft tie-ins of information to the final 3 movies, some bitchin' fight scenes, and no speaking of any kind from Jar Jar Binks. Let me put it this way: it was good enough that we both came out and wanted to go straight home to watch A New Hope ASAP, so I think it's job was done. Get on out there and see it, won't be disappointed.

And now I'm geared up for a 3-day work week. That's right. THREE DAYS. Wooot!


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