Tuesday, May 31, 2005

5 days away, so much to say....

I came back to a fair amount of work and so am just now getting to a recap of all the weekend's fun but busy adventures. I'll download some pictures tonight, and in the meantime give you tidbit-y sorts of posts. For instance:


For how busy we were, we still managed to get through a few films, some good, some....not so good. In the "good" column we have both Kinsey and Real Genius. The former was *great*--well cast (Chris O'Donnell where the fuck have you been? and in a brilliant bit of stunt casting Tim Curry as a total stuck-up 1950s prude), well-paced, well-written, funny without being silly, a little heart-breaking, and definitely entertaining. The latter was a must-see since Ryan didn't remember it at all, and as much as I quote it that was a lack that needed to be remedied. After all these years, and all the times I've seen it, I still think it completely ROCKS. And not for nothing, the dude who played Kent (of the naked jello-eating) aced every scene he was in. I've never seen him in anything else, but with that as a swan song he's still doing alright.

In the "bad" column, it pains me to say we have The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Normally I am on board for all things Wes Anderson, but this movie was at best awkward and at worst silly and terrible. The story made little sense and wasn't quirky-odd like Rushmore and Tenenbaums were. It was just outlandish and improbable while simultaneously being unentertaining. I'm actually a little surprised that Cate Blanchett or Bill Murray did that one.


Without meaning to I ate many chili dogs from various locations this weekend. First was a taste of the JunkYard Dog at Melito's in Richmond. Then Sunday night at Will and Tara's I heaped a gen-U-ine beef frank with kraut, chili, and mustard (plus, gotta have the potato roll bun) and liked that whole dealy so well that Ryan and I recreated it (with the addition of chopped onions and cheese) at home yesterday. Oh man. I knocked out my sodium intake in one fell swoop but DAMN they were worth it.


Saturday we headed down to Norfolk to be on hand for a benefit concert put together by Brian, an old high school friend. He organized 5 bands that played at the Jewish Mother, with proceeds going to benefit the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. That was a blast and a whole other story, but what I'll address here was the Canine Conflagration that happened at Brian's house. Brian and his wife Erin have 3 dogs--Pete, a total sweetheart who is old and not in the best of health, and Winston and Sadie, 2 adorable mutt puppies who are too cute to be denied much of anything. Then, add to that that we brought Banshee. THEN add to that Brian's brother Ned and his girlfriend Alexis and their 3 dogs--Rooka (sp?) a wee sweet lady puppy (shepherd mix) that they'd just gotten *that day*, Ava, a robust couple-year-old mutt (shepherd/lab mix?) and finally Dibs, a 15-month old Rottweiler/mutt/mix that weighs--no foolin'--120 pounds. And it is ALL MUSCLE. Dibs was seriously like a fucking pony. So let these SEVEN creatures loose in the yard and the house and you have frolicking, yelping, nipping, pooping pandemonium. We spent most of the time just watching them and cracking up.


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