Monday, January 31, 2005

To tide you over since I haven't been writing much (and the weekend recap and photos won't be up until tomorrow). Christie gave me this gum as part of my Christmas gift...

How awesome is the box? I haven't wanted to chew it for fear of messing it up. Plus, could it be more appropriate for needless F-bomb Doss?

I find it more than a little depressing and disturbing that the day after the Iraqi elections most online newspapers--including ones like the New York Times--have pictures of Michael Jackson up as their main full-color eye-grab feature. *shakes head*

Friday, January 28, 2005

I popped out to run an errand just now, and the store I was in had piped-in muzak playing on the speakers. I happened to be there during Whitney Houston's version of "I'm Every Woman," a song I freely admit to loving SO MUCH when it came out in the early 1990s. I was in high school, and it was kicky and boogey-licious, and the video was too precious, with a glowingly pregnant Whitney dancing around with all the sister-friends of her life. But hearing the song today made me sad more than anything else, because Whitney is now a two-bit crack whore with a wannabe player felon for a husband, and she has squandered her talent with both hands. So thanks, Filene's. Happy Friday to you too.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Ted Kennedy is speaking in my building in a few minutes. There's nothing all that special about it--it's an international relations school, so dignitaries of some form or other are by quite a bit--but it concerns me particularly today. Reason being, the parking lot out back (where I park on Thursdays when I work late) is full of TV trucks and so I had to park in the alley next to the lot. The alley that clearly says NO PARKING ANYTIME. The alley where DC parking police luuuuuuuv to come and give tickets, if not tow. Even the parking lot attendant, whom I'm friends with, said I was kind of leaving BD there of my own choice, meaning he couldn't do a whole lot if the cops came around. Cross your fingers, kids. My special boy is in danger.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

SMOKIN' in so many ways. Hard to believe that today is his 80th birthday.

I was telling Suzi about the CD I got from the library to help me learn traveler's Italian, and she made the suggestion that I try a Lonely Planet phrase book. Damn, Gina, you smart. Amazon Marketplace all kindsa hooked me up with this. Now of course she'll be a victim of her own cleverness, as I practice on her over the next month and a half.

"Two airmail stamps, please."

"How much for this leather thong?"

"Yes, I am of marriageable age, but I am worth more than 2 goats and a bottle of chianti."

Happy Australia Day!!

Not that anyone cares but me, but it is that great day that celebrates Oz, home of my first Australian love, The Man From Snowy River.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

"Who is it?


Hello my dearest 4 people who occasionally come by and read the 'Sport. Long time no see. As I was getting ready to write this back-at-last post, I was trying to think of a tagline and remembered one of my favorite scenes ever from The Cosby Show. It's from very early on--possibly the first season--and Cliff and Claire are awoken late one night by a knocking on their bedroom door. Cliff says, "Who is it?," whereupon Vanessa immediately opens the door and comes in with wee, still-super-cute Rudy in tow. Cliff gets all riled that Vanessa didn't answer his question and just barged in. He instructs her, "When I say 'Who is it?', you say who it is." (I think you know where this is going). He makes her and Rudy go back out and try again. They knock. He asks, "Who is it?" And Vanessa shouts, without opening the door: "WHO IT IS!" Ha. Hahahah. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA. Still gets me. Every time.

So you may ask, "Who is it?" To which I would reply: Anne. That's who it is.

I didn't do much in the days off that y'all would much care about. I got snowed in. I ate the best chili I've ever had in my entire life. I played in the snow and almost broke my coccyx. I drank the Raspberry Saison that Bill gave me in August and it knocked me square on my ayse (before the coccyx incident. So I was down for the count quite a bit this weekend). I watched many DVDs and was introduced to the joys of Bela Fleck and The Oscar Peterson Trio. But with the cold and the snow I haven't run in almost 2 weeks and I can feel myself turning into jello by the moment. Such tribulations. I know.

Oh, and I just saw a kid here at school who is a DEAD RINGER for Napoleon Dynamite, and I had to stop myself from going up to him and asking, "What are you going to do today, Napoleon?"


Thursday, January 20, 2005

Taken with the same setting and exposure as most of the others, but with some lightening, this is what comes up. I think it's because as I took this, the Inauguration fireworks were going off downtown, and reflected off of the cloud layer. That orange is pretty unusual though, huh?

Even though I forgot to take my camera to work, I went out when I got home--before the roads were cleared and the snow turned into brown slush--and snapped some pix in my neighborhood. I love me some snow.

Still pristine and lovely.

The view from my side window: tres chic Gum Ball Park.

The lights, in person, were charming. This gives a better idea of the lighting than the picture that follows.

This one required a bit of Photoshop legerdemain. It almost looks like daytime, but this was around 6 p.m.

The flash brightened this up a bit too much...I took it initially because something about the yard was so furtive. Oh well.

Close-up of the ivy

Trying to be arty like Stefan

Snow and stone

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

About an hour ago Steve and I went out to get some lunch (well, him lunch, me a yogurt to supplement what I packed--I know, you're so interested). The perfect winter wonderland jaunt ensued, not least because we stopped off at Krispy Kreme and Steve treated me to a chocolate-frosted donut (James, don't read this next part) with sprinkles. We have about 2 inches on the ground at this point and walking is a bit slickery in some parts but it's white and whirling and absolutely lovely. I am totally kicking myself that I didn't think to bring my camera in today. *kick*

FIRST: Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and look what he brought Anne (and Kristin and Des and Bry and James). Jonathan and Victoria were eliminated from The Amazing Race last night.

SECOND: It's snowing here, right now. 1-2 inches expected. WOO!

THIRD: I have on silk longjohns, SmartWool socks, and am sitting inside a heated building but my hands are so cold they ache. High-quality construction, my friends. Can't be beat.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Of course, I had to supply you with some information on the new SuperGoose (tm ADD) aircraft unveiled by Airbus. Aviation Week & Space Technology has been dangling info about this construction for quite awhile now, so the actual ship isn't that much of a "new" thing, but still. Pretty cool. And sets us up for an interesting battle since Boeing sees the future in going smaller, while Airbus is obviously going for broke w/ big. WHO WILL TRIUMPH?!?! Eh...meh.

They KNOW that you won the money, Richard. Did you honestly think they wouldn't notice if it didn't show up on your taxes??

Monday, January 17, 2005

After reading Kristin's blog, I feel much better about this post

Because if she can own up to a lazy weekend sans guilt, then by God I can too!! I didn't stay in the *entire* time, but for all the good I did the world, I may as well have. I did discover an awesome dive bar, Jay's Saloon, that is rocking the fugly untrendy decor in the heart of Clarendon and I love them for it. I drank a lot of beer and watched a lot of football. I also rediscovered kir (Vroom ^2, do you remember this stuff)? I first had it the summer I lived in France--it's white wine mixed w/ creme de cassis liqueur. If you mix the liqueur w/ champagne, it's a kir royale, btw. Anyway, very standard French mixed drink, and the friends we had dinner with on Saturday had the fixings!! They also had "Shaun of the Dead", which I hadn't seen--hilarious, though not terribly scary. Just as well. Then last night I had mexican and movies with Pam, Susie, and Jerry. So, to recap: I ate stuff and I watched stuff. The perfect weekend.

Now today, with my day off, I had aspirations of a long run, but it is really fucking cold outside, so THAT WON'T BE HAPPENING. It's 15 degrees with the wind chill right now, and will only get chillier tonight, and into this week. I guess I hadn't kept up on the forecasts for next week (especially after the bitter cold that was supposed to come on Friday and Saturday didn't materialize) because I didn't know that we have a good chance for snow Wednesday thru Sunday this week (I'm sorry, Ryan. I should never have questioned you). I am all kindsa psyched for it, though, and a blizzard on Thursday would make the contrary side of me deeply happy. Ahem.

Now I'm going to make lunch and go watch The Simpsons episode I DVRd last night, and maybe the James Bond movie that I DVRd yesterday, and then.... Oh look. *More* food and TV.*

*But I am missing Banshee and the Yeti.

Friday, January 14, 2005

"We named him Lucian Yahoo after my father and the net, the main beacon of my life"

People have come together in stranger ways, and certainly have named their children stranger things, but this still tickled me. Is there a baby named Match or EHarmony in our collective human future? Methinks, sadly, yes.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

If you hadn't already heard (and on the off-chance that you care) the 20 castaways of Survivor: Palau were announced today. Lots of Ohioans and Californians. I guess the best Virginia can expect is Big Tom. Greeeat.

Kristin will like Ibrehem because his hobby is eating.

I like Caryn because she went to GW and Mason.

No one will like Ashlee because she's Mormon, or Jolanda because her biography is so long.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The thinks you can think

As I rode the train home yesterday, something slightly dodgy happened. When we stopped at Rosslyn, after passengers had come and gone, just before the doors got ready to close, a woman on the train noticed that a recently disembarked passenger had left his cell phone behind. She called out, "Sir! Sir, you left your phone!" but he didn't turn around or come back. So she called out again, and picked up the phone and headed for the door. He still didn't turn around I guess (I heard most of this, but didn't see it--full train, half-engrossed in my book) because she called out one last time and then I think she made to toss the phone off of the train before the doors closed. Something got stuck in the doors, but she got the phone out, the doors shut, and the train moved on. And, I kid you not, I waited for a stop or 2, listening for a "BOOM". In this day and age, with my overactive imagination, any object left behind could be a bomb, or a remote detonator, or in some other way suspicious and troublesome. Granted, even before 9/11 my Tom Clancy-reading self would wonder "Is there a ninja on the train?" or, "Was that a dead drop?" when someone aimed for a trashcan and missed. But these days living on a small ranch in the country is getting to look more and more appealing.

Calm down. I mean that in a totally non-Michigan militia kind of way.

Keep an eye on your news...apparently there was a bomb scare in downtown D.C. within the last 2 hours (Farragut/DuPont area). I haven't been able to find deets yet, but several streets (18th between K and M, for example) were closed off, and errry fire truck and other emergency vehicle in a 5 mile radius seemed to have heeded the call.

Ed.-- Yeah, typical. It was nothing.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Oh, and I forgot to tell you my crazy note-leaving neighbor came 'round again. Sunday night, as I enjoyed the football game around 6 p.m. I heard the "shhsshhh" of paper being slipped under my front door. Apparently dude had run out of notebook paper because I found there 2 envelopes. The first one said:

If my letter didn't turn you OFF - Give me a call 703-555-0000. Hey, it's been a week - [D]

And the second added:

My fault It's been two weeks. [D]

Oy. Dude is SERIOUSLY addled.

This is Kristin's kind of story.

Monday, January 10, 2005

On the radio show I'm listening to, the host just commented on how much he enjoys singing duets. Particularly, he said, "If you don't have anything to say to someone, at least you can still sing with them." HA!

So next time, when we're out, if I burst into song, then please know WE ARE ALL DONE HERE.

On another note, I just got an email from my sister who lives just south of L.A. I had sent her, my brother, and sister-in-law (who all live in that area) a message making sure they hadn't washed away in the SoCal Deluge of '05. She said they're all doing alright, but that the lower-lying streets in her neigborhood are flooded and that she's seriously considering holing up at home until it ends. Damn, Gina.

It just occured to me that Flo (of FloZach, Amazing Race Season 3 winners) looks EXACTLY like Mia Maestro (Nadia, Sydney's 1/2 sister on Alias). brain is officially turning into pudding.

In other news, 24 was quite good last night, not leastways because 1. bye Palmer and 2. BYE SPAWN. Not thrilled that Chloe is still around, but you can't have everything. I like the unexpected presence of Lukas Haas--I hope he makes it through several more episodes--I mean, hours. Not sure what the point is of showing us 4 eps in 2 days, other than to make up for the late start, but I'm game since they're doing a good job so far. My favorite line from last night was SecDef telling his son to get over his "5th grade/Michael Moore" mindset. HA!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

24. Premiers tonight at 8.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Ah...okay. Java in hand, I can go on living.

Last night was full of international flair (and fare). I met Jonathan, Clarence, Suzi and Melissa for dinner at Mount Everest Restaurant on 18th St. Much yummy Indian food consumed. I recommend the Everest Momo, Chicken Marsala, and naan (duh). Then we high-tailed it over to the Dupont Circle theater to meet Kevin and Grace, and we saw Hotel Rwanda. I'm sure most of you have heard buzz on this film; I had, going in, and it was all good. Don Cheadle is the SHIT and had best be on the short list for an Oscar nomination, IMO. But, as you might expect it was a hard movie to watch (lots of comparisons to Schindler's List out there...that's apt) so when we left the theater (despite lots of medicinal chocolate provided by Melissa) we hit Cosi for tea and coffee. However, that meant your ADD didn't get home until almost 2 a.m. Hence not waking up until 1 this afternoon. I'm getting old, it's true.

I was sitting here, bleary, just having woken up after 11 hours sleep (more on that soon), and my mind is fuddling through a half-dozen possibilities on what my first activity of the day should be, unable to pick one. Then, clear and true, a small but insistent voice inside me overrules:


Friday, January 07, 2005

OK, what the hell...I was reading Yahoo! news and clicked on a link labeled "Slide Show: Asian Tsunami Disaster" (macabre, I know, but get past that part). The link started with some images of relief work, supplies being off-loaded from cargo planes, etc...and then transitioned into pictures of transvestite sex workers dancing in clubs that are in areas hit by the tsunami. WTF?! Seriously, just...what the fuck. I have nothing against transvestites, and I am utterly sympathetic towards every single person who went through the devastation and loss of December 26th, but it's still a very odd choice for a photo gallery. And probably not the best way to elicit further donations from, oh, The Red States, for instance. Just sayin'.

Um, yeah, I'm awake now

I was listening to Yahoo! radio just now [at work at work at work] when a new song came on. By the Lords of Acid. And I didn't manage to turn it off until *after* the woman said "f$#! me up the ass".


Like it's Christmas every day

I got a couple of gift cards to bookstores this year, and I have to say, I am a HUGE fan. Now, don't get me wrong--I love the ritual of having an actual present, wrapped, there in front of me on Christmas morning. But the great thing about gift cards is that it keeps the joy coming long after the holiday ends. For instance, sometime today or tomorrow I will be receiving this and this from Barnes & Noble. And tonight, on my way home, I'm stopping off at Border's to buy this and this. These are things I've wanted but probably wouldn't have ponied up for by myself. Also, it lets me fill out gaps depending on what sort of DVDs and CDs I got on Christmas proper. They serve as little treats to myself in the grey weeks after the holidays end, and guarantees that whomever's card I'm using, the money was well-spent because I will want and LERV what I get. Win-win, baby.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

For all the Willie fans I've loved before

CMT online has Willie Nelson's It Will Always Be album on its "Listening Party" station. I'm not sure how long these selections stay active, but it's the full album, no pop-ups, no ads, and you can select individual tracks. PHAT.

PS--They also have Alison Krauss & Union Station's Lonely Runs Both Ways on the LPS right now, too. Jaaaaaackpot.

I want to be this kind of parent

Two of my favorite sites to visit are dooce and CrazyUs, both written by women who are neighbors and friends, and ex-Mormons, living in Salt Lake City. These sites are a great blend of anecdotes, shared viewpoints, hilarity, and photographs. The best part is, both Dooce and Beth have kids, so the opportunities for shenanigans are legion. So often they have posts of the kids and pictures that show that they 1. snapped the photo THEN 2. proceeded to parent the situation. As crazy as their moments can be, they seem innately to understand the need to enjoy the absurdity of a given predicament, and also to record the incident so as to blackmail their kids in the future. Perfect.

Today, Beth recounts, avec evidence, this tale of the wee Renoir of her family.


I watched television for HOURS last night, which actually is more of a rare occurence than you might think. But there was so much goodness to be had; how could I not? I finally saw TAR (eh, Gus and Hera, no big surprise, and Jonathan continues to suck all the oxygen and light out of the universe, but enough with the Fear Factor-like food tasks. If I wanted to watch FF, I would, CBS. Take le hint). But the big event was the ABC line-up--Lost had a new episode and of course, after such a long absence that I had forgotten some of the elements of the storyline (seriously) Alias had its 2-hour season premier as well. Unlike XO I do *not* care for the new opening credits. There are other people on the show that I tune in for besides JG, and yeah, she wears a lot of outfits. I get it. Don't hit us over the head with your gimmicks...less is more, there, JJ. In that same vein, enough with the opening sequence of some sort and then a cut back to "2 Days Before" or "LA, 72 Hours Earlier" or whatever. What was the point of being off the air for more than half a year if you aren't going to be somewhat original or nuanced when you return? That said, I humbly request MORE MARSHALL. OMG, Marshall, how I love you, let me count the ways. More running by Spy Daddy would be good too.

Question: what's up with Sydney and all the double shirting? Take a look next time....

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

No,'re supposed to get IN the tub

This size doesn't do the image justice, but trust me, the decor is heinous. Cribbed from TMN, this gallery of god-awful interior designs from Europe circa 1974 are noteworthy not only for the rooms, but for the postures, clothing, and situations of the models pictured therein. For instance, what the FUCK is this kid doing? Pervy. Little. Bastard.

Apparently everyone in America is trying to book flights on Delta after the announcement that they slashed fares by as much as 50% to drum up business. I've tried on and off all morning to access the page and it no worky. But never fear, I will keep trying. So far I'm just looking at fares to Chicago, but I'm open to suggestion. Anyone want to take a trip? I'm serious....

PS: JetBlue and Independence Air both have wicked sales on right now too. For instance, on JetBlue, round trip Dulles-Oakland is $170. Holy fucking shit that's cheap.


I didn't see TAR last night (it awaits me, safely DVRd) so all rants are postponed and information about the episode should be kept to yourselves, Chatty Cathies!

I watched the first half of the Orange Bowl last night, but most of that it was muted while I was on the phone. This just reinforced to me how nice it is to watch football sans the commentators. Although--I did miss some crucial elements of game play. I noticed that USC scored again and again and again, but in the closing moments of the half, I couldn't figure out why OU was looking so very dejected. I mean, with a full half left to play, they were still in it, with some effort. But then I heard on the radio this morning that that scoring blitz in the 1st half? Came as a result of four OU turnovers. And...the dejection became clear. It was in fact quite the spanking for the Sooners and I would imagine that they are, en masse, crying in the car.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Suzi comes home this week...THANK GOD. It's been almost 4 days since I last 1. drank 2. took pictures of it or 3. posted about antics or off-color remarks. I feel stagnant, and I have my readership to think about! It is time to party hard dude-person.

ESPN is maxing out on superlatives so I won't add to the gushing, except to say that it's a great time to be a football fan. Not to mention that January is the Month Of Glut where I tank up before the drought that is the off-season.

That isn't to say that I won't be all up in TAR's grille, too...but that's what the DVR is for!

[As an aside, I will vent and say that I hate the way corporate sponsors have appropriated the rights to--and worse, names of--bowl games. I miss the days when it was just the Orange Bowl, the Cotton Bowl, the Sugar Bowl, etc. Thank god it's still just The Rose Bowl. When and if that one goes I will cry like a little girl.]


Alison Krauss & Union Station were featured on Morning Edition this morning. I cannot express how much I love their music. Hearing them *always* makes me happy. I looked up their concert schedule awhile back and discovered that they're playing in Baltimore on the 17th. I should SO go.

Monday, January 03, 2005

You're kidding, right? The year isn't even 48 hours old yet! And already with the #$*%&??!?##$*!!?!?

So, a couple times in the past I've mentioned the odd guy who lives in the building across from mine. Perhaps you remember? Last night during a fit of insomnia I got up to have a snack and read. While putzing in the kitchen I noticed that someone had shoved a note under my door (this is the usual way for the complex managers to pass on information, receipts, etc., so that in and of itself wasn't an odd thing). You know, why don't I just share it in its entirety [errors and all]?

Sorry, but I don't know either of your name's. Sorry about Saturday - I'm just a little bit shy. I guess you are 2 - cause I sat outside for how long on Sat.? An hour or so? You should have come outside, it was a great day weather wise that is, and as you girls know, you should be taking advantage of these better day's of the winter season - Because Old Man Winter can be a bit to harsh on us at time's. I'm a child of the 60/70s, those radical years that you girl's read about in your history books, and yes, I still dress as if I where still a 60/70s little rebel, nothing bad tho. Hey, I at times, must how I.D. when I purchase brew - which brings a smile to my face, and I alway's say thank's to the cashier whom request's my proof of age. Yes, I smoke, sorry. I have a great sense of humor, I don't shave my mug everyday. I don't like cats, w/ the exception of the Broadway musical.
I'm watching "Fear Factor" as I write this letter - This is a pretty strange program. People being people I guess.
I'm one heck of a cook. Hey, I can whip one hell of a italian dinner - alot of cheese, and hot italian sausage's -, all thrown into that huge spaghetti pot - good eating...
I'm a philatelist-, are you? Interested? I'll get you into it if you want. I don't dot all my EYES (emphasis his) - cross all my tee's - and I really don't give a damn. I enjoy walking the D.C. Mall, as well as Tyson's Mall.
You still want to meet me? Leave me a note-. I'll be home around 5 or 6ish this evening - I'm off on tuesday - it's about time.
Happy New Year, [D]

The saving grace of this is that clearly the note isn't meant for me. I haven't run into him in months, and I don't live with anyone else, so THANK GOD this was just misdelivered (although, how hard is it to get the right apartment in a complex this small?). But it still skeebs me out that 1. his apartment is directly across from mine and he can just sit in there and chill and look right at/in my windows and 2. he skulked over here at about 11 p.m. to deliver this missive.

Des, can I borrow your pepper spray?

My hat is off to you, Tom Keith. This dude does all the sound effects on A Prairie Home Companion and it is un-fucking-real. Not machine sound effects. With-his-mouth-and-breath-and-hands-and-body sound effects, like Bobby McFerrin wishes he could do.

I didn't make any New Year's resolutions but I like the post Wonkette has on the issue.

When I don't get enough sleep, shit gets random

1. I had forgotten how hard it is to watch Black Hawk Down. I have the DVD and tossed it in after the game yesterday, but I still had to fast forward through the part with Smith and the artery hunt. OMG. *blanch*

2. In case you hadn't picked up from the perpetual media blitz, Alias and 24 both start their new seasons this week, on Wednesday and Sunday respectively.

3. Somebody has a case of the Mondays.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

When being a fan of something can screw you over

Amazingly enough I'm *not* talking about being a Skins fan when I say that. They're giving Minni what-for right now and I am all things happy to see it. No, right now I'm talking about hosing myself by staring at helicopters. I was running on the Mall this afternoon and hit the jackpot when 3 Sikorsky VH-3D Sea Kings flew over. My guess is that it was W headed back to the White House, and believe me my inner voices argued over whether I should give so much homage to that particular individual. But the helo lerv got the better of me and I stopped and gawped as they swooped over and past me. And then I went down into the Smithsonian metro station and watched my train as it was *just* pulling out of the station. Another one didn't come for almost 20 minutes. Son. of. a.

Ed.--Yeah. It was definitely him.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

2005. Holy Crap.

Wha happened?? Seriously, where did 2000-2004 go? How can this decade be half over already? But instead of dwelling on unproductive thoughts like that on this first day of a new year, let's recap how fun the last night of last year was. (evidence)

Kristin has already blogged most ably about the evening, so let me just add my concurrence that it was a great night. I had some of my most favorite people in life on this Earth there and really, what more could you need for a fun time? We hit Chadwick's all-inclusive deal again with similarly great results. Knowing little about mixed drinks I bounced around from whiskey sours to Tom Collins, Cape Cods, and Sex on the Beach. I think it's fair to say top shelf is wasted on me. But I'm always willing to learn. I shook a tailfeather (despite the DJ having NO SKILL whatsoever, sweet Jesus pulltheplug), and was informed that I looked like Geena Davis and Jessica Biel. 'Cuz they're dead ringers for each other. WTF? Then what with chatting and boozing and eating all of a sudden it was time to leave the bar, go back to Des and Bry's, and....fall asleep. I was, in the words of an observer, "straight snoozin'". 4 a.m. found the posse of me, Kristin, and the Petraneks back here at Chez Doss for the best pizza ever (I love Trader Joe's) and an altogether rock star-ish 5:30 a.m. bed time.

Thank god that there's a lot of football on today because a night like that leaves me with little gumption to do much more than watch TV. Which is probably why this entry is so lacking in punch and oom pah pah. So don't ask me to elaborate on how this happened. I have no recollection of that event, Senator.

Happy New Year, y'all

Pictures and story to come, but just for the moment I had to say, did you see the B-2 fly-by at the Rose Bowl??!!! HOTT!!