Thursday, January 06, 2005

I want to be this kind of parent

Two of my favorite sites to visit are dooce and CrazyUs, both written by women who are neighbors and friends, and ex-Mormons, living in Salt Lake City. These sites are a great blend of anecdotes, shared viewpoints, hilarity, and photographs. The best part is, both Dooce and Beth have kids, so the opportunities for shenanigans are legion. So often they have posts of the kids and pictures that show that they 1. snapped the photo THEN 2. proceeded to parent the situation. As crazy as their moments can be, they seem innately to understand the need to enjoy the absurdity of a given predicament, and also to record the incident so as to blackmail their kids in the future. Perfect.

Today, Beth recounts, avec evidence, this tale of the wee Renoir of her family.


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