Monday, January 03, 2005

You're kidding, right? The year isn't even 48 hours old yet! And already with the #$*%&??!?##$*!!?!?

So, a couple times in the past I've mentioned the odd guy who lives in the building across from mine. Perhaps you remember? Last night during a fit of insomnia I got up to have a snack and read. While putzing in the kitchen I noticed that someone had shoved a note under my door (this is the usual way for the complex managers to pass on information, receipts, etc., so that in and of itself wasn't an odd thing). You know, why don't I just share it in its entirety [errors and all]?

Sorry, but I don't know either of your name's. Sorry about Saturday - I'm just a little bit shy. I guess you are 2 - cause I sat outside for how long on Sat.? An hour or so? You should have come outside, it was a great day weather wise that is, and as you girls know, you should be taking advantage of these better day's of the winter season - Because Old Man Winter can be a bit to harsh on us at time's. I'm a child of the 60/70s, those radical years that you girl's read about in your history books, and yes, I still dress as if I where still a 60/70s little rebel, nothing bad tho. Hey, I at times, must how I.D. when I purchase brew - which brings a smile to my face, and I alway's say thank's to the cashier whom request's my proof of age. Yes, I smoke, sorry. I have a great sense of humor, I don't shave my mug everyday. I don't like cats, w/ the exception of the Broadway musical.
I'm watching "Fear Factor" as I write this letter - This is a pretty strange program. People being people I guess.
I'm one heck of a cook. Hey, I can whip one hell of a italian dinner - alot of cheese, and hot italian sausage's -, all thrown into that huge spaghetti pot - good eating...
I'm a philatelist-, are you? Interested? I'll get you into it if you want. I don't dot all my EYES (emphasis his) - cross all my tee's - and I really don't give a damn. I enjoy walking the D.C. Mall, as well as Tyson's Mall.
You still want to meet me? Leave me a note-. I'll be home around 5 or 6ish this evening - I'm off on tuesday - it's about time.
Happy New Year, [D]

The saving grace of this is that clearly the note isn't meant for me. I haven't run into him in months, and I don't live with anyone else, so THANK GOD this was just misdelivered (although, how hard is it to get the right apartment in a complex this small?). But it still skeebs me out that 1. his apartment is directly across from mine and he can just sit in there and chill and look right at/in my windows and 2. he skulked over here at about 11 p.m. to deliver this missive.

Des, can I borrow your pepper spray?


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