Saturday, January 01, 2005

2005. Holy Crap.

Wha happened?? Seriously, where did 2000-2004 go? How can this decade be half over already? But instead of dwelling on unproductive thoughts like that on this first day of a new year, let's recap how fun the last night of last year was. (evidence)

Kristin has already blogged most ably about the evening, so let me just add my concurrence that it was a great night. I had some of my most favorite people in life on this Earth there and really, what more could you need for a fun time? We hit Chadwick's all-inclusive deal again with similarly great results. Knowing little about mixed drinks I bounced around from whiskey sours to Tom Collins, Cape Cods, and Sex on the Beach. I think it's fair to say top shelf is wasted on me. But I'm always willing to learn. I shook a tailfeather (despite the DJ having NO SKILL whatsoever, sweet Jesus pulltheplug), and was informed that I looked like Geena Davis and Jessica Biel. 'Cuz they're dead ringers for each other. WTF? Then what with chatting and boozing and eating all of a sudden it was time to leave the bar, go back to Des and Bry's, and....fall asleep. I was, in the words of an observer, "straight snoozin'". 4 a.m. found the posse of me, Kristin, and the Petraneks back here at Chez Doss for the best pizza ever (I love Trader Joe's) and an altogether rock star-ish 5:30 a.m. bed time.

Thank god that there's a lot of football on today because a night like that leaves me with little gumption to do much more than watch TV. Which is probably why this entry is so lacking in punch and oom pah pah. So don't ask me to elaborate on how this happened. I have no recollection of that event, Senator.


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