Sunday, January 02, 2005

When being a fan of something can screw you over

Amazingly enough I'm *not* talking about being a Skins fan when I say that. They're giving Minni what-for right now and I am all things happy to see it. No, right now I'm talking about hosing myself by staring at helicopters. I was running on the Mall this afternoon and hit the jackpot when 3 Sikorsky VH-3D Sea Kings flew over. My guess is that it was W headed back to the White House, and believe me my inner voices argued over whether I should give so much homage to that particular individual. But the helo lerv got the better of me and I stopped and gawped as they swooped over and past me. And then I went down into the Smithsonian metro station and watched my train as it was *just* pulling out of the station. Another one didn't come for almost 20 minutes. Son. of. a.

Ed.--Yeah. It was definitely him.


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