Thursday, January 06, 2005


I watched television for HOURS last night, which actually is more of a rare occurence than you might think. But there was so much goodness to be had; how could I not? I finally saw TAR (eh, Gus and Hera, no big surprise, and Jonathan continues to suck all the oxygen and light out of the universe, but enough with the Fear Factor-like food tasks. If I wanted to watch FF, I would, CBS. Take le hint). But the big event was the ABC line-up--Lost had a new episode and of course, after such a long absence that I had forgotten some of the elements of the storyline (seriously) Alias had its 2-hour season premier as well. Unlike XO I do *not* care for the new opening credits. There are other people on the show that I tune in for besides JG, and yeah, she wears a lot of outfits. I get it. Don't hit us over the head with your gimmicks...less is more, there, JJ. In that same vein, enough with the opening sequence of some sort and then a cut back to "2 Days Before" or "LA, 72 Hours Earlier" or whatever. What was the point of being off the air for more than half a year if you aren't going to be somewhat original or nuanced when you return? That said, I humbly request MORE MARSHALL. OMG, Marshall, how I love you, let me count the ways. More running by Spy Daddy would be good too.

Question: what's up with Sydney and all the double shirting? Take a look next time....


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