Wednesday, January 05, 2005


I didn't see TAR last night (it awaits me, safely DVRd) so all rants are postponed and information about the episode should be kept to yourselves, Chatty Cathies!

I watched the first half of the Orange Bowl last night, but most of that it was muted while I was on the phone. This just reinforced to me how nice it is to watch football sans the commentators. Although--I did miss some crucial elements of game play. I noticed that USC scored again and again and again, but in the closing moments of the half, I couldn't figure out why OU was looking so very dejected. I mean, with a full half left to play, they were still in it, with some effort. But then I heard on the radio this morning that that scoring blitz in the 1st half? Came as a result of four OU turnovers. And...the dejection became clear. It was in fact quite the spanking for the Sooners and I would imagine that they are, en masse, crying in the car.


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