Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The thinks you can think

As I rode the train home yesterday, something slightly dodgy happened. When we stopped at Rosslyn, after passengers had come and gone, just before the doors got ready to close, a woman on the train noticed that a recently disembarked passenger had left his cell phone behind. She called out, "Sir! Sir, you left your phone!" but he didn't turn around or come back. So she called out again, and picked up the phone and headed for the door. He still didn't turn around I guess (I heard most of this, but didn't see it--full train, half-engrossed in my book) because she called out one last time and then I think she made to toss the phone off of the train before the doors closed. Something got stuck in the doors, but she got the phone out, the doors shut, and the train moved on. And, I kid you not, I waited for a stop or 2, listening for a "BOOM". In this day and age, with my overactive imagination, any object left behind could be a bomb, or a remote detonator, or in some other way suspicious and troublesome. Granted, even before 9/11 my Tom Clancy-reading self would wonder "Is there a ninja on the train?" or, "Was that a dead drop?" when someone aimed for a trashcan and missed. But these days living on a small ranch in the country is getting to look more and more appealing.

Calm down. I mean that in a totally non-Michigan militia kind of way.


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