Monday, January 10, 2005

It just occured to me that Flo (of FloZach, Amazing Race Season 3 winners) looks EXACTLY like Mia Maestro (Nadia, Sydney's 1/2 sister on Alias). brain is officially turning into pudding.

In other news, 24 was quite good last night, not leastways because 1. bye Palmer and 2. BYE SPAWN. Not thrilled that Chloe is still around, but you can't have everything. I like the unexpected presence of Lukas Haas--I hope he makes it through several more episodes--I mean, hours. Not sure what the point is of showing us 4 eps in 2 days, other than to make up for the late start, but I'm game since they're doing a good job so far. My favorite line from last night was SecDef telling his son to get over his "5th grade/Michael Moore" mindset. HA!


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