Monday, January 17, 2005

After reading Kristin's blog, I feel much better about this post

Because if she can own up to a lazy weekend sans guilt, then by God I can too!! I didn't stay in the *entire* time, but for all the good I did the world, I may as well have. I did discover an awesome dive bar, Jay's Saloon, that is rocking the fugly untrendy decor in the heart of Clarendon and I love them for it. I drank a lot of beer and watched a lot of football. I also rediscovered kir (Vroom ^2, do you remember this stuff)? I first had it the summer I lived in France--it's white wine mixed w/ creme de cassis liqueur. If you mix the liqueur w/ champagne, it's a kir royale, btw. Anyway, very standard French mixed drink, and the friends we had dinner with on Saturday had the fixings!! They also had "Shaun of the Dead", which I hadn't seen--hilarious, though not terribly scary. Just as well. Then last night I had mexican and movies with Pam, Susie, and Jerry. So, to recap: I ate stuff and I watched stuff. The perfect weekend.

Now today, with my day off, I had aspirations of a long run, but it is really fucking cold outside, so THAT WON'T BE HAPPENING. It's 15 degrees with the wind chill right now, and will only get chillier tonight, and into this week. I guess I hadn't kept up on the forecasts for next week (especially after the bitter cold that was supposed to come on Friday and Saturday didn't materialize) because I didn't know that we have a good chance for snow Wednesday thru Sunday this week (I'm sorry, Ryan. I should never have questioned you). I am all kindsa psyched for it, though, and a blizzard on Thursday would make the contrary side of me deeply happy. Ahem.

Now I'm going to make lunch and go watch The Simpsons episode I DVRd last night, and maybe the James Bond movie that I DVRd yesterday, and then.... Oh look. *More* food and TV.*

*But I am missing Banshee and the Yeti.


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