Thursday, September 30, 2004

Please tell me these aren't the only options

A poll by the Post on what to name our new baseball team.

In preparation for tomorrow and the nod to October that is sure to come on James' blog, I will say September is taking itself out in grand style. Today could not be more dappled, sun-kissed, breezy, and lovely. Suzi and I just had a lovely stroll around the Dupont Circle area and I was loathe to come back inside. A couple Krispy Kremes did wonders for my attitude, too. Yeah, I'm in pre-race training mode. Clearly. Hush up. Focus on the point...go play outside--it's beautiful!!

Oh, and I saw one of these. I just...crave.

Major League IV: Gotta get a gat

Unfortunately he was not shot in the ass, which would have at least made this mildly humorous. As it is, it's just really effed up.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I was promised a full refund in the event of a catastrophe*

I just donated to the Democratic National Committee. A couple guys were canvassing near work and so I wrote a (very small) check to help The Cause. I'm getting nervous; I feel like Kerry is not the lock he should be going into this election. My money won't get him much further, but I did get a bumper sticker for my trouble (that will in fact get nowhere near my bumper--BD is a clean, mean, driving machine and I intend to keep him that way) and the feeling that I did *something*. Something besides scream at W on the TV, which is my usual MO.

*yes, THAT catastrophe. Shrubya re-elected catastrophe.

Better than Bud or the gaudy NetZero one

I saw this this morning! I drove right under it on my way to and from rowing, and it was as ghostly and riveting as the story makes it out to be. Almost incandescent white against a midnight blue early dawn sky, with no identifying markings...I actually did think to myself, "Is that something I should be worried about?" but then figured blimps were 1. too noticeable and 2. too slow to make good instruments for trrrsts. That, and I really wanted to get home and make some coffee.

MUCH better

Going home early and sleeping for hours did wonders for your ADD yesterday. The cranky pants? They were leather, and they were tight. But today they've been traded for a swishy joie-de-vie skirt and all is right with the world.

Except that I was really excited about the news that the Expos are coming to D.C. and then I read James' blog and got learned up right quick. I hope that he ends up being mistaken (he probably does too) but that means placing faith in the D.C. municipal government, which, well...yeah.

Also, if you care: my race time Saturday has been changed. I'm in the club women's double now, slated to run at 3:20. Smack in the middle of a Saturday afternoon is damn inconvenient, plus my partner informed me that if it's raining she isn't rowing, so this mission stands some chance of being scrubbed, but that notwithstanding I'm still very excited for the regatta.

Yeah, that post was all over the place. Eh, tant pis.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

So let it be written... let it be done. From the Paper:

"As lovely as she is the Full Moon does us no favours today as she works very hard to make your everyday life difficult."

That is SPOT ON. I am in no mood today. Threshold is nil. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Monday, September 27, 2004

That Colts/Packers game was something, huh? What a great match-up between Manning and Favre. Even though Green Bay didn't quite bring it to the party with the same ferocity, or rather consistency, as the Colts, it was still a spectacular game, and maybe the last time those 2 QBs will be pitted against each other. Brett has gotten so gray! But he's still a cutie. ;) Speaking of, Ed Hochuli is a Mack truck! I am always amazed at how jacked that guy is. And speaking Sunday favorite is the new series of Miller Lite commercials with refs officiating everyday events--the "Good Call" series. The one with the father and son fishing is hilarious: "Penalty on [son] for generic tribal armband tattoo! Offense? Trying to fit in." HA!

Sunday, September 26, 2004

I can't figure Bryan Singer out. First, dude makes his name with the exceptional "The Usual Suspects" and follows up with the blockbuster "X-Men" franchise. But summer brought the news that he was forsaking "X-Men 3" in favor of directing a "Superman" remake. A) That shit wasn't broken, so no need to fix it. The Christopher Reeve original is awesome, and juuust campy enough seen through the prism of a couple decades. B) Is he tired of the X series? You wouldn't know it to look at "X2." But what really throws me is seeing that he is now directing A NEW SERIES ON FOX. I know, he has a deal with Fox, but a start-up TV series?? WTF, mate? If directing "Superman" takes so much time that he can't stay w/ "X3", then where does he get the time to do TV?

I WANT my "X3"...not another hospital show. BS, what you thinkin'?!

Saturday, September 25, 2004

A little bit of history tucked away in Rosslyn

I almost forgot...after dim sum Clarence suggested that we take a walk to see the Journalists' Memorial and Freedom Park. They're both situated on/near the high-rise that houses China Garden. The memorial is very cool--a curlicue of etched glass containing the names of journalists killed on the job since the War of 1812! From there you can stroll down the terraced exhibition of the Park, which has items that symbolize the struggle for freedom and rights around the world. Artifacts include stones from the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland circa WWII, portions of the Berlin Wall, and a tin kayak used by refugees fleeing Cuba in the 1960s. Both locations are completely tucked away and I would never have known they were there had Clarence not taken us, so thanks Claro!!

Gimme a little dim sum'in

First, practice waxed my ass this morning. Oy. We're doing extended pieces to get ready for head races (app. 3 miles each), so we do about twice that to shape up. It's a great workout and excellent prep, but it. is. TIRING. I'm rowing with a woman who's from another group at ACR so next week I'm going to my practices and hers. Did I say "oy"? Talk about potential for a sleepy meatball...

More importantly, though, Suzi arranged for me to partake in my first dim sum today. Melissa, her boyfriend Kevin, Clarence, Suzi, and I went to China Garden in Rosslyn for their acclaimed dim sum and it was all I hoped for and more. I am such a sucker for bite-sized morsels, and I have to say the Chinese get this right more than Spaniards and tapas, but that's a whole other thing. My favorite were these little sesame seed-covered fried dough balls with sweet red bean paste on the inside. Sweet and chewy, but not cloying. SO good. SO filling...I didn't eat again for 7 hours.

Since then I've been engaged in pursuits satisfying to me but no doubt boring for a reader, so I won't trouble you with them. I'll just sum up that it was a gorgeous, fun, relaxed day...exactly what I wanted, but more to the point, what I needed. Hope y'alls day went just as well.

PS: LOVE THE DVR WITH MY WHOLE SELF. "SeaLab"? HAhaahhha. "Livin' it up with Patti Labelle"? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA. Get used to me gushing about this thing, b/c it's SO my new boyfriend.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Children of the Corn

I offer up these two stories for your autumnal enjoyment. I know such things aren't everyone's's so not cool to dig on corn mazes and picking the perfect pumpkin...but I dig it the most to get out on fall weekends for long drives, stopping at farmers' markets, and this is an interesting twist on that whole idea. So if you like it too, but aren't comfortable admitting it here's info on the DL you can use. I'll even go with you if you want and keep it mum. I can be trusted with a secret (unless you are John and then I'll tell all your edgy friends that you got lost and cried like a baby).

Thursday, September 23, 2004


This is, um, less than ideal. Especially if the offense continues to suck it like they did last weekend, we're gonna need all the D we can get, and Lavar is a biggity big part of that. Why he gotta be all human and fra-gi-le like that?...must be Italian.

Are there not enough interesting newcomers??

This is nonsense. I am so over Rob and Amber. My being over them started about the time she came out in her "I (heart) Rob" t-shirt at the All-Stars finale and has simply grown by Richter scale factors of 10 in the meantime. I understand that they were on a show with Rupert, and still talk to Rupert, and so probably operate under the dumbass self-conceptualization that he and his fans do, thinking themselves interesting and popular while in fact NOT being either. I don't want to see your wedding. But more than that, I DON'T WANT YOU ON THE AMAZING RACE. You have both had TWO chances on reality TV shows, and done alright for yourselves. I will be devastated if TAR goes the way of Real World and becomes nothing more than a showcase for people trying to be "discovered." The producers have done an outstanding job so far (Alison and Danny excluded) of choosing people who are interesting, different, complex, human, and somewhat normal, or at least entertaining in their foibles (as opposed to just being obtuse and obnoxious). It's like casting agents putting George Clooney and Julia Roberts in every movie under the sun. Enough already. Been there. Seen that. Not interesting, and beneath you. WAY, WAY beneath TAR.

What took you so long?

That's what I've been asking myself since 9:45 this morning when my DVR WAS INSTALLED. I have heard people rave about this technology for years now, but kept putting off getting on the bandwagon. Mainly my reasoning was financial (and I know, you're saying "It's only an extra $10/ can't swing that?" but the truth was, for awhile there, no, I couldn't. I needed that money to, you know, EAT.) but that's under better control and with the loss of some of my initial bling-bling cable (bye bye Showtime and Starz + their On Demand services) I decided the time is Now. Plus I'm tired of hearing people talk about how great the latest Daily Show or Chapelle Show or SeaLab or Nip/Tuck was and that I missed it. With rowing I am, no lie, in bed most nights by 9 pm or so, and thus miss a large portion of what there is to see. Even staying up til 11 on Tuesdays for this latest season of TAR really knocked me out. It is hella-sad, but that's my truth and I own it. Anyway, I already have 7 shows set to record in the next 24 hours; I instant-replayed a drag race, and paused my little heart out to cook breakfast.

I know, I told me so. You were so right.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

That was, without question, the MOST SATISFYING Amazing Race finale EVER. In the past the winner has been a clothespin vote for me, where I was rooting for the persons I disliked the least rather than the persons I loved most. Not so here in the stunning conclusion to Season 5. Well, OK, I was definitely rooting for Colin and Christie not to win, but more specifically I was hoping that Chip and Kim would win, and by god they did!!! Two of the most gripping hours of TV I’ve seen in a long time.

From Manila, to Canada, to Texas this was a very physical leg. I would have been spent after the ocean swimming alone, but they had rock climbing, kayaking, snow shoeing, and lugeing to boot! I’m really curious to know how the producers structure this show. For instance, are all elements and legs planned BEFORE contestants are chosen, and then locked in? As in, no switching tasks or elements mid-race? I would imagine so, for logistical purposes if nothing else. Such as, that maze is not something you could just slap dash together in a few hours—it took time to plan and construct, and wasn’t a choice made on knowing that your final racers are particularly good with logic puzzles or aren’t good at multi-staged tasks, etc. I ask because an end-run that physical definitely catered to C&C Music Factory and the God Squad rather than Chip and Kim.

BUT IT DIDN’T MATTER. It would seem that, as James pointed out, God does not in fact love Brandon; rather he loves those who love everybody, namely the fabulous Mr. and Mrs. Winners McChiperton. Honestly, as they crashed and crashed on the luge my heart sank, sure that they were done. Where’s the fork? Put it in ‘em. But everything happens for a reason (such as Christie talking about karma?!?!?!!? that was rich beyond words) and their late finish in the Canada tasks put them in the unique position of knowing about a flight delay that the other 2 teams didn’t anticipate. It also meant they didn’t have time to pack up their gear (ostensibly to make them lighter and quicker for the final run), book it on one airline, try to take a flight on another airline, and miss a critical quicker connection as a result. (Btw, getting pissy about an FAA regulation, as Americans, IN THE U.S., post 9/11? Reality check, people—no pun intended—it is just. a. GAME. Bigger things happened in the world every day as you’ve been racing and whether or not you win this million is not going to—nor should it—sway the procedures of the Federal Aviation Administration or the U.S. airline industry. Of all the places where you should know how to behave and what is influencing culture and policy, on your home turf is it. Badly done.) I give kudos to C&C for trying to plan ahead with the cab, ensuring that they got a guy who would drive fast when they told him and was on board for the whole “we’re racing” concept, but in the end it wasn’t enough.

When that mini-van pulled in as the clear front car I yelled so loudly a car alarm went off outside. No, not really. But close. The best man and woman finally, FINALLY won. They weren’t perfect, and it bothered me that in each of the final four teams there was one “go-to” partner and one lump (Kim, I’m looking at you) but they are clearly good, smart people very much on their journey together who NEVER lost their cool with each other and raced every second, never gave up, and came in as a team. I really couldn’t be happier about this. It’s great to have a woman win, too, who isn’t Flo. All I’m sayin’.

Added bonus…I “watched” the whole thing with Miss Kristin. Thanks to the wonders of IM we chatted throughout the 2 episodes, totally in synch with our hopes for Chip and Kim and unmitigated joy at the final result. Some excerpts of said convo follow.

knm1976 (9:28:51 PM): why isn't brandon wearing goggles?
AnneCAVU1 (9:29:33 PM): because he is an IDIOT

knm1976 (9:30:30 PM): They don't know vertigo?!!
AnneCAVU1 (9:30:32 PM): no smarties in this game
knm1976 (9:30:36 PM): god!!!!!!
knm1976 (9:30:43 PM): I'm always amazed
AnneCAVU1 (9:30:43 PM): i'm gonna make TAR flash cards
AnneCAVU1 (9:31:02 PM): "team"
AnneCAVU1 (9:31:04 PM): "race"
AnneCAVU1 (9:31:06 PM): "scarab"
AnneCAVU1 (9:31:09 PM): "vertigo"
knm1976 (9:31:18 PM): and the filipino flag
AnneCAVU1 (9:31:30 PM): yep

AnneCAVU1 (10:03:00 PM): i love chips maple leaf hat
knm1976 (10:03:16 PM): Brandon has one too
knm1976 (10:03:20 PM): they all do
AnneCAVU1 (10:03:42 PM): not extremely intense colin and christie
AnneCAVU1 (10:03:51 PM): they have intensely extreme personal gear

knm1976 (10:04:08 PM): Picture WHO?
AnneCAVU1 (10:04:12 PM): JEEBUS

But mostly it was us saying things like this:

knm1976 (10:29:43 PM): shit
knm1976 (10:30:02 PM): yayayayyay
AnneCAVU1 (10:30:05 PM): !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AnneCAVU1 (10:30:08 PM): oh billy
knm1976 (10:30:09 PM): This ep rocks
AnneCAVU1 (10:30:28 PM): omg

And this:

AnneCAVU1 (10:47:23 PM): GO
AnneCAVU1 (10:47:24 PM): run
AnneCAVU1 (10:47:26 PM): do it
knm1976 (10:47:29 PM): oh my god
AnneCAVU1 (10:47:53 PM): shiiiit
AnneCAVU1 (10:47:55 PM): not good
AnneCAVU1 (10:48:08 PM): that maze is insane
knm1976 (10:48:11 PM): shiyt
knm1976 (10:48:25 PM): damn
knm1976 (10:48:26 PM): damn
AnneCAVU1 (10:48:35 PM): cringe
AnneCAVU1 (10:48:40 PM): ha
knm1976 (10:48:41 PM): ha
AnneCAVU1 (10:48:45 PM): i love how clouds equals god
AnneCAVU1 (10:48:49 PM): i'll remember that
knm1976 (10:49:06 PM): shit
AnneCAVU1 (10:49:11 PM): split up!
knm1976 (10:49:15 PM): seriously
AnneCAVU1 (10:49:36 PM): i'm DYING
knm1976 (10:49:40 PM): yay
AnneCAVU1 (10:49:52 PM): heh...booby
knm1976 (10:50:04 PM): whew
AnneCAVU1 (10:50:05 PM): phew
knm1976 (10:50:28 PM): yayayyayayayyayayyaya!!!!!!!!!!!
AnneCAVU1 (10:50:31 PM): !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AnneCAVU1 (10:50:42 PM): oh man

And finally, where you stand with Kristin:

AnneCAVU1 (10:46:41 PM): girl that’s you as a cabbie
knm1976 (10:46:48 PM): that's right, and honest too!
AnneCAVU1 (10:46:52 PM): how fast do you drive? hello kitty speed.
knm1976 (10:46:56 PM): ha
AnneCAVU1 (10:47:15 PM): speeding ticket please
knm1976 (10:47:16 PM): I would be like, I don't know that place, I can't take you.

When does Season 6 air???

UPDATE: Colin proposed to Christie this morning on CBS' The Early Show. How original. And not creepy. They deserve each other.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Justice is done. All I gots to say for now; more tomorrow.

"A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away"...and about damn time

Guess what came out on DVD today? Already on my Amazon wishlist (btw...notice that there are already EIGHTY used copies for sale) after years of waiting for George Lucas to get to it already. Despite the general sullying of the franchise that has happened with the making of the three "prequels", this is still one of the most astonishing stories and feats of filmmaking in the history of the medium, IMHO. A few weeks ago Morning Edition did a story about what it takes to put a film on DVD and why it takes so long for some titles to be released in said format. They noted Star Wars as an example, but rather than *saying* the name, they just played the opening bars of the John Williams score and I TOTALLY GOT GOOSE BUMPS. That is how evocative and timeless these movies--at least A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back--are.

Substantive reality TV comments

It worked!! My VCR taping skillz are not totally dead and I did in fact get last week's Survivor debut. I understand that in keeping with Vanuatu traditions it was necessary to separate the men and women and keep the women out of the "opening ceremonies" if you will, but from a Western standpoint, THAT WAS TOTAL BULLSHIT. I certainly don't want them to offend their hosts, and we *asked* to go there to film this show, but CBS needs to get its head out of its ass and not tie their own hands that way. PS...a lot of your audience are women. Don't piss us off.

That said, the women are so far really pissing me off. If they squeal one more time I will officially renounce them and be rooting for the boys. Yeah, so you found your beach camp by just walking for awhile. Big whoop. Also, the chanting after they won the immunity/reward challenge was just silly. That shit will always bite you in the ass, and its not like you rocked them turbo-hard or anything. One dude effing up the balance beam was what made the difference, not your own unbelievable obstacle course skills. And already, next week there is weeping and moaning about how its like prison. Oh how quickly things change when you're a total sissy. *Rolls eyes*

More on individual contestants later, such as "Must there always be an almost incomprehensible redneck in the bunch?" and "Could the I-have-a-prosthetic-leg thing have been more trumped up and dramatical?" and "So far I kind of heart Twila." I know. I'll probably change that last one before too long.


TAR FINALE TONIGHT!!!!! (Wash. Post online front page, no less...woot)

Monday, September 20, 2004

This can't be right


By now I'm sure that most everyone has seen at least the trailer(s) and I hope the film, so I'll proceed on the assumption that you know what I'm talking about when I say this movie was RILLY RILLY GOOD. Annie and I hooked up a matinee on Sunday at Potomac Yards (where the trailer for "The Grudge" scared the pee out of me yet *again*) and whooo wee was that a darn fine film. Every scene could be frozen into an amazing still portrait. The scenery is astonishing (although who knew it was so perpetually windy in China?) and while I don't know the specific meanings to the choices, each scene features a signature color and is hyper-infused with the selected red, yellow, blue, green, etc. It's like "Amelie" meets "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." BAD ASS fight scenes, y'all. Very, very strong female characters. Striking costumes--the king's heavy leather armor astounded could hear it creaking every time he moved!! Details...god is in the details. It's one of those that must be seen on the big screen to be appreciated. That bad boy on IMAX would have me falling out of my chair.

Now my mission for this week? Collateral.

There's a winning candor and then there's just "Ew."

Drea de Matteo, after winning Best Supporting Actress (drama) for The Sopranos:

"There are so many people that are responsible for this, that if I even try to thank any of them right now, I might puke, choke, cry or die," said an emotional de Matteo.

Quite the wordsmith, that one. (from

Saturday, September 18, 2004

I brake for footballs

On the drive home just now, taking the roundabout that directs traffic at the Lincoln Memorial, the football of some weekend gridiron jocks skidded out into the road ahead of me. Did I drive over it? No. Did I swerve? No. I STOPPED. Full brake, let the guy get the ball and went on about my business. I am a true fan.


It's Wheel of Toby weekend on up and win prizes whenever you hear one of your boyfriend's songs.

God dont' love crazy

My "you will sit down and talk to me" neighbor has made a friend. I'm listening to him and a young guy who lives in his building hick-it-up (windows are open and they're sitting on the stoop) talking about knife fights, puncture wounds, and telling stories involving women and the word "bitch".

A typical exchange:

Neck 1: "I can tell...if she turns the light on, she disrespects me.
Neck 2: "Mmmm hmmm. Bitch made a CHOICE to wake you up."
Neck 1: "That ain't cool...that ain't cool."
Neck 2: "I don't want to be woken up...'less she wakin' me up for a reason." (dirty guffaw)

Suffice it to say, I no longer feel any problem with my reaction from last weekend.

It must be a slow day for everyone...

...and not just here at work. I've watched this march it's way up the "most important news" list on I guess that's a good thing--that nothing more dramatical is going on. Btw, how CREEPY looking he? Sallow, crooked-nosed, and just lecherous. Blech.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Kristin: be sure to plan your class schedule around this.

I hate it when people, in the course of a common daily exchange, take the opportunity to be tight-assed about their grammar and show you up as though you're stupid.

Just now, in helping a student, I was asked, "How are you?" to which I replied, "I'm good." Shut up, I know...more in a second. So then I asked in reply, "How are you doing?" AND HE CAME UP WITH THE ENTIRELY GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT, "I'm well, thank you."

I KNOW. I know that I should have used the adverb "well." I KNOW. I would argue however that "good" is colloquial, it's ubiquitous, and it's not entirely wrong (see usage note under "adverb")!! But his answer made me sound and feel stupid, which was, you know, unpleasant.

Plus so many of these kids walk around with a holier-than-thou "I'm so devastatingly smart even *I* can't stand it sometimes" air that I don't enjoy digging myself into a hole any deeper than the one I currently occupy. Because, sadly for them, they do not know that I am The Shit. Only you guys do. Lucky you.

I gambled today and drove into work. Normally the metro is the way to go, but I have plans after work that will keep me in the city and driving home will be easier than waiting for a train after a certain hour. I'm taking my chances that the GW Parkway might be flooded after what is supposed to be a day of very heavy rain. But then again, the metro can get behind because of flooding as well, so I figured six of one, half-dozen of another. It's always better to cruise in one's dope ride, no? (although--chagrined confession alert--I noticed on getting out of the car today that he is FILTHY!! I am such a bad parent. I'm so sorry, BD!)

I've driven into the city a lot this week, and while BD loves the workout, his mama is running a bit low on steam. Between not getting home until 11 last night (although the Brickskellar and meeting Grace's new roomie were totally worth it) and knowing that I have to work tomorrow--after rowing--I'm wondering where I'll get all the oom-pah-pah to perk through my schedule. Fortunately it's mostly fun social stuff, and if you can't dig deep and find the will to party then what good are you?

Plus? I *think* my VCR worked and got the first episode of Survivor: Vanuatu! Cross your fingers that that's the case. When I'll get to watch it is anyone's guess, but the technological triumph is enough for me at this point.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Hard to believe it's been a whole year since Isabel ripped through here. But I guess September is an "I" kind of month.

UPDATE: LOOK AT THIS. Covers from Alabama to Maine. Son of a.... Mama Nature is just laughing at us and our attempts to insulate, isolate, and protect. Laughing, laughing, laughing.

Oh, Billy....Survivor debuts the new season tonight. And the best part is, I'm taping it (I hope...stOOpid VCR) so I can fast forward through any Rupert they might try and subject me to. Leave all the love notes you want you sorry b-tard....still. just. HATE.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

A couple things I forgot to mention from watching TAR last night:

1. Rupert sucks. I really, really hate him and the fact that CBS keeps using him in Survivor ads. He's an idiot, and the worst part is that not only does he not realize that he's atrociously painful to watch, he actually (HORROR) labors under the illusion that he's charming and beloved. HATE.

2. LOW CARB FOOD FOR FAT DOGS? Are canine metabolisms just like human metabolisms? Does the same dietary logic automatically apply? Does it matter? No. To all three, but most profoundly the last. Because we don't linger long on logic and whether its not just an issue of not feeding the dog bacon from the table and taking it out for more walks.

How much can happen in one day?!

Apparently, quite a bit. And it doesn't have to take the whole day to get done, either. From 4 pm-on yesterday it was quite the busy and rollercoaster day. For starters I got some sad news about my family (that I won't go into at this point) that pretty much knocked me out of doing productive work for the last hour of the day. Fortunately I had a lovely evening to look forward to--an invitation from Suzi to attend the book party for a friend's first novel. Fittingly the festivities took place at The Russia House on Connecticut Avenue. It was my first time there, and what a cool place! Any restaurant with red velvet walls has to be aces, no? I had an entirely too big (free) Russian lager and delicious food, met the author, and gave Suzi a scenic automobile tour of Dupont Circle because I was STUPID enough to think that I could find parking around the neighborhood on a rainy week night.

Afterwards, as Suzi and I walked the many blocks back to my car I ran into friends from William and Mary--Mike and Laura (Podesta) Brooks--that I literally hadn't seen or spoken to in 5 or 7 years. Laura was on my freshman hall and Mike was in our dorm (word UP Nicholson House) as well. They began dating that first year and were married about 2 years after graduation. The crazy thing is, I had had reason to think of the 2 of them just a few days ago, so to run into them was all the more amazing. They look wonderful and are as kind and fun as I remembered.

THEN I got home in time to catch up on my Amazing Race watching. (thanks Sandy) Wow, Colin and Christie suck harder than hard, huh? I don't know how to assess them because they are obviously good racers while simultaneously not being a good team. And the brown-haired Mom needs to slap the blond Mom til she quiets down. Damn, woman. Decibels already!

Last, but not least, because I know you guys have been on tenterhooks...I heard from a certain old high school friend by the name of Ryan M. Yes. That Ryan. Guess I'm not as scary as I thought. ;)

It's only Wednesday? Sweet jeebus....

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Really, why stop there? Why not buy and distribute guns to everyone while you're at it?...ASSES.

On the heels of Bush's passive-aggressive maneuver yesterday that let the Assault Weapons Ban lapse, the House of Representatives (that is, the Republicans therein) is on track to pass a bill repealing most of D.C.'s gun restrictions. Fortunately the Senate looks likely to put the kaibosh on it, but even introducing the idea is so ass-backwards and to my mind obviously FUCKING CRAZY.

A particularly interesting tidbit:

Souder's bill also would deny the District's elected officials "authority to enact laws or regulations that discourage or eliminate the private ownership or use of firearms."


Souder...said his proposal is based on the Second Amendment's guarantee of gun rights. "This is a constitutional issue, not a home rule question," Souder said. "The fact is, we didn't allow the District to have home rule on the selling of slaves, either."

What a tactless and anachronistic argument you got there, Chiefy. Again, why not just call a spade a spade? Hand guns out to people while simultaneously telling D.C. residents to go fuck themselves and their right to have any voice in what happens to them.

Monday, September 13, 2004

It's MY office, dammit

I share my office w/ the local IT guru, and at the start of the semesters (i.e. now) my office is choc-a-bloc with students with questions and laptop problems. Whenever they come in (and often stay for quite awhile) I inevitably feel VERY self-conscious about the music I'm playing. Yahoo! radio spins up quite the eclectic mix--from Jill Scott to Rascal Flatts to Pink Floyd--and I'm not above turning it up and singing along (within reason). But I *know* some of the kids come in and think,"The hell?!" (FYI, no I don't sing when they're in here. My office is not SAIS Karaoke central.) I hate feeling scrutinized!! No, I am not paranoid. Not at all.

Knoxville and William Scott Sign for 'Dukes of Hazzard'

Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott have signed to star as cousins Luke and Bo Duke in the upcoming movie version of 1980s TV hit The Dukes Of Hazzard. The pair will reportedly join pop star Jessica Simpson who has screen tested for the role of Daisy Duke. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jay Chandrasekhar will direct the movie - but a start date has yet to be announced. (from IMDB)

I can't think of three people I'd rather have in this movie less than these three, especially Scott and Simpson. I fecking loved this show as a kid and if they trifle with that we are gonna have issues.

SATURDAY nights?!??! WTF, mate?

The latest is that CBS is pushing back the premiere of The Amazing Race Season 6 from October to November. Okaaaay....I don't love it, but I can deal. But it's slated to run on Saturday nights now?? Seriously, what the FUCK is up with that? They obviously have finally come around to understanding how great this show is, and what a following it has (helped in no small part by Emmy winning) and yet they hamstring it by putting it in the doldrums of television--the Saturday night line-up. Yet another item to add to my growing conviction that I must get a DVR.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

She never knew a stranger

I think it's safe to say that you can't use that turn of phrase in reference to me. I had a run-in today that's left me wondering if I'm too suspicious of people, or just naturally cautious...

I live in a little complex of 3 identical 2-story, 6-unit brick buildings. The front door of my building faces the front door of the building east of mine--the same building that has the laundry room for the whole complex in it. So, I'm puttering back and forth doing laundry, and about 1/2 way through the afternoon one of the tenants of the other building comes out and sits on the stoop. I've seen him before, and know him particularly as the guy who is fond of putting his stereo speakers in his window facing out, and treating us all to 70s hard rock (Black Sabbath, etc) for hours at a time. I passed him on my way into his building, switched some laundry, and came back out. As I did so, he says, "Young lady...young lady, I want to talk to you. I have some things to say and I'm going to talk to you." Did I mention yet that this man's apartment routinely gives off the odor of marijuana, that he had a large brimming bottle of beer next to him, and that his face was deeply florid? I was, how do you say, disinclined to acquiesce to his request. I said, very calmly, very evenly, "No, I'm going back inside." He replies, "No, no, just sit down over there, go ahead, I'm going to talk." Me, firmly: "No. I'm going back inside." Which I then turned and did. Awhile later when I went to return the laundry key to the landlord's building, who should be occupying their stoop but the same man. I went in and returned the key and again on the way out he tried to stop me, with his "Young lady? YOUNG LADY!" schtick. This time I ignored him and walked away.

Now here's my conundrum--was that rude? I know people who might have stopped that first time, and sat and talked with the guy. I didn't. I didn't want to--I had things to do, didn't want to get drawn into an inextricable conversation with someone who was most likely under the influence of something, and quite frankly he made me very uncomfortable. But should he have? Was the fact that he wanted to talk enough reason to find him suspicious? I genuinely wonder. I hate feeling like I have been rude to someone, especially unintentionally. As much smack as I talk, I'm actually a very non-confrontational person and will diffuse a situation if at all humanly possible. BUT, as a woman living alone I'm also hyper-alert about my safety. Sometimes though I wonder if somewhere along the line that hasn't crossed over into being too quick to assume the worst about people.

Any opinions?

Put a fork in 'em

The Bucs are done in a great season-opening win by the Redskins. Again, I'm cautiously optimistic, but we played a solid game and rallied in the 4th (after playing most of the 2nd half with no first downs) to win by a couple scores.

Interesting tid-bit: midway through the 4th quarter Chris Collinsworth (FOX Sports commentator) mentioned an interview he did with John Wade, the Buccaneers center. John and I went to the same high school--his dad owns one of the biggest car dealerships in Harrisonburg and is something of a local BMOC. Although he was a year ahead of me, and wouldn't know me from Adam, it's still a cool six degrees of separation for your favorite ADD.

God...I love football SO MUCH.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Got back into a boat this morning after a 10-day hiatus. Even though Kristin and I walked upwards of 5 miles a day on our explorations of Chicago, I hadn't done a real workout in some time. So, um...I hurt a bit. StOOpid Orange Shorts of Anger and his dead weight. In the time I've been gone the boathouse has been broken into, robbed, and vandalized twice. Guess they're lost without the lucky charm that is ADD.

In other news, The History Channel is running a Band of Brothers marathon right now. WORD LIFE. I've already mentioned how much I love this series, so I won't belabor the point. Just watch won't regret it.

What happened to the sunshine that was supposed to grace us all day today? I no longer trust you,! But I'm running tomorrow no matter what. Gotta keep my badunkadunk under control.

Friday, September 10, 2004

At this time last week I was hauling furniture, boxes, and suitcases up 3 flights of stairs after 8 hours in the Penske.

Right now I'm ordering books on dissertation writing.

Yeah, I'd take last week if given the choice, too. Blat.


Sorry is c-razy for your ADD today so no substantive blogging from me. It's nice outside...go play!!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Kristin has done a great job of chronicling The Week in Chicago—complete with piccies—so rather than rehash here, I’ll just elaborate with some details I found interesting/fun/pertinent, what have you.

On the drive out, the Penske was a country-music-only vehicle. K and I both love country music and took advantage of our shared predilection (and the fact that we were driving through the heartland, for Pete’s sake) to indulge. I found an amazing website: which, among other things, lists radio stations by state and within that, genre. So whenever a signal would fade I’d figure out where we were and adjust accordingly. The truck only had AM/FM radio, so this was a godsend. All we were missing was a mechanical bull. ;) Oh, and also on that note, Dierks Bentley sang the National Anthem at the Cubs game we attended. I was giddy. TOTALLY GIDDY.

The “who would have guessed?” moment of the drive came upon traversing West Virginia. That state, she is gorgeous my friends! So beautiful and scenic. We drove through Cumberland Gap at dusk, and the vistas and sunset were so picturesque…everywhere we looked we were agape. We stayed over in Morgantown on Thursday night and were impressed with how pretty the town was, and how friendly the people were. Both of us remarked on how undeserved WV’s bad reputation is. I honestly have no idea where it came from, and I’m telling you, if you’re into the outdoors at all, get thyself hence because it is an untapped wonder. Plus, that state is full of Hardee’s!!!! Hands down the best biscuits and breakfast sandwiches in the land are on tap at Hardee’s, and the one we visited had both a NASCAR jumpsuit on display and the hood off of one of Dale Earnhardt’s old #3 cars. God Bless ‘Merica.

We passed through an area called Cheat Lake. In said town there’s also a Fairchance Road. Not kidding. I’m also not kidding about Licking County, OH. Is that where Jerry Springer is from? ;)

Somewhere in Ohio we drove by a field where someone had converted an old dump truck into a huge planter. Filled with dirt and seeds, it has sprouted into a huge overflowing flower urn. It was wicked cool…so creative.

The PBR of Chicago is Old Style beer. It is plentiful, and cheap, and gets the job done. It kept us awake on our 4th wind on Friday night, kept us warm at the Cubs game, and kept us out of the poor house to boot. I might have to Smokey and the Bandit some of that stuff back to VA on my next trip.

I need to buy a helicopter 1. to avoid actually driving IN Maryland on my way to Annapolis and 2. to get myself to Chicago, Kristin, and the fabulous activities there as often as possible.

Planes, trains, and automobiles. Or, They were *this* close to a perfect trip and then totally screwed the pooch

Hello, hello, hello dear friends!! ADD is back on the beat after a wonderful trip, the details of which I will share in fits and starts over the coming days. First, though, I want to tell you about the last 12 hours or so. I left Kristin around 3:30 CDT yesterday in an airport shuttle, bound for O'Hare. Just before I left she said, "You'll have to tell me tomorrow how it went with Independence Air." K, are you sitting down?

The first 3/4 of the trip were great, actually. The shuttle to the airport was quick and efficient, as was my check-in at FlyI (you can actually check-in online--WORD--but to do so you have to print your own boarding pass and I had no access to a printer. But in future, I'm all up in that). I gave my one massive bag to be checked in, and then headed to my gate. I breezed through security, which was a suprise and a relief because I was flying on a one-way ticket, a potential red flag for trrra, blah blah. I hunkered down at my gate, got a lovely call from Christie which passed the time, boarded easily, and after a hilarious and altogether too pragmatic safety video starring none other than Dennis Miller (he's Fly I's spokesman, it would seem) I took off into the clear Chicago sky. The flight wasn't very full so we each got our own entire row to stretch out in, and hot towels (in coach!) to freshen up on approach. Props to my pilots (one of whom was a woman--YGG!) for a very smooth descent and landing at Dulles despite the fact that we totally flew through what is left of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Frances. OK, with me so far? Great flight, great airline, all systems go? Yeah....

We land, and are immediately put into a holding pattern for a gate. I don't know if that was Dulles' issue or Fly I's, but we sat on the tarmac for 25 minutes. And I had to pee. Once I disembark, I make my way to baggage claim where I wait. And wait. And miss the first Washington Flyer shuttle to the metro. And wait. And Wait. And miss the SECOND shuttle. Finally I and the other 3 people from my flight--not kidding--it was such a small and under-sold flight that only 4 of us had checked luggage--go to the Fly I office to discover that they *think* our luggage is on a later ORD-IAD flight. But they're not sure. #&!!!*#$$*!!&^%!$!! Or it could still be in Chicago. The killer thing was that as soon as we began to talk to them, they immediately forked over lost baggage forms: do not stop, do not pass go. As a matter of course. Bad sign. Once I filled all that junk out (and began to stress because my contact number is my cell phone and my phone charger is IN THE BAG THAT THEY HAVE) I headed for the LAST shuttle of the night, and got pretty drenched in the process. Fortunately after that things shaped up a bit...quick easy bus ride to West Falls Church and an orange line was pulling in just as I got there so no waiting for the metro. I walked in my front door at 11 pm EDT. Shorter than the 13-hour drive it took to get to Illinois in the first place, but....yeah.

Silver lining...I shut off my phone to save batteries while I slept, and awoke to 3 messages from the airline and the delivery service they use telling me they found my bag, and I've arranged to have it delivered to me at work today. I won't feel totally better until I have it in hand, but I'm optimistic. I lay there last night thinking of the clothes and toiletries and favorite jewelry in that bag and what a loss if I don't get it back. However, I did carry on with me the candies I bought for my office, so SAIS is gonna be all kindsa diabetic comatose later today.

My report card for Independence Air would give them somewhere in the B- range. I recommend them based on service, flight time, price, and availability, but suggest that you carry-on your every earthly possession if at all possible. Anne's Helpful Hint of the Day.

UPDATE: FlyI returned my bag to me at work around noon. I am restored to my hair dryer, Prescriptives, and jade necklace, none the worse for wear. Phew.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

I gots to go. My ride be waitin'. Off to Chicago...we'll call you if we get lost or need money. Keep your phone with you AT ALL TIMES.


(ps...if you know of something in the Windy City that I simply must see, share! I already have a towering culinary agenda, but I can fit in some other "cultural" stuff too)

"Oh my god, she's fashion road kill!"

Not exactly, but this is for the fellas.

Same ears

I'm completely ignoring the person on the right side of this picture (except the ears...MY GOD, THE can you miss them?) because this baby is so old-man-trapped-in-a-wee-body cute I can't stand it.

"Good lord, no."

Let's play Jeopardy, kids. That's the gimme the question.

[blah dee blah da da blah dee blah] Times up.

If you said, "What did a close Bush-family insider say when asked if she ever saw evidence of him serving in the National Guard?" you win all the marbles. Details here (link courtesy of Des).

(That's a Salon link so you'll either need a subscription or have to get a free, quick, easy day pass. Don't be afraid, Adam.)

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

OK, so the deal is that work has suddenly ramped way up. The semester doesn't start until next Thursday, but new student orientation is in full swing and it's my crunch time, hence not a lot of free blogging opportunities. Also, I'm going to Chicago tomorrow with Kristin, so packing and planning for that eats up the remainder of my waking hours (PS--sooo excited for the trip). That said, a couple quick things:

1. Has anyone seen this oh-my-goodness funny show on VH1 called "Arnold Schwarzenegger: A VH1 Popumentary"? I don't even know how to label's part re-creation, part documentary, part mockumentary. Supposedly told on the eve of him being elected Governor in California, it uses archival footage interspersed with actors and reenactments. I happened upon it during a scene where they show Arnold in the late 1960s studying hard to fulfill his dreams. Studying reading pop-up books. ROTFL.

2. Does anyone else see something wrong with the fact that the New York Times footed the bill for the delegates at the RNC to attend Broadway shows on Sunday? To the tune of $600,000+. Perhaps this is standard and I'm just in the dark about it, but it seems like a conflict of interest. Did the Boston Globe do something similar for the DNC (seriously, I'm asking)?

3. Thank GOD that it's September. I am never sorry to see July and August end--my threshold to tolerate heat and humidity is well and truly nil by this time of year and I yearn for jeans-and-sweater weather. I love, love, love autumn, and even though I know September in the South can still be a bastard of a month, and Indian summer is out there somewhere as well, by now you can feel the change coming, and that makes me happy.

4. Whitney is a devil-woman for turning me on to the Food Network. She mentioned it the other night, I tuned in yesterday, and stumbled upon someone named Paula making the most INSANE southern barbeque. I wanted to climb through the TV and pick up a hank of that carnivore goodness. Probably not what you intended, Veggie Whit, but I am nevertheless hooked.