Thursday, September 23, 2004

Are there not enough interesting newcomers??

This is nonsense. I am so over Rob and Amber. My being over them started about the time she came out in her "I (heart) Rob" t-shirt at the All-Stars finale and has simply grown by Richter scale factors of 10 in the meantime. I understand that they were on a show with Rupert, and still talk to Rupert, and so probably operate under the dumbass self-conceptualization that he and his fans do, thinking themselves interesting and popular while in fact NOT being either. I don't want to see your wedding. But more than that, I DON'T WANT YOU ON THE AMAZING RACE. You have both had TWO chances on reality TV shows, and done alright for yourselves. I will be devastated if TAR goes the way of Real World and becomes nothing more than a showcase for people trying to be "discovered." The producers have done an outstanding job so far (Alison and Danny excluded) of choosing people who are interesting, different, complex, human, and somewhat normal, or at least entertaining in their foibles (as opposed to just being obtuse and obnoxious). It's like casting agents putting George Clooney and Julia Roberts in every movie under the sun. Enough already. Been there. Seen that. Not interesting, and beneath you. WAY, WAY beneath TAR.


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