Thursday, September 23, 2004

What took you so long?

That's what I've been asking myself since 9:45 this morning when my DVR WAS INSTALLED. I have heard people rave about this technology for years now, but kept putting off getting on the bandwagon. Mainly my reasoning was financial (and I know, you're saying "It's only an extra $10/ can't swing that?" but the truth was, for awhile there, no, I couldn't. I needed that money to, you know, EAT.) but that's under better control and with the loss of some of my initial bling-bling cable (bye bye Showtime and Starz + their On Demand services) I decided the time is Now. Plus I'm tired of hearing people talk about how great the latest Daily Show or Chapelle Show or SeaLab or Nip/Tuck was and that I missed it. With rowing I am, no lie, in bed most nights by 9 pm or so, and thus miss a large portion of what there is to see. Even staying up til 11 on Tuesdays for this latest season of TAR really knocked me out. It is hella-sad, but that's my truth and I own it. Anyway, I already have 7 shows set to record in the next 24 hours; I instant-replayed a drag race, and paused my little heart out to cook breakfast.

I know, I told me so. You were so right.


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