Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Substantive reality TV comments

It worked!! My VCR taping skillz are not totally dead and I did in fact get last week's Survivor debut. I understand that in keeping with Vanuatu traditions it was necessary to separate the men and women and keep the women out of the "opening ceremonies" if you will, but from a Western standpoint, THAT WAS TOTAL BULLSHIT. I certainly don't want them to offend their hosts, and we *asked* to go there to film this show, but CBS needs to get its head out of its ass and not tie their own hands that way. PS...a lot of your audience are women. Don't piss us off.

That said, the women are so far really pissing me off. If they squeal one more time I will officially renounce them and be rooting for the boys. Yeah, so you found your beach camp by just walking for awhile. Big whoop. Also, the chanting after they won the immunity/reward challenge was just silly. That shit will always bite you in the ass, and its not like you rocked them turbo-hard or anything. One dude effing up the balance beam was what made the difference, not your own unbelievable obstacle course skills. And already, next week there is weeping and moaning about how its like prison. Oh how quickly things change when you're a total sissy. *Rolls eyes*

More on individual contestants later, such as "Must there always be an almost incomprehensible redneck in the bunch?" and "Could the I-have-a-prosthetic-leg thing have been more trumped up and dramatical?" and "So far I kind of heart Twila." I know. I'll probably change that last one before too long.


TAR FINALE TONIGHT!!!!! (Wash. Post online front page, no less...woot)


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