Friday, September 17, 2004

I gambled today and drove into work. Normally the metro is the way to go, but I have plans after work that will keep me in the city and driving home will be easier than waiting for a train after a certain hour. I'm taking my chances that the GW Parkway might be flooded after what is supposed to be a day of very heavy rain. But then again, the metro can get behind because of flooding as well, so I figured six of one, half-dozen of another. It's always better to cruise in one's dope ride, no? (although--chagrined confession alert--I noticed on getting out of the car today that he is FILTHY!! I am such a bad parent. I'm so sorry, BD!)

I've driven into the city a lot this week, and while BD loves the workout, his mama is running a bit low on steam. Between not getting home until 11 last night (although the Brickskellar and meeting Grace's new roomie were totally worth it) and knowing that I have to work tomorrow--after rowing--I'm wondering where I'll get all the oom-pah-pah to perk through my schedule. Fortunately it's mostly fun social stuff, and if you can't dig deep and find the will to party then what good are you?

Plus? I *think* my VCR worked and got the first episode of Survivor: Vanuatu! Cross your fingers that that's the case. When I'll get to watch it is anyone's guess, but the technological triumph is enough for me at this point.


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