Monday, September 13, 2004

It's MY office, dammit

I share my office w/ the local IT guru, and at the start of the semesters (i.e. now) my office is choc-a-bloc with students with questions and laptop problems. Whenever they come in (and often stay for quite awhile) I inevitably feel VERY self-conscious about the music I'm playing. Yahoo! radio spins up quite the eclectic mix--from Jill Scott to Rascal Flatts to Pink Floyd--and I'm not above turning it up and singing along (within reason). But I *know* some of the kids come in and think,"The hell?!" (FYI, no I don't sing when they're in here. My office is not SAIS Karaoke central.) I hate feeling scrutinized!! No, I am not paranoid. Not at all.


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