Sunday, September 12, 2004

Put a fork in 'em

The Bucs are done in a great season-opening win by the Redskins. Again, I'm cautiously optimistic, but we played a solid game and rallied in the 4th (after playing most of the 2nd half with no first downs) to win by a couple scores.

Interesting tid-bit: midway through the 4th quarter Chris Collinsworth (FOX Sports commentator) mentioned an interview he did with John Wade, the Buccaneers center. John and I went to the same high school--his dad owns one of the biggest car dealerships in Harrisonburg and is something of a local BMOC. Although he was a year ahead of me, and wouldn't know me from Adam, it's still a cool six degrees of separation for your favorite ADD.

God...I love football SO MUCH.


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