Saturday, September 11, 2004

Got back into a boat this morning after a 10-day hiatus. Even though Kristin and I walked upwards of 5 miles a day on our explorations of Chicago, I hadn't done a real workout in some time. So, um...I hurt a bit. StOOpid Orange Shorts of Anger and his dead weight. In the time I've been gone the boathouse has been broken into, robbed, and vandalized twice. Guess they're lost without the lucky charm that is ADD.

In other news, The History Channel is running a Band of Brothers marathon right now. WORD LIFE. I've already mentioned how much I love this series, so I won't belabor the point. Just watch won't regret it.

What happened to the sunshine that was supposed to grace us all day today? I no longer trust you,! But I'm running tomorrow no matter what. Gotta keep my badunkadunk under control.


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