Wednesday, September 15, 2004

How much can happen in one day?!

Apparently, quite a bit. And it doesn't have to take the whole day to get done, either. From 4 pm-on yesterday it was quite the busy and rollercoaster day. For starters I got some sad news about my family (that I won't go into at this point) that pretty much knocked me out of doing productive work for the last hour of the day. Fortunately I had a lovely evening to look forward to--an invitation from Suzi to attend the book party for a friend's first novel. Fittingly the festivities took place at The Russia House on Connecticut Avenue. It was my first time there, and what a cool place! Any restaurant with red velvet walls has to be aces, no? I had an entirely too big (free) Russian lager and delicious food, met the author, and gave Suzi a scenic automobile tour of Dupont Circle because I was STUPID enough to think that I could find parking around the neighborhood on a rainy week night.

Afterwards, as Suzi and I walked the many blocks back to my car I ran into friends from William and Mary--Mike and Laura (Podesta) Brooks--that I literally hadn't seen or spoken to in 5 or 7 years. Laura was on my freshman hall and Mike was in our dorm (word UP Nicholson House) as well. They began dating that first year and were married about 2 years after graduation. The crazy thing is, I had had reason to think of the 2 of them just a few days ago, so to run into them was all the more amazing. They look wonderful and are as kind and fun as I remembered.

THEN I got home in time to catch up on my Amazing Race watching. (thanks Sandy) Wow, Colin and Christie suck harder than hard, huh? I don't know how to assess them because they are obviously good racers while simultaneously not being a good team. And the brown-haired Mom needs to slap the blond Mom til she quiets down. Damn, woman. Decibels already!

Last, but not least, because I know you guys have been on tenterhooks...I heard from a certain old high school friend by the name of Ryan M. Yes. That Ryan. Guess I'm not as scary as I thought. ;)

It's only Wednesday? Sweet jeebus....


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