Sunday, September 26, 2004

I can't figure Bryan Singer out. First, dude makes his name with the exceptional "The Usual Suspects" and follows up with the blockbuster "X-Men" franchise. But summer brought the news that he was forsaking "X-Men 3" in favor of directing a "Superman" remake. A) That shit wasn't broken, so no need to fix it. The Christopher Reeve original is awesome, and juuust campy enough seen through the prism of a couple decades. B) Is he tired of the X series? You wouldn't know it to look at "X2." But what really throws me is seeing that he is now directing A NEW SERIES ON FOX. I know, he has a deal with Fox, but a start-up TV series?? WTF, mate? If directing "Superman" takes so much time that he can't stay w/ "X3", then where does he get the time to do TV?

I WANT my "X3"...not another hospital show. BS, what you thinkin'?!


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