Saturday, September 25, 2004

Gimme a little dim sum'in

First, practice waxed my ass this morning. Oy. We're doing extended pieces to get ready for head races (app. 3 miles each), so we do about twice that to shape up. It's a great workout and excellent prep, but it. is. TIRING. I'm rowing with a woman who's from another group at ACR so next week I'm going to my practices and hers. Did I say "oy"? Talk about potential for a sleepy meatball...

More importantly, though, Suzi arranged for me to partake in my first dim sum today. Melissa, her boyfriend Kevin, Clarence, Suzi, and I went to China Garden in Rosslyn for their acclaimed dim sum and it was all I hoped for and more. I am such a sucker for bite-sized morsels, and I have to say the Chinese get this right more than Spaniards and tapas, but that's a whole other thing. My favorite were these little sesame seed-covered fried dough balls with sweet red bean paste on the inside. Sweet and chewy, but not cloying. SO good. SO filling...I didn't eat again for 7 hours.

Since then I've been engaged in pursuits satisfying to me but no doubt boring for a reader, so I won't trouble you with them. I'll just sum up that it was a gorgeous, fun, relaxed day...exactly what I wanted, but more to the point, what I needed. Hope y'alls day went just as well.

PS: LOVE THE DVR WITH MY WHOLE SELF. "SeaLab"? HAhaahhha. "Livin' it up with Patti Labelle"? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA. Get used to me gushing about this thing, b/c it's SO my new boyfriend.


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