Wednesday, September 29, 2004

MUCH better

Going home early and sleeping for hours did wonders for your ADD yesterday. The cranky pants? They were leather, and they were tight. But today they've been traded for a swishy joie-de-vie skirt and all is right with the world.

Except that I was really excited about the news that the Expos are coming to D.C. and then I read James' blog and got learned up right quick. I hope that he ends up being mistaken (he probably does too) but that means placing faith in the D.C. municipal government, which, well...yeah.

Also, if you care: my race time Saturday has been changed. I'm in the club women's double now, slated to run at 3:20. Smack in the middle of a Saturday afternoon is damn inconvenient, plus my partner informed me that if it's raining she isn't rowing, so this mission stands some chance of being scrubbed, but that notwithstanding I'm still very excited for the regatta.

Yeah, that post was all over the place. Eh, tant pis.


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