Monday, September 27, 2004

That Colts/Packers game was something, huh? What a great match-up between Manning and Favre. Even though Green Bay didn't quite bring it to the party with the same ferocity, or rather consistency, as the Colts, it was still a spectacular game, and maybe the last time those 2 QBs will be pitted against each other. Brett has gotten so gray! But he's still a cutie. ;) Speaking of, Ed Hochuli is a Mack truck! I am always amazed at how jacked that guy is. And speaking Sunday favorite is the new series of Miller Lite commercials with refs officiating everyday events--the "Good Call" series. The one with the father and son fishing is hilarious: "Penalty on [son] for generic tribal armband tattoo! Offense? Trying to fit in." HA!


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