Thursday, May 27, 2004

Speaking of Shelby I thought I'd share a funny and endearing email she sent me a couple days ago. She and I are both waiting with bated breath for the new Harry Potter movie that comes out on June 4th, and as I have more computer access and time than she does, I often forward her pictures or articles about that movie and other topics of mutual interest. Anyhoo, I sent her a story on the NYC premiere of the film complete w/ piccies of its teen stars, and she replied with the following observations:


*Tom Felton DID NOT need to cut his hair. Long hair is oh-so-sexy..

*Alan Rickman is lovely, don't you think? Not hot. Lovely.

*Emma Watson is EEEEEEEEEEVIL!!!!!!!!! Her dress needs to burn in the inferno

*Rupert is WAY cute! What are you talking aboot?! He looks like a rock star..*sigh*

*Daniel Radcliffe is a total sex god (yes, more with the brit phrases. Have you ever read the Georgia Nicholson diaries? They are très hilarious. titles like: Angus, Thongs, and Full-frontal Snogging; On the Bright Side, I'm now the Girlfriend of a Sex God; Knocked out by my Nunga-Nungas, ect.) Plus, his suit is SO Johnny Depp

Felton is the kid who plays Malfoy, btw. I was particularly struck that she has the savvy at (almost--next week!) 16 to see how unconventionally attractive Alan Rickman is...and that she is also totally a teenager with the observation of Emma (it smacks of the jealousy we all feel about someone our age who is more famous or glamorous for whatever reason). I have to admit I was thrown at the "sex god" comment about DR, but if memory serves, at her age I was interchangeably twitterpated with Scott Bakula, Christian Slater, and skinny dork who was in marching band with me. And I was prepared to run away with all of them, so I guess she's right on track with the urges. It's just, I can remember when all she wanted was to cozy up with her Teddy Ruxpin and a tape of "Free Willy"--and she liked the whale WAY more than the kid.

OK, now I probably just embarrassed the hell out of her. HA! hahahahahhahahaaha ;)


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