Wednesday, May 19, 2004


I'm right-handed, and, basically, right-side dominant in terms of just about everything on my body. Today this applies to my mouth as well because I CANNOT FEEL THE LEFT SIDE OF MY FACE. The visit to the dentist went well, and she set to work on all my left-hand cavities, and came to the stunning (for her) realization that I am impervious to anesthetic. She gave me what, for most people, would be a perfectly adequate 2 shots of novocaine and I could still feel that drill. So she went in again *through muscle* for another shot. Still twinging. Finally she hit me up with a fourth I-could-hear-the-tissue-in-my-mouth-pop-when-the-needle-went-in whammo dose. Which did the trick, but proceeded to numb the entirety of the Liberal side of my face and ain't wearin' off anytime soon. I was dosed up at 11 a.m. and here it is 2 p.m. with no signs of abating. It's an interesting and not unpleasant sensation, don't get me wrong. But where it interferes is in the fact that I cannot eat while I'm like this, and I am about to gnaw off my feet, I'm that hungry. Fortunately God made blenders and I am cruising my way through an admittedly non-SBD GIGANTE peach smoothie from Cosi, using the Conservative side of my mouth and tongue. Don't watch me! I dribble.... :(


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