Friday, May 14, 2004

I am no longer Mrs. Probst

For most of the Survivor series, from 8-9pm on Thursdays I became Anne Probst, loving wife of hottie host Jeff "Pretty Boy" (tm Boston Rob) Probst. The dimples undid me, and also how he seemed to regard the castaways with the slightest measure of contempt. Last night, however, he went from trial separation straight to me filing for divorce. He handled the hosting duties sloppily, trying too hard to be glib, trendy, and everyone's buddy after months of the hard-hearted invasive questioning I had come to expect and admire. The worst part, though, was the total T&A show that he revelled in for the "Hottest Survivor Female" award. They did the male award first and gave quick, cursory, full-body (as in, at least waist-up and sometimes whole body) shots of the men, with no exposition. Then they get to the girls, with lingering body shots (sometimes of JUST tits or ass, no faces--how charming) and leering commentary from Jeff. Totally gratuitous and unacceptable. Why you gonna play me that way, Jeff, after all we've been through?! I know, one doesn't watch Survivor to get the latest in high moral standards or cultural achievement but this lapse toward soft-core porn is a bit much. Right after they showed that segment of the women, they cut to an audience shot--of a 10 or 11 year-old girl!!! Who the hell authorized THAT snazzy edit? Shameless, and pointless. And then, as Kristin so ably summarized in her blog Stupid Annoying Rupert won, so way to end on a high note there, CBS. If I didn't have 2 seasons of TAR to console me I don't know what I would do. Thankfully it won't come to that. But you best watch your back.


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