Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Yo, girl! There is so much to look forward to with the New & Improved michael sacks! Are U Ready 2 Take a Chance on Something Wonderful? This is *brilliant*. Some highlights:

michael sacks = A man who looks forward to moving back into Amy Weller’s house and acting responsibly, this time by contributing to the mortgage with authentic currency and not with scraps of paper with “Will Pay Later” written on them in crayon.

michael sacks = A man who isn’t afraid to show his feelings, who can now cry, who will no longer express sadness by locking himself in the rec room and playing Middle-earth-themed video games for two days straight, often while nude.

michael sacks no longer believes that crafting homemade ceramic bongs in the basement of Amy Weller’s house is a proper way in which to earn extra money, even though Phish is set to come through town next month and business projections have never, ever looked better?


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