Wednesday, May 19, 2004

An open apology for how unspeakably boring BlogSport is lately. Consider it a commentary on my life at the moment. I'm living in a 1-bedroom apartment with 1 somewhat-less-than efficient window unit and invisible barriers that make it impossible for cold--well, cool--air to circulate (yet letting warm, humid air pass through with ease). This makes for a very tired Anne. I'm sleeping alright but any big movements during daylight hours tucker me out. Cleaning is an afterthought and FORGET cooking in my wee 1000 degree kitchen (the pilot light on the stove keeps it a cozy 100 degrees in there, no lie). So I sweat my way to the TV...sweat my way to the computer...sweat my way to bed. You know that sapped feeling you get when it's just too hot to care about anything? That is my current haze. Not to mention that life is a bit of a doldrums--work is slooooow with semester's end and rowing is in a training-but-not racing stage so minus river rescues its pretty standard from week to week. It's thrill-a-minute over here, and for those of you who tune into the 'Sport for pithy commentary, moments of intense personal embarrassment courtesy of yours truly, or just the news that I have finally locked down one of the Big Three....all I can say is, not today.

Today? I'm headed to the dentist in an hour to have cavities filled. That did it, huh? Now you wish you were me.


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