Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Playing with my TV is like playing with my E-motions!

(spoilers ahead...caution!) First, the "Alias" season finale ROCKED. Lauryn, her overbite, and her eyebrows are DEAD DEAD DEAD. JJ paid attention to the TWoP boards among others, saw that she never had a following, got Vaughn to say "Hi honey" while cold-cocking her, and then snuffed out her life force. Only bad thing is, if my sources are correct, the new season won't be on until JANUARY 2005. WHAT?! Whyeeeeeeee? weeping...weeping

"24" finale tonight. CNN gave vague spoilers about the renewal of some actors' contracts, but frankly the show needs to turn over a pretty big new leaf, GET RID OF PALMER and GET RID OF SPAWN. Do you hear me out there, Fox? Get fecking rid of fecking Spawn. For fecks sake.

Finally, CBS is flirting with the idea of delaying both Amazing Races 5 and 6, to the fall and spring, respectively. Now, they TOLD us July 6th for TAR5. Don't go yanking me around CBS. Don't play a sistuh like that. Kristin and I have to get one more reality series season under our Girls Night belts before she goes to Chicago. It is a moral imperative.


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